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Educational institutions Entry test decision

'Entry test decision soon'
Lahore, Aug 16, 2008: The decision on whether to continue conducting entry tests for higher education will be announced in a week after consultation with Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, said Excise and Taxation (ET) Minister Mian Mujtaba Shuja-Ur-Rehman. As chief guest at a prize distribution ceremony organised for high achievers by the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE), he said that the decision would hopefully be taken according to the wishes of the students before admission procedures formally begin for professional and educational institutions.

Speaking to the audience, he emphasised on education being the top priority of the present government. The administration is working on educational reforms in Punjab under the guidance of the chief minister, he said. He added that the government aims to achieve a 70 percent literacy rate in Punjab in the next five years and its focus is on practical work rather than slogans. Shuja stressed upon the need for proper teacher training programmes to impart quality education.

Congratulating position holders and their parents, Shuja said that students should work to improve Pakistan. BISE officials, students and their parents, teachers and media personnel were present at the occasion. Daily Times

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"entry test should not be held the seats in medical colleges should be on merit."
Name: anwaar
City, Country: faisalabad, Pakistan

"someone please tell me if this entry test decision is to be made for the current year or it will be active from the next year...."
Name: Tehreem Misbah
City, Country: Sargodha, Pakistan

"i just want to say that: plzzzzzzz dont abolish the entry test system,,,, bcoz it gives another chance to the mediocre students to try their luck. bt, if in any way you want to abolish ET then do it for next year ,, so that students remain ready for not facing ET. Bt at this time when all of us are prepared to give ET ,u cant finish EntryTest."
Name: iqra khan
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

City, Country: SHEIKHUPURA, Pakistan

"plz abolish the entry test because it is a burden on students and tell us soon when it is going to be abolished ."
Name: irfan
City, Country: jhang, Pakistan

"lyk wats the point???reading the same 6 books once again n being tested for the same course??the marks of intermidiate shud be the criteria for admissions...wud it be just if a student has aquired 900 plus in Fsc exams n then gets rejected due to the entry test or vice versa???n plzzzz tell us soon ...will the abolish the test frm this year onwardz or from the next year??? i m preparing for the test but i hope it doesnt happen.."
Name: Ria
City, Country: Bahawalpur, Pakistan

"Entry test should be necessary and its system should be made "FOOL PROOF"... it is a big hope for students unable to score good marks in fsc."
Name: haider
City, Country: lahore, Pakistan

"Tell me that either the entry tests will be abolished or not?and what r the merits of medical colleges in lahore and islamabad?Plz that will be ur favour."
Name: hassam
City, Country: lahore, Pakistan

"i have an conflict from all of u......u all emphasizes on entry test must be held but be realistic our entire system demolish each and every thing...............system should be change right now.........EDUCATION IS THE 3 fraudulent subdivision IN PAKISTAN..........Papers available at problem atall.....EXAMPLE NED(i m not Impertinence but fact is fact) someone recently interviewed around 25 students of NED who recently graduated in Electronics and Computer Engineering with over 80% marks. They included position holders. However, I am sorry to say that none were able to answer basic questions on: 1. State machines, 2. Mealy Moore machines, 3. Assembly language or 4. C language. On my query they informed that they were not taught these topics in their studies. This is a serious issue: these topics form the basics of Electrical, Electronics, and Computer Engineering. I do not know how the university is allowed to give degrees without teaching these basic concepts. The university does not believe in research and publications. I remember someone from the university administration mention that publications are not important for a university of NEDs caliber. YES, certificate/diploma granting institutions do not require publications, BUT a university's ratings are judged on the basis of publications. AND THEIR ARE a variety of facts under my MIND...................."
City, Country: karachi, Pakistan

"wat da hell these toppers are speakin against entrance test........i think these toppers are just showing arrogance by opposing the entry test ........i thnk entry test shud not be banned because this is da last hope 4 da mediocres to get admission in da top class institutions like uet n k.e..........because sometimes it happens tht a student gets failed to achieve top class marks in FSC but 4unately tht student gets top class marks in entry n thts da he or she becomes elligible 4 admission in uet or K.E .......i thnk this entry test shud not b banned because this entrance has in enhanced oppurtunites and hopes 4 mediocres........thts y it shud not b banned .....bcos its really the best criteria 4 checking the aptitude of any student 4 any top class institution .....ok FE AMMAN ALLAH."
Name: bilal
City, Country: lahore, Pakistan

"plz anyone tell me the entry test date of MBBS D PHARMACY of zia-ud-din uni. and jinnah uni plz i will wait 4 ur reply...."
Name: saadi
City, Country: karachi, Pakistan

"entry test should be held because it is the good test of memory and intellegence.students having good marks in fsc by hook or or crook method are against it BECAUSE IT IS A TRANSPARENT METHOD OF EXAMINATION."
Name: aysha
City, Country: bahawalpur, Pakistan

"if som1 wants to be a doctor or an engineer then he has to work hard for two years but the student who is non serious, doesnt have right either to make buildings , making machines or treating their patients."
Name: tinker
City, Country: multan, Pakistan

City, Country: bahawalpur, Pakistan

"i think everybody should be given equal rights.what i mean is that entry test shouldnot be banned.if aa student whos intelligent and is well prepared that student will score good marks in fsc as well as entry test its just an excuse.i request u not to abolish entry test .its the hope for others.i hope u ll understand.i know abt 99.9 percent of ppl agree with pls think over it.we need capable students not students who just know whats in the book .pls try to understand.inshAllah ET will not be abolished ameen!!"
Name: muntaha
City, Country: lahore, Pakistan

"Entry test should not be taken bcoz this is just burden or wastage of time for the student.After studying the books for two years and study again on a risk whether the student will qualify or not it depends on luck as people say!What do you think if the student in F.Sc is scoring more than 950+ marks is a Foooooooooooool?This is such a stupidity and nothing else understand!So abolish this dofussness from students so they can get relief from entry test and from you people who get money as bribe for passing such bluffers who donot work hard and get chance of deserverd one without thinking of their feelings and emotions and of course thier future.So you should take some serious step for the welfare of deserve one for those who just work hard and donot give bribe."
Name: Sherien
City, Country: Multan, Pakistan

"maryam javed is in favour of entry test ...she says it should take place yes for students like u it is good you have money you can afford KIPS ACADEMY etc you can approach people to get marks in ecat as u did in FSC how a student can get position in matric and then FSC..."
Name: ali
City, Country: lahore, Pakistan

"NO WAYS entry test should not be held........ the seats shoukd b occupied on merit base.. please its a request to abbolish it ,,, obviuosly the students who get excellent marks in FSC contain some qualitis... y should they re appear in some stupid entry test."
Name: khadija
City, Country: lahore, Pakistan

"entry test should not be held please its a request to abbolish it ,,, and also merit should be in reach of all students....."
Name: Qurat-ul-ain
City, Country: chakwal, Pakistan

Name: salman jameel
City, Country: ksa

"Another year.Other people at the altar. Wake up fellows.Agitate now before you take the A Levels Exam.make your voice be heard.Write to the editors of Newspapers.Call in to the Live TV news shows.Do your part and then leaveit to GOD.Dont rest till the job is done.Wish you all success in your lives. "
Name: Mohammad Ahmad
City, Country: Lahore

"i am in favor of entry this way students got an other chance to improve their skills."
Name: fatima khan
City, Country: Lahore

"My question is for those which r against entry test .I asked them that why they r scared of exams (whatever type may be) if they hav ability then whats the problem? talent does not require any excuse. In PK we dont want to hav engineers/doctors having no experince n no brain .and they became doctor only through cramming. PLZ never mind. ."
Name: s.haider imam rizvi
City, Country: Lahore

"no entry test should not be abolished. It is the most fair pattern to check student intelligence "
Name: sibyl
City, Country:pakistan karach

"Iwant to get addmission in an engineerin university for B.E or B.Sc on the basis of scholarship."
Name: kashif
City, Country: Quetta, Pakistan

"i just want to ask the authorities and students that what is the beniefit for dual test system.If authoriteis dont believe fsc exams tey should abolish that for engineering & medical students should just pass the entry tests.This is a double burden on students mentally & monetarilly."
Name: Farid
City, Country: Sahiwal,Pakistan

"well i thnk dere shuld b entry dat medicores can get a chance to get admsnin in medical colleges.....first ov all i vill discuss about da poor system of checking da paprz in our pak..its tooo worst dats y entry test is here fr dis purpose...i vill kindly rest all de govt officerz dat plzzz dere shuld b atlest 3 months given fr da prep of entry test....coz ve da studnt are da future of pakistan"
Name: binish
City, Country:gujrat

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'Equivalence formula unjust, entry test unfair'
Lahore: A-level students have asked Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif to allocate separate quota of seats for them in medical and dental colleges as current admission policy unfairly favoured the FSc students due to unjust equivalence formula, unfair entry test and absence of quota system.

In their presentation made to the Punjab CM, they have pleaded that majority of A-level students can not get admission in medical colleges due to unfair admission policy.

Highlighting their main concerns about the admission formula, the students have observed: "The equivalent marks given to A-level students are very low which exhibits a sheer unjust attitude towards us. An A-level A-Grade whether at 90 per cent or 99 per cent is lowered down to the value of 85 per cent only, while making equivalence. The equivalence in respect of other grades is also reduced likewise. The highest marks given to an A-level student are 935/1100 by IBCC (Interboard Committee Of Chairman). On the other hand, highest marks of an FSc student can be as high as 1000 and above."

They further pleaded that Medical Colleges Admission Test (MCAT) was purely based on FSc textbooks and pattern, which is quite different from that of A-Levels. As a consequence, they maintained, even the brilliant students of school or college fail to get admission in government medical colleges. Although there have been many requests to abolish MCAT but the authorities concerned have not accepted them, mainly due to the reason that KEMU administration is extremely against its abolition. Besides, some academies making money in the name of test preparation were also influencing the concerned authorities not to abolish MCAT, which has become a nuisance for students, whether of A-levels or FSc. As a result, many intelligent students get disheartened and leave their studies in between and many suffer from acute depression.

Demanding quota of seats for A-Level students in medical colleges, the students argued that they have to compete, on the same number of seats, with FSc students amongst whom are those who secure 1000+ marks and take entry test made from their own textbooks.

"Make our equivalence equal to the percentages secured in our O/A-level result or increase our equivalence of A-Grade from 85 per cent to at least 90 per cent. Similarly, equivalence of other grades should also be increased. Equivalence of previous year's candidates should be revised as well so that it is fairly comparable to the FSc score and students who suffered last year can now get admission on merit. Abolish MCAT right from this year or for A-level students, set a separate test based on their own syllabus and pattern. Set a separate and equal quota of seats for A-levels and FSc students", they have presented their minimum demands.

The students in their presentation have also pointed to a common misconception among authorities including KEMU that all A-Level students belong to elite class and they can afford to get admission in private medical colleges. However, this is not the case. Many A-level students study on scholarship, which greatly reduces financial burden on their parents.

"Imagine a student, who has been a position holder throughout 13 years of education but he does not get admission in medical college because of unjust equivalence formula, unfair entry test and absence of quota. Don't you expect such a student to become mentally depressed? We must say that it is the worst form of injustice and it must be condemned and stopped," the students maintained. The Nation

Your Comments
"The children with Cambridge A level have three fold disadvantages for admission to medical colleges due to unjust treatment. . Cambridge A Level students have thirteen years of education instead of 12 years education for FSc before they are considered eligible for admission to medical colleges. In our neighboring country, India it is Cambridge AS Examination (12 years schooling) which is considered equivalent to FSc for admission to medical colleges. (Ref. Cambridge University website). AS should be equated to FSc for admission to medical colleges in Pakistan also. Or, if this is not possible, 13 years A level should be considered superior to 12 years FSc examination and preference should be given to A level students accordingly. . The equivalence formula for conversion of O and A level scores to equivalent FSc marks is absolutely unjust. The score of a student who may have 99 percentile result or even a World Distinction in A level examination is converted to a mere 85 percent by IBCC. On the other hand, a large number of students are having scores greater than 90 percent or even approaching 100 percent in FSc examinations from Local Boards. When there is no upper limit of marks for FSc students, why this limitation is drawn for O and A level students? The basic problem arises from the fact Cambridge examination results are described in percentiles and grades while Local Boards FSc marks are given in absolute numbers. Anyway, there is no sense in converting the percentiles or A, B, C grades into fixed percentages. The problem can only be resolved if percentiles of one system are compared to percentiles of the other system. Percentile system is a superior system and is accepted worldwide as it describes the relative position of the candidate thus minimizing the variation in scores resulting from different examination methods or different difficulty indices of examination question papers. The system of marks in absolutes numbers is not only creating problem regarding equivalence of foreign degrees but also but also in comparing the results of one local Board with the other local board. In UK, there are several education boards with their own degrees and examination systems. But all these boards are equated with each other on the percentile score basis. In Pakistan, it is possible to calculate percentiles of each student's score from all Boards. All local boards should be instructed to publish their results in percentiles. Calculation of percentiles is a very simple job for the computer if you have absolute marks of all the students appearing in the Board Examination. In this way, good students from all the boards will be able to get admission to medical colleges without undergoing the much disputed Entry Test. . The system of MCAT was introduced to minimize the impact of non uniform standards of different education boards in the country and to counter the effectiveness of "Booty Mafia" in the country. But this practice has aggravated student's problems as it has multiple flaws in it. Firstly, this examination is conducted by an Engineering University and not by a Medical University. Secondly, MCAT examination is solely based on FSc curriculum and not according to international standard curriculum. Thirdly, all students from different education boards with variable education facilities cannot be judged just on one standard. Mere dependence on one entry test would undermine the interests of students from under developed areas with limited educational facilities. This entry test should be abolished all together. Instead percentile scores from local as well as foreign educational boards should be made sole basis for admission to medical colleges."
Name: Muhammad Ayub
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

"The A- Levels students have been suffering for a long time now just because of this equivalence system. I have meeting with both position holders of local boards and good A levels students and beleive me that A levels students are much better than the toppers of Local boards. They have good concepts and havent gone through their exams by ratta. My solution for this problem is that improve the equivalence system, and convert marks on the basis of percentage and not graded because a percentage of above 85 is counted a A grade and same marks are given for percentages above it...This should remove the unequlaity. Dont abolish the MCAT but make it better and more conceptual like the ET of AKU or GIKI. And sperate quota seats is not a good idea..."
Name: Zohaib Haider
City, Country: Quetta, Pakistan

"i think entry test should be abolished coz although the people think it is a good chance for students to get admitted even when their marks r low in fsc the question is this will those students b able to do in just a few days what they were unable to do in past 2 years of fsc? the real ablity of students is automatically tested in their exams what is the point of testing the students who already had worked hard and got good marks so entry test in a way is headache for these students"
Name: rabia afroz
City, Country: chakwal

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Top scorers response mixed on entrance test
Lahore: The toppers of intermediate annual examination 2008 have expressed mixed response towards requirement of an entrance test for admission to institutes of higher learning.

Some of them favoured that the entrance test be held while others opposed it, saying it was a burden on students and their parents, which deprived many eligible candidates of admission to engineering and medical institutes.

The overall top position holder, Ahsan Ismail, said that he was in favour of the entrance test as it was important to check the aptitude and ability of the students.

He said that he would become an electrical engineer. He also talked about flaws in the country's education system, saying there was a need to improve the paper-checking system.

Maryam Javed, overall second position holder, said that she was in favour of the entrance test, adding however, its percentage should be reduced to facilitate the students. "I would study to become an electrical engineer," she added.

Waqar Ali, who also wants to become an electrical engineer, said that he was not in favour of the entrance test. He said he opposed double standards in education, suggesting that there should be a uniform education system.

Wardah Malik, the topper of Pre-Medical Group (among girls) also opposed the requirement of the entrance test for admission. She said that she would study to become a doctor, adding she want to get admission in King Edward Medical University.

Affira Atta said that she want to become an architect. She said the education system needed to be improved.

Fizza Mobasher, third position holder of Pre-Medical Group (among girls) also said that the entrance test should be abolished.

She said that she would strive to become a cardiologist. She said the current education system was not good as it was promoting 'rote-learning'.

The second position holder of Pre-Engineering Group (among girls), Hadia Sajjad also favoured the entrance test saying the system should stay as it offers another chance to mediocre students to try their luck.

Sana Qadeer, the topper of Commerce Group (among girls) said that she want to become an economist and want to get a degree in management. She added she opposed the entrance test system. The News

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