Dow University announced MBBS third year, fifth semester result

DUHS announces MBBS results
Karachi, Aug 01, 2008: Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS) on Thursday announced result of MBBS third year, fifth semester (2008) for Dow Medical College and Sindh Medical College. Out of 592 students, who appeared in the examination 464 were declared successful while 127 failed. The pass percentage stood at 78.37 per cent. Meanwhile, the DUHS also announced results of MBBS fourth year, semester seven for both the medical colleges. Out of the 531 students appearing in the examination, 433 were declared successful while 98 failed. The pass percentage was 81.54 per cent. The News

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Pakistani doctor from the UK advises DUHS students
Karachi: Students from medical colleges and universities of Pakistan need to be aware that from April 2006, the UK has made changes to its immigration policy, cautioned Dr Rezaur Rehman, a consultant pediatrician at the William Harvey Hospital in Kent, UK, while talking to Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS) students at the DUHS OT complex on Thursday.

Rehman felt, for his part, that Pakistani students should not wait to complete their house jobs before applying abroad, but rather should start as soon as they complete their MBBS. "Students must keep in mind the fact that in the UK, salaries are based on demonstration of capabilities and delivery of results and high performances, so they must have a sharp approach to learning," he said. It is important to note, however, that Rehman's opinion is not shared by all senior professionals.

The UK's immigration policy is now geared to prefer UK nationals and doctors from the EU for such jobs, he said. Migrants from Pakistan, whether medical students or otherwise, are usually economic migrants, looking for better salaries in return for their services. They are also looking for a higher quality of life they can get abroad, whether in the UK or elsewhere, he said.

It is imperative that medical education in Pakistan should be more structured and streamlined and professors and the education standard should be taken to the highest level so that students can compete anywhere in the world, he commented. This also means that professors and teachers must give them more time so they can compete internationally.

PMA General Secretary Dr Samina Hashmi said that if the education standard does not improve, students will have a hard time. Professors and teachers are not full time as they are rarely available for more than two or three hours. "They come to the ward at 10:00 a.m. and leave at 12:00 p.m.," she said.

Furthermore, the economic situation is also very bad. "In Sindh, the government pays a doctor Rs 6,500 as a salary but in the Punjab and NWFP or under the federal set-up, they are paid Rs 12,000," she said. "The government does not give any financial incentives to doctors in rural areas either. These are the problems that Pakistani doctors struggle hard with and thus opt for jobs abroad."

She also cautioned that around 2,500 basic health units in Sindh that not working as they do not have doctors posted there. "Sooner or later, there could be a crisis of doctors in Pakistan, so the government should do the right thing at the right moment," she added. Daily Times

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