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Biology topic controversy at Dawood Public School

Biology topic controversy deepens: School faces ire of conservatives
Karachi, Aug 28: Some elements in Pakistan have always resisted modifications according to international standards in the curriculums of schools.

They have always resisted changes both cultural and literal and those trying to introduce changes have always been in the line of fire.

The same happened to the administration of Dawood Public School, which has introduced the reproduction of human beings in grade seven.

Jamaat-e-Islami and its associates on Wednesday protested against the syllabus and demanded that the school's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) be sacked for the introduction of the material while the school is already under scrutiny as it imparts musical education to its students.

On Thursday, 14 parents, led by Muhammad Suleiman, addressed a press conference demanding the authorities concerned to arrest the school's CEO, Sabreena Dawood, for the introduction of reproduction topic in biology in the school, starting of music classes and teaching a book written by Jan Thompson on Islam. It may be remembered that the school is teaching imported books from Singapore, which it claims are according to international standards.

The books are severely criticised by some segments of the society, which say topics like reproduction should not be included in the syllabus of grade seven. The parents claim that the Sindh government on their complaint has seized the school's building and cancelled its registration. However, the claims were later refuted by the officials of the education department.

Private Institutions Director Mansoob Hussein Siddique, informed after visiting Dawood Public School that they found nothing controversial in their syllabus hence their registration was not cancelled.

"The school is performing well for the past few years and the school's administration said that they had removed the controversial topics from their syllabus," the private institutions director said.

He said that the controversial book that the complainants were talking about had never been distributed amongst the students and in fact, some elements had assaulted the building and took the books out from the store, which the education department took into its custody. However, he added that now music classes have been made optional which were earlier compulsory.

When the protesting parents were asked as to why they do not change their children's school instead of rioting their surprising reply was, "What if other schools provide the same education, therefore we think it is better to struggle to change the system of Dawood Public School rather then go somewhere and start afresh."

Before the press conference, approximately dozen parents claiming to be the representatives of around 1,600 students of Dawood Public School gathered in the lawn of the press club.

Some of them had beards, were wearing traditional caps on their heads and were seen telling the protesting mothers, "You are fighting for the cause of Islam, we will not accept this system anywhere in the country," encouraging them and convincing them that their fight was for a pious cause. When the scribe sought explanation from the guys they refused to give any comments.

Muhammad Suleiman, who was leading the parents, critcised the school administration for holding compulsory music classes.

The parents' reservations did not end there, they also objected to the dress code that the new CEO, Sabreena Dawood, who is a foreign graduate has introduced, replacing the traditional Shalwar Kameez with pant skirts and trousers. Sabreena was also criticised for not making wearing veils compulsory.

This spree may engulf the whole country in the coming days and schools introducing modern education may find that it is difficult for them to survive.

Even though the Dawood Public School was all for modern education but after the protests, they have changed course and excluded the so-called controversial material from the syllabus.

Faizullah Jan, an academician, opines that teaching such topics in grade seven is not bad.

"If we do not teach our children what reproduction is all about in a systematic manner, how will they learn things?" he asks.

He adds that it would be better if such topics were addressed in schools rather than being left to the imagination of young ones and them getting cheap thrills out of it.

Irfan Ashraf, another academician, although endorses Jan's opinion yet he has some reservations.

"It is better if sexual education is imparted in a systematic manner in schools but we should make some amendments in the international syllabus according to the local customs," he said. Daily times

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"as i think those parents do not know the requirements of this age .they should know what the modern worlds requiremants. if any one give their children a chance to study in abroad , i dont think they will say no. "
Name: faiz ahmed
City, Country: Karachi,pakistan

"iam living in canada,for ur information sex education is not compulsory they asked to parents about they want to tech thir child sex education or not ,if u dont want they didnt give them.and we r muslims what harm if we fihgt for islam,its to early to give sex education to 5th standerd."
Name: cool
City, Country: canada

"if they admitted there children in such high standard school which offers quality education then they should know and understand that their children will come to know about these such things.............................................................. dawood public school zindabad.............................................................................................n v want miss sabrina back.... frm astudent of dawwod public school "
Name: sana
City, Country: Karachi,pakistan

"It is sad that some elements in Pakistan refuse to stay in the middle ages. As Anthony Serafini says in his classic book THE EPIC HISTORY OF BIOLOGY, its critical for all nations to rid science of all religious dogma and concentrate on empirical research and rational thinking. "
Name: David Fine
City, Country: Boston, MA

"hello, my daughter studying in this school since last 9 years there was not a single nonsense which media took it to height has never occured in those years infact i m as a mother very proud that my daughter is studying in this school this school has given her a excellent religious education now in class ninth she & all her class fellows have learned surat yaseen by heart along wit lots of surats as well whole book of on islam they recite quran wit all tajweed which i m sure ppl who critcising this school cannot we parents are very up set with whole situation & we demand that we also want a press conferece so the whole media who exploit the situation knows thae other part of the story.I am &other 1700 parents are wit this school. ayesha saud "
Name: ayesha saud
City, Country: Karachi,pakistan

"we are muslims and according that this is our duty to protect our islamic basic fendamantal.this is muslim country not other eurpen or amarican we must teach ours childerns islamic education nor other this is completly right and also compalserry for girl hijab in thier school. "
Name: shahbaz hussain
City, Country: pakistan

"what a mess? it is not a "SEX" education it is actually a biology man,, so, behave like a literate "
Name: Zubair Abdullah
City, Country: Karachi,pakistan

"It is such a pity the a school had to be just down for the pry of a few islamic extremist & politically influenced people. A quick corrective action needs to be enforced as the matter is now in the hands of our government which not very famous for it. I believe ppl complaining against teaching their kids sex education would never realize that this may actually save the children from comtting adultery"
Name: Arsalaan
City, Country: Karachi,pakistan

"this is hundred percent correct if these parents were to have a chance to send their parents abroad they will take no time to think..but here they r making a big fuss of nuthing they should know what o levels syllabus requirements are and if they dont than they should make their children study in a government school!"
Name: shuM
City, Country: Karachi,pakistan

"first of all dozen of parents r not the representative of all the students.dawood public school is very well known school in the world.dps has produced many position holder school in the world,DPS is the pride of our country.i met many dawoodians who r very intelligent,very energetic andwell- behave ,they were showing how they r confident and in which institution they belong.we live in modern age,students have curiosity about every thing,without curiosity they willnot learn any thing.they cannot compete in this world.we mustdo to update them .regarding dps science book,if books r seized why those dozen parents and ummat akhbar were giving false colour .every sensible person would think,they r not responsible parents,they r playing with the future of students except their child.althoug dawood management realised their mistakes why they did this.those dozen parents should sorry to every students and their parents for giving such last iwould say human being made amistake,and God forgive us.why should us"
Name: mrs rehman
Email: dinamic
City, Country: Karachi,pakistan

"iwant to tell those stupid irresponsible parents,dawood public school is not their fathers school,they had options to change the school.they ruin the security of 1600 students by involving political asking everyone.are they responsible parents?they socially isolates their kids they can solve problem descently. Advise for shameless parents,who destroy the respect of institution ,please take their kids to usman public school .this school will suit u.Dont let your child go to university because there r male teachers. "
Name: mrs rehman
Email: dinamic
City, Country: Karachi,pakistan

Name: Muhammad Uzair
City, Country: Karachi,pakistan

"These people are fools. Its an academic institution and its preparing to impart knowledge. Does knowledge have various forms? Yes. If you dont like it, you can take your kid out of the school. There is no reason to shut it down. Only retarded ******* with nothing better to do then waste their time on nonsense would ever question something like this......."
Name: Faran Asif
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

"this is one of the best school in town......all people are talking ******** about this school.....i am supporting this school....we want madam sabrina dawood back..... "
Name: madiha
City, Country: karachi,pakistan

"its very sad to come to know. as i am dawoodian also , i have taught there, i left five years ago. it; svery pity. infact i used to proud to be a student and teacher od d.p.s. admin. should check all this. one thing i want to say the d.p.s admin has to softens their policy too."
Name: wajiha
City, Country: bahrain, united arab emirates.

"Although my daughter is quite young & studing in DPS Montissori so I dont know much about the happenings at the secondary section. I myself have studied from Cambridge school & recall studying human reproductive system in either grade VII or VIII in biology which is for the sake of education, awareness & imparting knowledge so whats wrong with it. Attention all parents!!! We being literates & wise enough to know the physical developments our child is going through & needs to understand those changes in a meaningful healthy manner in order to address his / her question marks enabling them to accept the physical changes & adapt accordingly to coupe with it. We are not living in stone ages the child already has access to a lot of info i.e. internet, media, modern society etc. They should know their boundaries in advance through discussion at home & at school for which its necessary for the kid to know what ur talking about coz he / she is already going through the process of evolution day in & day out. But as far as family planning & safe sex is concerned it should be condemned if taught in our country coz its not a part of our society atleast at school level. All cambridge system following schools are teaching same prescribed books its not that DPS has come up with some thing new. All that was needed to be done on this issue was to have a peaceful dialogue between DPS administration & parents along with representative of education board to set course outline in accordance to our traditional values i.e. (within limits being muslim country) & omit the part which is not related to our society & customs. Instead of politicizing the issue on media. If the DPS administration initially should have handled the issue tactfully not showning rigidity when the point was raised, by suspending the students & mistreating their parents which eventually lead to involvement of media creating a hype & politicizing by religious parties showing stubbornness, ultimately giving DPS a bad name & spoiling their repo. Therefore here I would plead to both parties i.e. parents as well as school admin to show some respect & kindness towards each other behaving like sensable ppl & resolve disputes amicably without involving media to exaggerate the situation again further provoking both parties coz ultimately the loss is ours either as parents or school admin. "
Name: Kamal
City, Country: Karachi, Pakistan

"i have been a student in dps since 10 years....and i am proud to b a dawoodian....well as far as current situation is concerned so i wud like to tell u ppl that the chapter was stapled!...they didnt hav any intension to teach it....and watever the controversies are going on i can surely say they are all dps a perfect islamic environment has been maintained and. the quran teachings are compulsory and tell me in how many schools do student learn surah yaseen by heart??? how many schools teach there students the basics of our daily life and wat we shud do in different circumstances.....tell me how many students of age 16 know clearly what we shud nd shudnt do while fasting? how many ppl know when to observe ghusl?? i must say dps is really a good school where students feel safe and learn every good thing in a secure and safe environment in a way good for them! "
Name: zunaira
City, Country: Pakistan

Name: sara
City, Country: karachi, Pakistan

"My question to those who in the name of modernization wants to teach sex education, is that is there only the sex topic which is left now in our society to be moderanized, We have left islam far bhind, forgot the values which was taught by our prophet(peace be upone him), the aim of those genious academics sgould be to get back those high values in society, just insisting on sex topics is just nothing but there ill mind setesfation "
Name: Muhammad Asif
City, Country: karachi, Pakistan

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'Objectionable' curriculum of private school seized
Karachi: The Directorate of Private Institutions, Sindh, has seized the objectionable curriculum, being taught at Dawood Public School located next to Pakistan Television Station on Stadium Road, to calm down the angry parents and their children.

Director Private Institutions, Sindh, Mansoob Siddiqui, with his team visited the school and directed the chief executive officer of the school, Sabreena Dawood, and school Principal Mrs Waqar to readmit the expelled four girl students, who had lodged complaint to chief executive officer of the school against the curriculum, addressing the issues of birth secure and insecure sex and birth control in Biology Book of 7th Class.

The director private institutions had a meeting with angry parents and ensured them that the objectionable material would be excluded from the school books, mostly printed from Singapore. The education of sex issues at the school has caused annoyance not only among the students but also among their parents.

Mansoob Siddiqui said on Thursday that administration of the Dawood Public School had assured the government that objectionable material would be excluded from the curriculum.

"The school administration will seek pardon from parents through an official letter, as some parents of students have been misbehaved in the protest. On the other hand, some changes in the syllabus of Islamiat subject are also being considered as intolerable material."

He said that nearly 1,600 students were studying in the school, which is one of the most reputed schools of the City; the future of such students were attached with the said school therefore the directorate was trying to solve the issue peacefully. On the other hand, some people are trying to politicise the issue, he said and added that the issue started when a new chief executive officer started making changes in the syllabus.

Siddiqui said that almost all books had been printed from Singapore, while some chapters had already been declared useless by the school administration for teaching purpose as per our culture and educational environment. The nation

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2,000 posts of lecturers lying vacant: Sindh Education Minister
Karachi, Aug 26: As many as 2,000 posts of lecturers are lying vacant.This was stated by the Sindh minister for Education, Pir Mazhar-ul-Haq. He announced here on Wednesday that these vacancies would be filled on the basis of merit.The Minister was of the view that recruitment of the teaching staff on merit would have a positive impact in the field of education.

He also asked the faculty members to impart knowledge to the younger generation with commitment and devotion.

Pir Mazhar ul haq also asked the office bearers of the Sindh Professors and lecturers Association (SPLA) 'not to oppose the Education Department's policy of merit'.

He further maintained that there should be no pressure for 'getting declared as successful' those 29 candidates who were unable to qualify in the interview conducted by the Sindh Public Service commission for recruitment as ad hoc lecturers.

The Minister maintained that this should not be the role of the SPLA to resort to such tactics and oppose the policy of hiring on the basis of merit.

He also asked the Sindh Secretary Education to initiate disciplinary action against those interfering in the process of teaching.

Pir Mazhar said that protect demonstration and disruption in the academic process is not the solution to the problems.

Instead attention should be paid towards honestly performing the professional duties and with a sense of commitment and devotion, he added. App

Your Comments
"In EDO office list of PST, JST and HST teachers is incomplete. Candidates who got Admit Cards at the Centers and secured 60% are waiting for their oppointment letters but here are only names of those Candidates who got Admit Cards before test.Is this another gift of Ramazan from Government to people of Sindh? "
Name: Mohammed Shoaib
City, Country: Matiari, Pakistan

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SSUET develops device to help the blind read SMS
Karachi: The students of Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology (SSUET) have developed a tactile communication Braille system that uses mobile and other mechanical device to enable visually handicapped people to read from a portable device.

According to the details revealed by the Computer Engineering Department, the system works on the basis of micro-controller, while its component parts include a Portable Braille Pad, a control unit and a mobile.

The system developers have claimed that the current cell technology is expensive but their project has researched less costly alternatives, resulting in the development of cells using solenoids. They said that they wanted to enable the blind to read SMS texts from their mobile devices, and for this purpose the Braille Pad has been designed, in which eight Braille cells are connected in parallel on which a blind person can read words one by one with button provided for the next or previous word.

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'Technical training programmes for special people soon'
Karachi: Sindh Minister for Youth Affairs Syed Faisal Ali Sabzwari has said that the Youth Affairs Department was starting various projects for the rehabilitation of special people to provide them training and employment.

He said this while talking to a two-member delegation of Family Educational Services Foundation at his office on Thursday. The delegation was led by Foundation Director Mary A Rek Florijn.

Foundation Executive Director Richard Geary was also present on the occasion. The delegation enlightened the minister about the foundation's services for special people. Faisal Sabzwari told the delegation that his department was launching various programmes for technical and educational training of special people, adding that they would be trained in such trades so that they could get employment easily, adding that in this regard they were also contacting non-government organizations.

He said he has suggested to the government that special people should be included in internship programmes so that they consider themselves an important part of the society besides playing their active role for development of the country. Mary Rek told the minister that her institution was working on various welfare projects in Karachi, Hyderabad, and Lahore in which different training projects had been launched for deaf children and grown-ups.

The projects also include beautification and cosmetology courses, IT, photo-shop, web designing, graphics, embroidery, road safety and traffic awareness courses, she said. The news

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