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CGFNS (Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools) Certification Program
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What is CGFNS?
CGFNS (Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools) Certification Program is designed specifically for graduates of nursing schools located outside of the United States of America, such as Pakistan, who are interested in practicing as registered nurses in the U.S.









What does CGNFS measure?
The Qualifying Exam measures an applicant's nursing knowledge and is based on what nurses must know and do when they practice nursing in the United States. The foundations of the Qualifying Exam are based on client (patient) needs. The traditional clinical areas of nursing practice -- nursing care of the adult, nursing care of children, maternal/infant nursing, psychiatric/mental health nursing and community health nursing -- are covered. The exam ensures that an applicant has the same level of understanding of nursing with various client groups, in various settings, as recent graduates of U.S. schools of nursing.

Both the CGFNS Qualifying Exam and the NCLEX-RN® examination are based on the same framework of client needs because it provides a universal structure for defining nursing actions and competencies across all settings for all clients.

There are three types of questions on your examination. All of the items in the morning booklet and all but one or two of the items in your afternoon booklet are the usual standard multiple-choice items with only one correct answer.

The second type of question is a standard, multiple-choice question with a picture or a graph, also with only one correct answer.

In the third type of question, one or more of the four options may be correct. You must choose if each option is correct or incorrect. You will mark A if the option is correct, or B if the option is incorrect. You must fill in one circle only for each numbered option.

What are the Certification and Examination Fees?

Program Fee US$

Certification program (CGFNS Qualifying Exam) $295.00
Re-application for Certification Program $250.00
Credentials Evaluation Service  
General Report $155.00
Healthcare Profession & Science  
Course-by-Course Report $225.00
Full Education Course-by-Course Report $265.00
VisaScreen $325.00
VisaScreen Renewal $150.00

application Fee
Application fee that is US$ 295.00 (for new application) and US$ 250.00 (for re-application) shall be enclosed by the applicant at the time of dispatching application form to the CGFNS.

What are the general requirements of the CGFNS Certification Program?
  1. Complete the CGFNS application form.
  2. Prepare and send a Nursing Education Form to the nursing school where you obtained your diploma/degree to have them send your transcripts directly to CGFNS.
  3. Prepare a Validation of Registration/License form for every license you have ever held and send each form to the issuing authority(ies).
  4. Send a clear copy of your high school diploma or equivalent.
  5. If your diploma is not in English, you will need to send a certified, word-for-word English translation with this form.
  6. Send three signed photographs of yourself and complete the CGFNS Photo Identification Card.
  7. Enclose the application fee in U.S. dollars, drawn on a U.S. bank. Send an international money order or certified bank check payable to "CGFNS" or pay with one of the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard or Discover/Novus.

How much is the Salary?
Generally between US$ 16.00 to US$ 25.00 per hour depending upon experience and skills. A nurse can work a minimum of 40 hours per week.

What are the terms & conditions of job?
E-mail to: to get current terms & conditions.

How important is it to have a professional resume?
It is critical that each nurse candidate create a professional resume that can be forwarded to prospective employers in the Unites States. There are several web sites that provide sample resumes and helpful guidance in preparing a resume:
JobStar Central
Building your resume

2005 Exam Dates
CGFNS has announced the dates of its Qualifying Exam for 2004. Application deadlines listed below cannot be extended. The dates and deadlines are as follows:

Exam Date 

Deadline for NEW Application Re-Applications Deadline Location/Test Date Change Deadline
March 9, 2005 Dec. 8, 2004 Jan. 5, 2005 Dec.29, 2004
July 13, 2005 April 13, 2005 May 11, 2005 May 4, 2005
Sep. 21, 2005 June 22, 2005 July 20, 2005 July 13, 2005
Nov 9, 2005 Aug. 10, 2005 Sep. 7, 2005 Aug. 31, 2005

CGFNS Contacts
You can contact CGFNS by mail: CGFNS, 3600 Market Street, Suite 400, Philadelphia, PA 19104-2651 USA; by phone: (215) 349-8767 Monday-Thursday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (ET) or Friday, 9:00 am to 4:30 pm (ET); by fax: (215) 349-0026; by e-mail:; or check out the CGFNS web site at:

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