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Number of CSS occupational groups to be reduced

ISLAMABAD, April 27(Daily Times): The National Commission on Government Reforms (NCGR) has prepared a civil services reforms plan that will soon be presented to its steering committee for approval, sources informed on Thursday.

The reforms plan calls for sweeping changes in the Federal Public Service Commission's (FPSC) recruitment system for the Central Superior Services (CSS).

The reforms, if adopted, would reduce the number of occupational groups in the CSS, and also change the examination system and curtail the choice of candidates for occupations.

The NCGR is also formulating pre-screening criteria for CSS examinations, under which every candidate would take an aptitude test of one-and-a-half hours, said the sources. "Only the candidates passing the aptitude test would be eligible for the CSS examinations," they said, adding that all provinces had accepted the condition of the pre-screening test, but the Punjab expressed certain reservations during the last meeting of the provinces. But the NCGR is still for the pre-screening test and a final decision would be made by the Steering Committee.

The reforms would link the choice of occupational groups with compulsory subjects related to that group. Those interested in the District Management Group (DMG) would be required to take exams in project management and financial management. Those wanting to join Accounts and Audits Services would be asked to appear in financial accounting and international accounting exams in addition to other subjects.

"The scheme of the compulsory subjects for each occupational group would be such that the choice of every candidate would be automatically restricted to two and the discretion of the FPSC in allocation of groups would be eliminated," the sources said.

The NCGR has also asked the provinces to introduce similar reforms in provincial public service commissions.

The sources said that the proposed reforms of the CSS exams had the support of the four provinces. Younger officers were also said to be enthusiastic about the reforms, "but mid-career officers serving in BS-18, 19 and 20 are opposing it," said the sources. "The top bureaucracy had so far been giving mixed signals, but over all they are positive."

The sources said that the NCGR is preparing a salary revision 'paper' on incentives for public sector employees. Another paper aims to do away with the present Annual Confidential Reports (ACR) system and introduce a scientific system to evaluate the progress of public employees for promotion.

The steering committee is headed by the president and is the top decision making body of the NCGR. The committee will meet soon. The prime minister and chief ministers of all four provinces would also attend the meeting. So far the steering committee has met only once in 2006, when it gave the NCGR the green signal to prepare the reforms.

Your Comments
"FPSC should also increase age limit upto 30 years as it is already upto 30 years in India.In this way young people can get more chance and time to be fully prepared in exam."
Name: Ayesha Sadef
City, Country: Lahore/pakistan

"it is a good descision to taking an aptitute test before CSS exams. & also increase the age upto 30 years for applying in CSS exams."
Name: muhammad saleem
City, Country: Karachi/pakistan

"Rather than restricting the choice of groups to two, CSS should be structured such that a candidate can opt for any number of groups by taking one or more additional papers."
Name: Chaudhry Nauman Zafar
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

"I shall say that in such type of arrangements only the COMMERCE related student will be able to pass the aptitude test for DMG and ACCOUNTS GROUPS.It is not good for those students that are related to COMMERCE field. APTITUDE TEST should not be entertained before CSS exam."
Name: khizer hayat
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

"Whatever the developments be,i reckon that FPSC should make a final decision about groups and composition of courses so that those preparing for 2008 can concentrate once the dust is settled down.Such news thwart the preparation of a candidate appearing in 2008 as he is not sure the turn FPSC could take in coming days.FPSC must make the new settlement public as early as possible to save aspirants from further perplexion."
Name: zulfiqar ali
City, Country: Rawalpindi,Pakistan
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