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HEC Balochistan & FATA scholarships programme

HEC test postponed until 23rd
Lahore, Aug 04: The Higher Education Commission (HEC) will conduct an award test for the scholarship programme that aims to provide higher-education opportunities to students from Balochistan and FATA on August 23. A press statement issued by the commission said the tests were supposed to be held on August 16 initially, but had been rescheduled because the ETA test for medical and engineering students was being taken on the same date. Daily Times

Your Comments
"what should i prepare for nts test which is held on 23 Aug."
Name: miss mengal
City, Country: quetta,pakistan

"All the student should prepare in Histry of pak,islamic histry,english gramer,FAC course and generl notes ."
City, Country: karachi,pakistan

"my name is zeenat nawaz what is the last date to submit the document forHEC Balochistan & FATA scholarships programme for mbbs .. pleas someone tell me the procedure and last date of this test thanks."
Name: ishfaq
City, Country: soutwaziristan,pakistan

"when will roll #s be issued to the candidates and is there any center in peshawar to apear for HEC test for fata and balochistan students ."
City, Country: peshawar, pakistan

"plz anyone informe me that how i can apply ? "
Name: Raja Gul Afridi
City, Country: khyber agency, pakistan

"salam anybody tell me wen wil the rol no.s wil n how one can prepare 4 nts thanx"
Name: amir
City, Country: peshawar, pakistan

"when nts will annouce the result of this test "
Name: Adnan
City, Country: panjgur, pakistan

"hi when will be the result of last(nts) test that was conducted on 23rd of august for fata and balochistan students. "
Name: Amjad Zaman
City, Country: south waziristan, pakistan

"what u can say about the 23rd nts result held in peshawar can i see"
Name: saif ur rehman
City, Country: bannu, pakistan

"hi, can any one tell me where I can see the results wich was conducted on 23rd august at peshawar. thanks "
Name: m khan
City, Country: bajaur agency, pakistan

"hi when will be the result of last(nts) test that was conducted on 23rd of august for fata and balochistan students. "
Name: abdul wajid
City, Country: quetta, pakistan

"hi,may i know that when is the result of nts test taken on 23rd August going to be declared how will the marks of those students be added to the result who have applied through hope for 2nd yr ."
Name: Asadullah
City, Country: Pishin, pakistan

"when will be the result of the HEC balochistan ans FATA scholarships test annonce ? "
Name: wajid khan
City, Country: khyber agency, pakistan

"honurable HEC staff i rashid passed my intermediate exam with 60% marks but i have no any oppertunity to continue my studies more becase i belong to a poor family so kindly help me to continue my study in any medical college of pakistan i m very thankful to u for this act of kindness.thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx "
Name: rashid hussain
City, Country: khuzdar, pakistan

"Hi, when wl b the nts result held on 23 august 2009."
Name: Ikram wazir
City, Country: FR bannu, pakistan

"where is the result of nts test held on 23rd august 2009. "
Name: wajid rehman
City, Country: Bagan kurram agency, pakistan

"any one can tell me about the result of last nts test held for the scholership of fata and balochistan student "
Name: sajjad
City, Country: bannu, pakistan

"this is verry good step that is taken by governament of pakistaan for the development of fate .but i think it is not enough.more steps should me taken specially for the students of kurram agency which sufferring more difficulties as compered to the students of other arias.thanks "
Name: shabeeb hussain
City, Country: parachinar, pakistan

"When will the result of scholarship of balochistan and fata be announced? "
Name: Tahir Baloch
City, Country: Turbat, pakistan

"Me and my other collegues had aaplied for fata& baluchistan scholarships test bt the result has nt yet announced.when the result will b announced ???and also plz tell me ab8 its selection procedure. thank u!! "
Name: kashif
City, Country: peshawar, pakistan

"its really a great opprrtunity for the students of may change their minds for the importance of studies. "
Name: zahid khan wazir
City, Country:north waziristan, pakistan

"what about the resutl of fata and balochistn scholorships "
Name: sana
City, Country: quetta, pakistan

"Test result was very late when result will draw"
Name: Mohammad Sabir
City, Country: kalat, pakistan

"its just an advertisment, HEC cant give ANY scholarships to ANY FATA students. pAKISTAN Governments must have TAKE AN ACTION about HEC specially HEC DIRECTOR i-e FARMAN ULLAH"
Name: Decieved
City, Country: islamabad, pakistan

"Please Help me for USA or UK and other conutry scholarships programme"
Name: Faisal Ahmed Baloch
City, Country: Gwadar, Pakistan

"Salam"how are you my all dear...Im Farman Ullah khan Wazir 19male doing BBA.IT(HONS)3rd term frm Univeristy of Science and Technology of Bannu...Im here tell t all dear,if any one know about the Fata day by day new type Scholarshp then plz inform me only by Email. . .Thanks you all dear."
Name: Farman Ullah khan Wazir
Email: Pak-student@mig33.Com

"All students work hard for test and study more about History for more detale Hadi khan ghabizai from piralizai"
Name: Hadi khan ghabizai
City, Country: quetta, pakistan

"I think this is a good step but the test is so fucking they do not include the fsc course there fore alot of students fail the test i hate the nts test which conduct hec"
Name: Javed Hussain
City, Country: Parachinar, Pakistan


"i belong to azad kashmir,can any kashmiri apply for this scholrship?"
Name: muhammad bin hassan
City, Country: muzaffarabad,pakistan

"please can u inform me that what is the procedure for applying this test"
Name: israr ul haq
City, Country: quetta

"I am Living in karachi and i have also Domicile of FATA F.R Peshawar i have compeleted my From Karachi University and i am doing job in "Tariq Abdul Ghani & Co.Chartered Accountant". I have to need some information about Scholarships for FATA students. If anyone know about it please inform me. Thank You Regards Amjad Zaman"
Name: Amjad Zaman Afridi
City, Country: F.R.Peshawar Bora Tota Khail

"assalam_o_alaikum,i am studying in first year electrical engineering.can i apply for this scholarship."
Name: Rahmanullah
City, Country: karachi

"here, i m a student of centre of excellence in arts and design mehran university of engineering and tecnology jamshao sindh. i belong to a poor of north waziristan agency...our tribl belt is completly destroyed we have lost a lot of i cannot continue my study...kindly award me student scholarship......thnx"
Name: jamshaid ur rehman
City, Country: miranshah, pakistan

"Respectable ,my name is jafar hussain.i am student of B.SC GEOLOGY.when this test will be conducted?plz do inform me about any scholarsgip for FATA students.REGARDS "
Name: jafar hussain
City, Country: FR PESHAWAR


"I m a chemical sub engineer and need any scholer ship in Austrailia for engineering"
Name: Zafar Iqbal
City, Country: peshawer,pakistan

"respected i am under graduation in lasbeella university of agriculture water and merene scinces sir i doing here BS(ECONOMICS)social scinces faculty sir i am in third semester and i got first position in 2nd semester i adopted my gp in first semeter 3.89 and in 2nd semeter 3.81 sir really i need scholarship because my parents can not take my study,s expenditure sir if any kind of scholarship is here plz tell me i shall be thank full to you for this kind ness name Abdul Rauf uthal labeella Balochistan "
Name: abdul rauf
City, Country: usta mohammad pakistan

"dear I belong to a poor family of Khyber Agency. I have passed the examination of class ninth.The result of class tenth is expecting in june.I request you to select me for the test. I shall be very thank full to you. Your obedient Muhammad kashif Nawaz"
Name: Muhammad Kashif Nawaz
City, Country: FATA,Pakistan

"i have to ask when would be the scholorships for balochistan in khyber medical announced.and what should i prepare for the test"
Name: Anum
City, Country: Quetta,Pakistan

"i am BBA student .i want scholarship for my study.i will be very thank ful to you for this act of kindness."
Name: sarfaraz Hussain
City, Country: parachinar pakistan

"i m a poor student of MSc Finance and need schlarship thans"
Name: Anwar Muhammad
City, Country: Bajaur Agency pakistan

"hi,where is scohlarship form..."
Name: bijjar baloch
City, Country: turbat,pakistna

"We are four brothers reading in differnt classes.We are required information about the scholarships from Fsc to MA.Please share with me information about FATA scholarships for the year 2010 Thanks"
Name: Aziz ul Hamid
City, Country: FATA Bajaur Agency

"I advise Miss Sana,Anum,Hina and Wasim Afridi to pay much attention on the English grammar,IQ and general knowledge.I wish you all the best."
Name: M. Nawaz Shinwari
City, Country: Khyber Agency

"i want to know that i have given my fsc exam but know i want to do ba is there any seat to do ba from gc lahore . and where is the application latter or form from whewre can i get that"
Name: israr
City, Country: quetta

"I am giong to request all those students whom are going to apply for the schalorship please inform . Thanks and Best Regards"
Name: Hanif Khan
City, Country: Quetta,Pakistan

"a o a respected i am a poor studend. i am an FSC student of pre engineering how i can apply."
Name: hazrat bilal
Email: engr
City, Country: charsadda,

"can i apply 4 da hec test on the basis of appreance certificate,,?"
Name: imdad umrani
City, Country: quetta

"what should i prepare in test plz anybody tel me?"
Name: best khan
City, Country: quetta,pakistan

"salaaaaaaaam. i had given FATA NTS test on 26th of july which was held in Brains Post Graguate colg Pshawar. i jst wana ask abt the result. when the result will be announced? plz plz plz mail me and let me knw abt ths. jst tell me the date. plzzzz. thx"
Name: Faryal Saeed
City, Country:peshawar pakistan

"my result of hec of 26 june 2010"
Name: m naqeeb
City, Country:pishin

"wt abt the result?"
Name: ather
City, Country:lahore

"Salam 2 all my dear.h r u all?dear i attend da HEC scholarship exam which was conducted by NTS on june 26,2010 bt still da result is delay?y if any prob den plz comnfirm through my this email adress.Thanx AND alot of thnx"
Name: Dilawar
City, Country:Bannu/Pakistan

"salam 2 All. ON the Day of NTS TEST 26 june,2010. told us that if we want to give our names to HEC they will held a prograame for us in which we will discuss abt FATA problems. bt i had nt give my name bcz of some problem. now i want to participate in that program. plz can any1 tell me whts the procedure?plzzzzzzzzz"
Name: Faryal Saeed Bangash
City, Country:peshawar

"I am a poor student of FSC pre medical. Help on my education."
Name: Ghani Ur Rehman
City, Country:South Waziristan Agency Pakistan

"The nts test which is on 15 aug is that for under graduate add which subjects are included in this test"
Name: areeb
City, Country:quetta

"what are number of seats fata and for each agency also for fata out students?"
Name: Wajid Rehman
City, Country:Kurram agenccy Pakitan

"i m a student of Bsc electrical engineering i wants to admission in MS electrical engineering so tell me about procedure that how i can apply and which is the last date"
Name: inam ullah
City, Country:peshawar pakistan

"i need the information about the scholarships from Fsc to bE.Please share with me information about balochistan scholarships for the year 2010 Thanks"
Name: mir saddam
City, Country:quetta

"please some one can tell me the when will start the fata scolorship programe admission in graduation"
Name: inam ullah
City, Country: Peshawar

"please some one tell me when will be test for HEC scholership for student of FATA and baluchestan be conducted"
Name: inam ullah
City, Country: bajaur agency

"i am student of MCS Help me in my fee."
Name: muhammad qasim

"please can u inform me that what is the procedure for applying this test"
Name: suleman ghani
City, Country: peshawar, pakistan

"plz tell me about the shcolorship of balohistan sudents for 2010/2011 "
Name: Saeed Ahmed
City, Country: pakistan

"dear.... im student of geology... and im not complete my study therfore i request you to accept my application for scholorship... thank you."
Name: alamzeb afridi
City, Country: khyber agency, pakistan

"salam 2 all.i have send my documents 4 the test of hec.i want to know that will my documents are reached or not.plzzzz inform me about my documents and about the test that when will be the test."
Name: jamal nadir
City, Country: peshawar, pakistan

"roll no for fata and baluchistan scholarship program"
Name: ihteshamullah
City, Country: 25000

"how can we get the roll number and from where wht abuot the test date"
Name: muhammad irshad
City, Country: bara khyber agency

"i apply for nts test i want to get my roll number"
Name: muhammad yousaf
City, Country: peshawar,pakistan

"asalam alakum i am irfan khan from landi question is that on which date will be the scholarship test of fata. thanks."
Name: irfan khan shinwari
Email: irfan
City, Country: khyberpakhtoonkhwa khyber agency.pakistan

"Asalam O Aliakum! Whn the hec test will held nd whn thy will issue the roll no slip can any one hip me"
Name: Arsalan
City, Country: Chaman,Pakistan

"salam mara roll number aaj tak nahe ayia hay plz as soon as possible send me my rolnumber because i have no any source to continue my eductaion without that and i try my best bt plz selete me n earth science.takecare and see you."
Name: Muhammad hassan
City, Country: bara khyber agency

"hi in my suggestion hec programme should only be for the poor students.there is no need for taking test just selection of lower class poor students from the district."
Name: javed bashir
City, Country: turbat balochistan

"well the test is over but wt abt result and when vl b the result."
Name: jamshed ali
City, Country: peshawar

"how can i know about the selected students of the reacent test for scholership of balochistan-fata"
Name: abdur rehman
City, Country: swa/pak

"my question is that when will be result announced."
City, Country: peshawar

"Dear i belong to a poor family of khyber Agency. i have passed the FSC exam. i want to make a doctor. i loved with this profession. i requested to select me in your selection. i shall be very thankful to you"
Name: Majeed afridi
City, Country: bara khyber agency/pakistan

"when will hec test result anounce.plz b quick every one is waiting."
City, Country: peshawar,pakistan

"dear concerned authorities of hec/nts, please tell me when will the result of nts test held on 5th of sep. 2010. be announced ? i have sent a couple of mails on but recieved no reply .please update me on my email address thanks "
Name: Mehboob Ahmed
City, Country:Quetta , Pakistan

"Education must be in the top most priorities of the governament"

"When hec result will display.V can t wait further any more."
Name: Rauf Dawar
City, Country: Saidu Sharif Swat

"sb gupshup hai.....koi scholarshp ni....dont waste time"
Name: wasimaziz
City, Country: pakistan

"i have given the HEC test which was held on 05-09-2010 now i want to know when the result will come out of this test. And kindly informed me if a new scholarship or university test is available of bechlor programes for balochistan student"
Name: Naveed hassan
City, Country:turbat

"why ru not annauncing the result of fata and balochistan schotorship. it is too late.plz plz......annaunce the result"
Name: shabeer Ahmed
City, Country:quetta pakistan

"it is stated that i have given test in baluchistan.fata and still i chek my result and inforamtion that your record not found my test number is 21722 pleas somthing so that i watchout my result"
Name: humayun mahmood
City, Country:charsadda

"i have been selected for 4year undergraduate programe.i verified my all documents and sent by tcs. plz tell me about the next step to be done."
Name: noorislam
City, Country:wana

"plz inform me when there is scholorship porogram"
Name: javidiqbal
City, Country:peshawer pakistan

"i am civil engineer and government employee in balochistan government. are there any shcolorships for M.S for government employees of balochistan . thank you"
Name: suleman
City, Country:quetta

"i am interested to apply for ms..?is there any schalorship for ms?"
Name: shoaib
City, Country:quetta

"Dear.... i m student of and im not complete my study therfore i request you to accept my application for scholorship... thank you."
Name: Mustafa abbas
City, Country:Parachinar Pakistan

"nice program"
City, Country: pesh pak

"assalam-o-alaikum...i wnt a i hav done my fsc in good grades and have just given the exam of bsc and hoping for the best result which will come most probably in last of febuary 2o11.i want to give test for post grd.kindly guide me.thanks"
Name: miss rabia
City, Country: balochistan

"i gave the examination of bsc and want scholar ship in medicle.please tell me the procedure of apearing in the intry test. plzzzzzz"
Name: Sajid
City, Country:quetta pakistan

"hi my quest is t8 m doing bba so is there any scholership 4 bba studenz.."
Name: breshna
City, Country: quetta,pakistan

"assalam-o-alaikum i have passed my matric scolarship with great marks and now i need fsc scholarship for higher education please help my email id : thnk u"
Name: alikhan
City, Country: quetta ,pakistan

"when and where will b the test,. and plz tell about its apply for"
Name: afaq ali
City, Country: peshawer

"plz tell me the procedure of scholer ship program for fata.and from where will be able to obtain the foarm and also infoarm me about the last date of submittion form"
Name: ibrar
City, Country:north waziristan agency

"hi me noman when will be the roll no issued for the test of fata and bolochistan students"
Name: noman safi
City, Country:mardan, pakistan

"will this scholarship support me for medical education"
Name: fayaz aqhmad
City, Country:mohmand, pakistan

"plz tell me the procedure of scholer ship program for fata.and from where will be able to obtain the foarm and also infoarm me about the last date of submittion form"
Name: ghulam mustafa zehri
City, Country:quetta pakistan

"plz tell me the procedure of scholer ship program for fata.and from where will be able to obtain the foarm and also infoarm me about the last date of submittion form"
Name: ghulam mustafa zehri
City, Country:quetta pakistan

"when the result of balochistan and fata scholarships will be announced?? and how many scholarships are there for balochistan?"
City, Country: quetta pakistan

"my name is faiza. what is the last date to submit the document forHEC Balochistan and FATA scholarships programme for mbbs .. pleas someone tell me the procedure and last date of this test thanks."
Name: faiza
City, Country: pakistan

City, Country: MOHMAND FATA

"when and where will b the test and last date for submaition fourm???plz contact us Name. Hakeem ullah. Khyber agency pakistan."
Name: Hakeem ullah
City, Country:khyber agency (landi kotel)pakistan

"aoa,hope u fine ..plzz tell me the last date of form submision and about the patern and subject of the test......plz also inform me that z there any center n peshawar 4m where we can take form ,an can give test???.......pleas any one inform me....i wl b waitin 4 ur positive response..... best regaers"
Name: fazlemanan
City, Country:charsada

"plzz any one tell me the last date of form submission for HEC fata balochistan"
Name: Izhar afrIDi
City, Country:peshawar, pakistan

"sir, test 23 august ko hoga aur kitny percentage zarorat hy F.Sc main aur form kidar se milenge"
Name: Toseef Ahmad
City, Country:D I Khan

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Campus Management System launched at PU
Lahore: The Campus Management System (CMS) was inaugurated at the Punjab University College of Information Technology (PUCIT), Allama Iqbal (Old) Campus here on Monday.

PU Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran launched the LogiCampus, a system that would enable the teachers to prepare performance record of their students on the basis of their assignments, quizzes or results. It will also allow the students to access their performance through their separate logins and copies of transcript within one minute.

PUCIT Principal Dr Mansoor Sarwar, other faculty members, National Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Funds General Manager Fawad Younis, Director Planning and Development Tariq Majid Qureshi, Principal PU College of Pharmacy Dr Jamshed, senior academicians and a large number of students were also present on the launching ceremony of the CMS.

PU VC Mujahid Kamran praised the PUCIT Principal and his faculty for preparing the LogiCampus at reasonable cost of Rs 0.5 million sponsored by the National ICT Funds of the Federal Ministry of Information Technology. He expressed his pleasure that the system would bring a revolution in the management system of the varsity, besides allowing departments heads to review assignments of teachers for all courses.

Speaking on the occasion, Principal Dr Mansoor Sarwar said that the PUCIT became a constituent college of the PU 9 years back.

"It went through various phases and challenges during these years, not the least being automation of key business processes such as admissions, course management, examination system, student financial, and human resource management." He thanked the National ICT R&D Fund for providing financial support to pursue this and several other Open Source Software (OSS) projects.

"Admission software, mobile devices, student financials biometric devices for recognition of finger prints, and distance learning including study guides, lecture notes, discussion groups chats would also be integrated with the CMS," he informed.

The National ICT Funds GM also spoke on this occasion.

Earlier, PUCIT Lecturer Hassan gave a presentation on the CMS and its uses. The PUCIT Principal also briefed the VC about the new automation system. The Nation

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Punjab University BEd exam from Aug 5
Lahore: Punjab University is holding Bachelor of Education (BEd), Annual Examination 2009 will commence from August 5 (Wednesday). PU Examinations Department here Monday asked all such candidates appearing in the exam, who still have not got verification of academic certificates (CT certificate, service certificate, BA original degree), to clear the permission. While, such candidates who have not deposited the fee are also directed to submit their remaining dues and list of such candidates is also available at PU web site The BEd Section will remain opened till 6:00pm to facilitate students. Meanwhile, PU extends last date for registration of private candidates of BA/BSc Annual Examination-2010 with double fee Rs 3200/-. F.P. report

Your Comments
"Till today i had not received my roll number i also search it on website so plz kindly anybody do something thanks "
Name: muhammad arif
City, Country: Peshawar, Pakistan

"when will be result announced test held on 23 august 2009 plz someone inform us"
Name: adil nawaz
City, Country: kohat, pakistan

"Asalamu Alikum i am very aggressive to HEC becuase 20days have been passed but still the result is in pinding. i think so that it was just a game because if could to see to the result of other types of NTS the result has been soon declare after test day, within one or two days. Forget about scholarship it was just game, Salam to my all dear."
Name: Majlas Yar Mandokhail
City, Country: Zhob

salam niec progrem.i wnt that join ths program."
Name: syed kifayat hussain
City, Country:islamadad pak

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New dental college
Lahore: A new dental college/hospital in Johar Town is under construction. In a handout on Monday, a Health Department spokesman said that the new college has been named after Madar-e-Millat Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah and will be called "Fatima Jinnah Institute of Dental Sciences". The spokesman further said that the historic De-Montmorency College of Dentistry is not going to be renamed and a notification which was issued earlier, due to some over sightedness of the department, has been cancelled forthwith. The News

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3rd Malaysian edu exhibition today
Lahore: The 3rd Malaysian education exhibition-2009 will commence at local hotel on Tuesday (August 4). The two-day exhibition is being organized by North Pole International (Pvt) from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., says a press release issued here on Monday. Councillor Malaysian High Commission in Pakistan Muhammad drees Bin Abu Nawaz will be chief guest on the occasion. The representatives of important Malaysian universities ill guide the Pakistani students and issue admission letters to them. App

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BISEs' employees observe strike
Lahore: Employees of eight boards of intermediate and secondary education in Punjab observed a token strike on Monday against the government decision that the boards should stop charging registration, sports and examination fee from the students of public sector schools.

The employees resented that the Punjab higher education department issued a letter to the boards that they should stop charging registration, sports and examination fee from public sector schools' students forthwith. Dawn

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Allama Iqbal Medical College Alumni registration
Lahore: The Allama Iqbal Medical College Graduates Union Alumni Registration Week was inaugurated on Monday by AIMC Principal Prof Javed Akram. Chairman, Board of Management, Mian Mehboob Iqbal inaugurated the official website of the Alumni Union. The website,, will enable the final year students and doctors who have already graduated from the college to stay in touch with each other and with their Alma Mater through. The News

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Book on political history
Lahore: A book by journalist and poet, Mehmood Sham, titled 'Pakistan Per Qurban' was launched at a local hotel here on Monday.

Speaking on the occasion, the writer said the book consisted of political incidents that took place between 1970 and 2007. Sham hoped that future historians as well as political workers could get some help from the book.

People's Party activist Altaf Qureshi said Benazir Bhutto used to think about commoners. She defeated both the dictators Gen Zia and Musharraf. Dawn

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