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Saifiyah Boys High School
phone (92-21) 32625432, 32625367, 32625688 email
address Haqqani Chowk, Garikhata,Adjacent Arambagh Police Station,Karachi-75400, Pakistan
( Karachi,Arambagh )
Classes/Courses  - Admission Fee /Tuition Fee(monthly)

Montessori(Prep) Not Available / N-A / N-A
Primary N-A / N-A / N-A
Lower_Secondary(Matric/Cambridge) N-A / N-A / N-A
Higher_Secondary(Matric/Cambridge) N-A / N-A / N-A
The Saifiyah School was first established in1936 in Karachi. A new building was subsequently built by the Valika family. Saifiyah was nationalized by the Bhutto Government in 1971, denationalized in 1991 and returned to Badri Education Board now known as
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