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Education dept corruption | SSC exams cheating

Education Dept under fire for gross corruption
Karachi, April 22: The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) on Thursday advised the government to sell the buildings of "ghost schools" through auction as they had been turned into meeting places by the local influentials at the cost of public exchequer.

While reviewing the audit of the Education Department for year 2006-07, 2007-08 and 2008-09, the committee recommended to the chief minister and the chief secretary to order an inquiry into "massive corruption" in the CIDA-funded teachers' training programme. Education Secretary Naheed S Durrani suggested initiating criminal proceedings against the responsible officials.

The secretary said the CIDA was supposed to turn this loan into grant, which could not happened due to rampant corruption. Besides, there were apprehensions that the CIDA might cancel the remaining amount of Rs60 crores.

Naheed said she had written a letter to the auditor-general to seek their legal opinion to initiate criminal proceedings against the concerned officials of the education department.

She said CIDA-funded project was grossly mismanaged was merely restricted to procurement of vehicles, air conditioners and computers worth Rs24 crores. Whereabouts of the vehicles were not known while ACs and computers had been worn out, she added. "If you make an impact analysis of this project, you would come to know that nothing was achieved."

PAC Chairman Sardar Jam Tamachi Unnar asked the CM and the CS to treat it as "model case" of corruption. He observed there were thousands of school buildings which were not needed. "Despite a mushroom growth of schools, education is continuously deteriorating." He asked the secretary education to announce an auction for ghost school buildings.

The secretary education said there was an emergency-like situation in the education sector. "There are over 49,000 schools, out of which 41,000 schools are being housed by a single room.

Only 7,000 of them can be called proper schools and 4,000 of them are located in two major cities."

Naheed said the government was suffering around Rs200 million losses annually for schools which did not exist. In her candid remarks, she said some big shots were mainly responsible for the deteriorating condition of education and even she was helpless before them.

Naheed disclosed that she was facing pressure on a daily basis. She said if the MPAs wished, she could disclose these elements in an in-camera session.

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"***** ***** school must be blacklisted because the students are openly doing cheating and their teachers are also supporting them and providing them means of teaching.the students are preparing nothing and scoring hundred."
Name: laiba
City, Country: karachi,pakistan

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Grants to schools run by Army, Navy opposed
Karachi: Secretary Education Naheed S Durrani on Thursday opposed grant-in-aid to what she called commercial schools in Sindh being run by the Army and Navy.

When the PAC drew her attention towards irregular payment of grant-in-aid worth over Rs61 million to different schools, the secretary said this was an old practice and she was against it.

Naheed disclosed that the provincial government had given around Rs25 crores as grant-in-aid to commercial schools under directions from high-ups. She said this financial help was not benefiting the poor. She suggested that the government should set certain conditions while giving financial assistance to the commercial schools.

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Impersonation and cheating prevail during SSC exams
Karachi: The exam mismanagement saga continued on day four of the Secondary School Certificate Annual Examinations 2011 on Thursday, when yet another stream of reports of cases of the use of unfair means, accompanied by some impersonation offences, poured into the Board of Secondary Education Karachi (BSEK), as the board continued to clamp down on cheating.

After Acting Chairman BSEK Anwar Ahmed Zai, armed with an examination monitoring team from the Governor House, paid several surprise visits to different examination centers, at least two cases of impersonation and several cases of the use of unfair means were revealed. Except this time, BSEK officials witnessed the offences first-hand.

Evaluating the examinations taken at Government Boys Secondary School, KTS-11, S-Area Korangi No1, Chief Coordinator for BSEK affairs Imran Khan Chusti spotted two impersonators and hand them over to police.

These criminals were easily weeded out, as their pictures and particulars did not match the details printed on their admission cards.

Zai decided to punish the masterminds behind the impersonation offences by not allowing the original candidates to appear in any examinations for next three years.

BSEK officials also rusticated two other students found using cheating materials while taking their examinations.

Zia said that if the answer sheets of the offenders revealed that the cheating material was actually referred to during the exam, not only would their suspension period be increased by a year; but they would also not be allowed to appear for any examinations for that period.

Other candidates carrying cheating aids, who were seated next to windows, were fortunate enough to have tossed out the incriminating evidence before being notices.

After witnessing such blatant acts of cheating, Zai sacked the centre's superintendent with immediate effect. Also, in the hope of curbing the use of unfair means, he assigned an external staff to conduct examinations in the coming says.

Zai warned that, "If BSEK received any more complaints regarding this centre, the school would not be allowed to host any more examinations and would also be black listed as an unsuitable examination facility.

Apart from the cheating, as has been customary at this year's Secondary School Certificate Annual Examinations 2011, the Government Boys Secondary School, KTS-11, S-Area Korangi No1 failed to arrange for adequate seating for Thursday's candidates. Many students were observed sharing the same table while sitting directly in front of each other's classrooms as well as corridors.

It seemed that the students were not the only people involved in unfair practices. It was learnt that an individual associated with the Government Boys Secondary School, KTS-11, S-Area Korangi No1, was allegedly seen aiding candidates from his own school during the examinations in different parts of the building. However, after learning that BSEK officials and a monitoring team were present at the centre, he fled the premises in his vehicle.

One of the female teachers appealed to the BSEK's acting chairman to overlook the cases of impersonations and cases of the use of unfair means, assuring him that she would make sure such incidents did not take place again. However, Zai did not take well to her pleas and the teacher was warned that she would face disciplinary actions if she persisted further.

Cases of cheating were not restricted to the aforementioned schools, as the Governor House's monitoring team apprehended three candidates involved in wrongful examination practices during a surprise visit to the Government Boys Higher Secondary School, Jackson Bazaar, Keamari, and the KPT Girls Secondary School, Keamari.

One of the team's members, Secretary to the Governor House Kamran Shamshad, informed The New that the Governor House team would recommend the BSEK to evaluate the performance of the centre's superintendent, his staff and the board's own officials, all of whom were present at such examination centre.

He also expressed his dissatisfaction over the management of the Government Boys Higher Secondary School, Jackson Bazaar, Keamari, as the school's administration did not use the furniture provided by the BSEK and students were seen solving their papers without proper seating arrangements. The news

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SPLA decides to boycott classes, examinations
Karachi: Teachers of the Sindh Professors and Lecturers Association (SPLA) on Thursday decided to suspend lectures after authorities foiled their bid yet again to march towards the Chief Minister's House.

The rally in support of the SPLA's demands was scheduled to be taken out from DJ Science College and to end at the CM House. After being impeded to march towards the CM House, the teachers decided to reroute their rally to the Karachi Press Club where they held protest demonstration against the government's failure to keep its word for meeting the demands of the SPLA.

College teachers from all four provinces and leaders of the All Pakistan Professors and Lecturers Association (APPLA) attended the general body session of SPLA and later participated in the protest.

Protesters holding placards and banners inscribed with their demands shouted slogans against the government.

It may be mentioned here that the SPLA had launched its protest drive last year, which was based on two demands, time scale formula for promotion and recruitment of teachers in government colleges to meet the shortage.

SPLA General Secretary Iftikhar Aazmi said that the SPLA was going to boycott classes in the government colleges through out the province.

"In the first phase initiated from Friday (today) third and fourth periods of colleges will not be attended till April 27. In the next phase from April 28 to May 15, the third, fourth and fifth periods will be boycotted and if the government still failed to fulfill the demands, examinations of intermediate which are scheduled to be held from May 16, will be boycotted, he said.

Replying to a question he said no one had contacted the SPLA on behalf of the government to discuss their demands. He said 4,000 vacancies in the colleges of the Sindh were lying vacant while the Sindh Education Department was giving lip service instead of taking solid steps in this regard.

Aazmi further said that the time scale formula for promotion was the due right of college teachers of Sindh as the said formula was being applied in the other three provinces. Daily times

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No clue yet of abducted lecturer
Khuzdar: The law enforcement agencies and police could not make any headway on Wednesday about the kidnappers of lecturer of the Khuzdar Engineering University. The news

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