IJT distributes 'anti-vulgarity' handbills on PU

LAHORE, April 21(Daily Times): The Islami Jamiat Talaba (IJT) workers while continuing their "Jihad" against increasing "vulgarity" in the society allegedly distributed handbills criticising the government's "enlightened moderation" after the Friday prayers outside the jamia mosque of the Punjab University New Campus.

A PU student said as soon as the Friday prayers had ended, some IJT workers standing outside the mosque started distributing handbills. He said they were also urging the varsity students and teachers to lead a pious life.

The handbill said, "Muslims have become so senseless that they cannot distinguish between evil and good and between the truth and falsity." It said further the Muslims were openly revolting against what it called "the law of Allah". The Muslims had even forgotten the sanctity of educational institutions, it added.

The handbill, which displayed no insignia of the Jamiat said, "Even Jews feel shame on the acts of the Muslims." It said further the "enlightened moderation", was earlier limited to the Alhamra only and was now being promoted in the educational institutions.

"The enlightened moderation was once restricted to the performing arts, but now musical nights are on its agenda," the handbill said.

A couple of weeks ago some Jamiat activists thrashed two students of the PU English Department for their alleged involvement in "immoral activities", wearing "un-Islamic" dresses and having harbouring views against Islam. The Jamiat "cult" also vandalised the varsity's Pharmacy Festival. They beat up a teacher and some students on the pretext that holding a musical night was against Islamic teachings.

On Thursday the PU vice chancellor expelled 23 IJT activists involved in the hooliganism at the Pharmacy Festival. A disciplinary committee was likely to take disciplinary action against those involved in beating up students of the English Department.

An IJT spokesman confirmed the distribution of the handbills on the campus. He said the Jamiat would not let anybody fan "vulgarity" and "immorality" on the campus. He said there was no harm in distributing the handbill. He said the distribution of the handbill had been aimed at promoting "morality" among the students and teachers.



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