Protest against engineering & medical colleges entrance test

Protest camp against entrance test
Multan, Aug 28, 2008: The Pakistan Seraiki Party (PSP) set up a protest camp outside the local press club on Wednesday against the entrance test for admission to medical and engineering colleges.

Calling for abolishing the entrance test system, PSP chief Taj Muhammad Langah said it was unjustified to judge a student's competency after the examination. He said a majority of deserving students failed to get admission due to the wrong admission policy.

"Imagine the fate of a student, who has been a position holder throughout 13 years of his education career, but he does not get admission to any medical or engineering college because of the entrance test. We must say that it is the worst form of injustice and it must be condemned and stopped," he said.

He alleged that this system was introduced to oblige the children of influential people who failed to obtain good marks.

He said doctors and retired officers of armed forces had opened academies for the preparation of entrance test. They charged high fee and used their influence for the admission of their students.

He demanded that the government should abolish both entrance test and the self-finance scheme. Dawn

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Self-finance scheme in colleges gets confused with second shift
Lahore: The polytechnic institutes and colleges of technologies which cater an average technical education up to the diploma level, B Tech and B Com cannot be categorised as professional institutions at par with the medical, engineering or commerce institutions of higher level education which are under fire for costly self-finance schemes.

However, in a move against self-finance schemes in professional colleges of higher education, launched because of highly inflated fee especially in medical colleges, the government disbanded the second shift scheme in polytechnic institutes and colleges of technology rendering loss to thousands of families whose children usually take admission in polytechnics after matriculation.

The abolition of self-finance scheme in medical colleges was prompted because they charge Rs 5-10 lakh for a medical graduate and only the ineligible and incompetent but financially sound students with comparatively lower merit secure admission in such colleges on self-finance basis.

The dispensation of that scheme too has been deferred to next year by the Punjab government. The self-finance in medical colleges not only led to costly medical education on one hand and the sub standard education on the other which is unethical.

As such there was reason to put ban on self-finance scheme in such professional colleges but this does not mean disbandment of second shift which only costs Rs 5,000 extra from the usual Rs 5,000 fee in polytechnic institutes. It also does not imply the quality of education matter as only candidates with high merit and eligible to take admission in morning shift are enrolled in the second shift in polytechnics with the purpose to accommodate more and more students due to rising trend in this type of education.

It is also paradoxical that the self-finance or second shift at double the tuition fee of morning shift are continuing in government colleges at Intermediate, BA, BSc, Bcom, MA and MSc levels. There is no bar in second shift at these colleges, the purpose of which remained the same as in polytechnic institutes. The building and faculty plus available facilities are used in the second shift by hiring faculty from outside on per lecture basis and same is done in polytechnic and colleges of technology. If the second shift in all other colleges and institutes can be allowed to continue why not in polytechnic institutes and colleges of technologies. The children of the poorest of the poor who cannot even afford tuition fee in normal colleges and universities are enrolled in such institutions.

The Punjab Polytechnic Teachers Association and student bodies have urged the Punjab chief minister to review the decision of disbanding second shift in GPTI and GTIs so that thousands of students awaiting admission in these institutions could get admission and fulfill their desire to acquire technical education.The Nation

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