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How to study with a full-time job

April 10, 2008: Acquiring education has always been a tough task but when it comes to learning while working, it's really like walking on a tight rope. And the situation may be worse if you are returning to your studies after a gap and also have a family to look after.

This I realised only lately when a friend of mine, who's a call centre trainer, decided to do his MBA. Because of work his timings, he managed to get admission in the morning shift of a local business studies institute. There he sat with a group of non-serious students of around 25 years of age. Hoping to get some individual attention from his teachers when resuming his studies after such a long time, he was given none whatsoever. Failing to understand his needs, the teachers treated him just like any other pupil.

Another hurdle in his pursuing a decent education was his family's demands. They just wouldn't let him study in peace. Thus, completing assignments on time became close to impossible but when he approached his class fellows in the hope of getting some guidance from them, they were either partying with others their own age or were running out of mobile phone batteries or balance to speak to him.

And then just before the examinations, came the notification that he was not eligible to sit for exams because of his low attendance during classes. It was an uphill task, making the management understand his problems. Finally, when he was allowed to take the exam, the result was quite predictable. My friend quit his studies.

Many people at different stages of their life have been known to go back to their studies in order to cope with the changing and challenging demands of their respective professions. They may be upgrading their knowledge to find a better job, get a raise or secure a good job along with their future.

However, studying while holding down a job has never been easy. There are a number of obstacles lying in your way.

First of all, there is the difference between you and your fellow students. This may not just be a gap in age but a difference in the conscious level. The other students may not have entered their practical life as yet and thus, being slightly less mature, they may be at a different cognitive level althogether, which would lead to your feeling like a lonely stranger.

Second, if the teachers don't realise the cognitive differences, they may, although unintentionally, end up hurting you emotionally. It adds fuel to fire if your family too isn't cooperative.

Office load, assignment preparation, scarcity of quality time for education accompanied by family routine demands and sleeplessness are potential discouragements.

Mentally and physically, you are always less vigilant or attentive than the others students who only have their studies to worry about. Fatigue and tiredness add to boredom, making you feel pressured.

It can be even worse if you are a woman attending night school. The evening timings may clash with a number of things including unavailability of transport, household chores, socialising, etc.

Although these tribulations may sound acute and stern, you can take a few simple measures to remedy the situation.

Your learning endeavours should be well-planned. If possible, select a place of study that is near your residence or place of work to avoid transport problems. Also try and take your boss or office management into confidence.

Meet the teachers at your place of study and let them know of your other responsibilities along with the purpose and need for your studying further.

Talk to your family members also. Try and prepare them mentally to themselves learn how to cope with routine matters and minor crises at home instead of coming to you for just about everything.

Maybe you could also try and find out if any of your friends or colleagues plan to enroll themselves in a similar programme either now or later on. You could then coordinate with them and try to join with them.

And last but not least, make sure you have enough leave accumulated before entering a study programme just so you can apply for leave before your examinations.

By Eesar Khan (Dawn)
The writer is a lecturer, teachers' trainer and language instructor

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"salam every one, education is must in the current period and its importance is not strange to every means are so deep.todays young generation is very thirsting and seeking for the better education and want to make the bright future.not all the students want to do this but 40%.and the other60% are just time passed students like to go college just to meet the girlfriends or just go for bunk that is unfair. so the purpose of education losts here and we move some other direction,i don,t blame the students completely but also the governace.our management is not fair in all the sectors unless that is education,politics,sports,medical,business managemnt or oters so we need to make sure our selves wheather we are gong right path or where.i hope we the all youngsters need to hard work and i am hopefull that we will raise our country on sky and INSHALLAH we will become a better and a good nation. omair. "
Name: omair
City, Country: karachi, Pakistan

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