Entrance test for admission to medical and dental institutions

Committee recommends entrance test abolition
Lahore, Aug 07, 2008: The entrance test for admission to medical and dental institutions should be abolished forthwith, according to a unanimous recommendation by the 13-member committee constituted by Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif to assess the pros and cons of the system introduced in the late 1990s.

The committee members discussed the issue at length this week and concluded that "it (entrance test) is a burden on students which must be done away with."

It noted that "a record number of 2,353 candidates with 900 and above marks in FSc failed to pass the 2007-08 entrance test," and most of them belonged to Dera Ghazi Khan, Bahawalpur, Multan and Faisalabad. While the candidates with minimum marks, that is, 826 in FSc managed to get admission to the medical colleges by virtue of the entrance test system. Most of them were from Lahore and Islamabad.

They also revealed that the academies operating in big cities played a 'major role' in the success of their students. They used to charge up to Rs70,000 for two-month preparation for the entrance test, "an amount the students of far-flung areas could not afford."

They also observed that the pattern of entrance test was quite different from that of FSc examination. "Complaints of leakage of question paper in entrance test are common and the process of preparation of results is not transparent, with many reports of cheating," observed the committee.

The members further pointed out that the students had to go through the complete syllabus of FSc Part-I course after appearing in Part-II examination, which is painstaking to say the least. Besides, "the entrance test is held two to three months after declaration of FSc results that piles agony on the students."

The committee maintained that since the examination system of all eight intermediate boards was foolproof, there was no need to put another check in the form of entrance test.

Most of the committee members -- the higher education secretary, the additional secretary health (technical), vice-chancellors of University of Health Sciences and King Edward Medical University, the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan president, principals of Nishter Medical College Multan, Quaid-i-Azam Medical College, Bahawalpur and Punjab Medical College, Faisalabad, the chairman working group on health, a representative of Pakistan Institute of National Affairs (PINA), and Dr Allah Bakhsh, Dr Ali Cheema and Dr Naeemuddin Mian -- attended the meetings.

The recommendation will be submitted to the chief minister this week. According to a source in the provincial health department, Shahbaz Sharif may announce abolition of the entrance test at the medal-awarding ceremony after announcement of the intermediate results on Aug 15. Dawn

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"entry test is a great burdn on us. please abolish it pleaseeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Name: a.hannan
Email: honeyg.8081@yahoo.com
City, Country: burewala,pakistan

"plz sir abolish the entry test its a burdon on us."
Name: Tahreem khan
Email: khantahreem@yahoo.com
City, Country: GUjranwala, pakistan

"it is not fair k entry test se sirf 2 mahinay pehlay bataya jaye k entry test nhi ho rha rules and regulation bi koi chiz hoti hay at least 1 year pehlay batana chahye k hum apnay ap ko mently prepare karen i m not agree wid dis at dis time ."
Name: maimoona
Email: maimoona_munir@yahoo.co.uk
City, Country: lahore, pakistan

"if this entry test system is to be abolished..we should had been told this before hand..since the examination system of local provincial boards is not fool proof..so entry test should be there to filter the students who deserve to get admission in medical colleges of punjab..and if it is to be abolished..then the CM Punjab should ensure teh uniformity of all educational bords..people are getting above 1000 marks in dera ghazi khan board..andthey actually know nothing...this is not fair..our federal board is not that generous in giving marks..i have had personal; sittings with the top position holders of provincial borads and i have judged that they have got those numbers out of cramming the Fsc book..those are not at all elegible to become doctors..my request to CM..please sir..this system is not a joke..that you change it in a matter of days..if you have to abolish it..announce it to be deactivated from next year.."
Name: Tehreem Misbah
Email: calmity_01@hotmail.com
City, Country: Sargodha, pakistan

"this decision must hav been taken earlier .... stundents should be informed a year before so they should be mentally prepared... now plz make ur decision fast so dat v shuld not hav any further confusions."
Name: sara
Email: sara_juaiji@hotmail.com
City, Country: lahore, pakistan

"I completely agree by the comments made by tehreem misbah... Removing the ET will be a big mistake."
Name: Zohaib Haider
Email: zohaibe@hotmail.com
City, Country: Quetta, pakistan

"Please finish off this entry test. it is a great burden on us.please. i hope our CHIEF MINISTER wiill announce to finish it off on 15 august.. in entry test we dun have a specified pattern and it also getz leak too often ..i hope our CM would abolish it or otherwise it would mean that COMITEES decesion has no importance.. Thankyou."
Name: Talha Makshoof
Email: makshoof_athar@yahoo.com
City, Country: lahore, pakistan

"i just wanted to say that if CM is abolishing the entry test system then he should also ask the academies to return our money back which we have already paid for the preparation of entry tests!!"
Name: mallie
Email: gazzlinggurl15@hotmail.com
City, Country: pakistan

"I alredy paid the fee of entry test coaching akadmy but i still say that this entry test should be finished...plz abolish it....it is makng my hell these dayz."
Name: Hassan
Email: hassan_formanite@hotmail.com
City, Country: lahore, pakistan

"it is really a astonishing news, how it can be abolised... just compare our present educational system.. to compare standard of metropolitan cities with those of remote areas like daragazi khan is awfull (as may students get education from major cities boards and finally appear there to secure the high percentage).. just see the system around us like india & bangaladesh who are strictly sticked with entry test system even they do count the weightage of SSC result... ok i am fully agreed that they should take entrytest but it must be based on HSSC pattern. it is quite evident that the brillient students with higher iq can go through the medical profession. so kindly i request...not to abolish this system....thanks"
Name: rana tariq
Email: ranatariq_ksa@yahoo.com
City, Country: islamabad, pakistan

"how can u abolish entry test.WE all are mentally prepared for it.In near future if u have tu abolish entry test then u should improve our examination sysyem. Moreover, entry test for addmission in medical colleges is internationally recognized system,you should not abolish it."
Name: anum
Email: anum.idrees25@gmail.com
City, Country: sheikhupura, pakistan

"this test should be abolishd ! its a burden !"
Name: waleed
Email: mushi_007@hotmail.com
City, Country: islamabad, pakistan

"On 15th the chief guest is not Shbaz shreef ...mian Mujtaba shuja ur rehman iz chief guest according to BISE lahore."
Name: Hira
Email: hot_capricorn007@yahoo.com
City, Country: lahore, pakistan

"its the decision we were waiting for so long. as it has been decided, it should be announced as soon as possible so that we set our direction as there is so much confusion about. it is in the interest of our standard of education and it will definitely provide a chance to the deserving students. i am really thankful to the committee."
Email: im_great123@hotmail.com
City, Country: Faisalabad, pakistan

"its not fare....u should tel us at least 1 year before changing.i m mently prepared 4 entry test.and most of the studet have paid 50000 60000 rps just 4 prep of entry test.if somebody do hard work 4 entry test than he should abmited in colgs.entry test is a chance 4 student t get a better result than before."
Name: rubab
Email: rubabarif75@hotmail.com
City, Country: rawalpindi, pakistan

"If there is entry test then there is toruble for students if its not then still the students have to face the same situation...entry test can be said as a second chance to students but its quite tough to revise the whole two years books within mere 3 months!plus the pattern of Fsc examination n entry test are quite different from each other..negative marking is another problem..n now when the news is that entry test will might be abolished then competition will get togher like i got 918 marks last year but could not get admission n this year the batch with which now i am going to compete has followed an objective pattern which is more marks securing n if this year i cant admiision with 918 marks n even for this chance my whole study year got ruined i spent the most fraustrated time of my life this year n will it not be unjustice to me n the other repeaters that finally we have change our field with one ruined educational year which brings nothing to you except fraustrations n pessimisim if we dont come upto the level of fresh batch...anyhow i think entry test shuold be abolished because its nothing more than a burden over students!"
Name: anam naqvi
Email: maryum_018@yahoo.com
City, Country: lahore, pakistan

"I am from Dera Ghazi Khan and i got 872 marks in F.Sc(2007) but i have decided to study in Lahore for improve my marks .I remain the student in Rana Science Academy Lahore and after studying my first class at rana science acadmy i was sure that we from Dera Ghazi Khan are much much more better than these Lahoriens because here is nothing but the teachers explain so much that they go out of the books and they are giving the outer slybuss informations here but in Dera Ghazi Khan our teachers aslo explain it but theynever go out of the lecture So if entry test has to be abolished or not we are not affected with it because who has burnt the mid night oil will always become a doctor otherwise not.So i think it should be abolished now its enough and enough."
Name: Muhammad Aamir
Email: amirkhan300@yahoo.com
City, Country: Dera Ghazi Khan, pakistan

"plz..plz.....plz..abolish entry test ......thanks"
Name: munib
Email: kkd678@yahoo.com
City, Country: faisalabad, pakistan

"it shouldnt be abolished..our federal dont give marks dat easily as compare to da boards of remote areas.compare a 900 marks student of fbise and 1000 marks student of other boards,da fbise student wud b better.entry test act as a filter.im my city there are many students with 950,960 marks but damn it they dunt knw any thing..unhe kuch nai aata..i dunt knw how they get those marks...please dont abolish it."
Name: asad amin
Email: aterminator15@hotmail.com
City, Country: karachi, pakistan

"i strongly deny against the recommendation of committee to abolish the entry test on the grounds that: 1) this system is known by all the universities all around the world and in pakistan. non of the univerisity or organization get there intake without entrytests so how it can be abolished for medical colleges. 2) I can quote the practical examples of students appearing in Saudi Arabia as per their standard they can easily score upto 98% with a little hardship & can easily can manage to obtain equalance certificate @ 91% (~98-7)which almost impossible to get weightage in punjab boards in pakistan. so for them it will be very easy to get the seats in medical colleges by ignoring the so brillient students from punjab boards. i think the committee has ignored many facts. so kindly reconsider ur recmendations. thanks"
Name: rana tariq
Email: ranatariq_ksa@yahoo.com
City, Country: islamabad, pakistan

"IT will a bold justice,great step for the diserved students,who may become victim of entry test."
Name: Tayyaba Tanveer
Email: subhanitanveer@yahoo.com
City, Country: Rawalpindi, pakistan

"if the entery test system will abolish,i request you to prescribe this rule for the Northern Areas as well..we the student of north will b greatfull to for this kindness......."
Name: azizqurban
Email: azizqurban@hotmail.com
City, Country: gilgit, Pakistan

"i fully agree with tehreem misbah, asad amin and rana tariq..the rest who say it should be abolished are frankly...just dumb.People in pakistan just dont care to listen that Federal Board is HARD."
Name: Faiza Tariq
Email: idontnou@hotmail.com
City, Country: Khobar, KSA

"Well i was thinking that if the entry test system is ended then how many students will get admission in universities... For medical students they have to score a seat in top 1500 students.. Otherwise they should be thinking about the admission and just take admission in low standard private universities.. Well ending the entry test isnt the soloution. There should be compitiion b/w the students securing high marks for the seats.. I recommend that the ENTRY TEST MINIMUM PERCENTAGEE required should be increased.. Its 60% rite now. Instead of ending the system, this percentage should be increased to 75-85%. Then its worthless an entry test. Thats what i think is the good solution for this problem.... And whereas the LEAKAGE of question paper is concerned, who said that the papers coming ing HSSC 1 or HSSC 2 are not leaked...? What abt it...? Those students who get the the question paper and get 900+ marks....? what abt it...? This year in Federal Board SSC papers were leaked and thats a bad news.... What about it...? The leaking of question paper is a responsibility of the administration of the UNIVERSITY or whereever the paper is made... It only shows that people arenot honest... We get the paper, pass wid 900+ marks... Such a student is just a burden.. However the student who worked hard and got 900+ marks and dnt get admission is a tragedy.... Why we want this...? Now talking about the fact that they take 70,000 rupees for entry test preparation.... HUh.... What about the ACADMIES of SSC, HSSC both parts... What about it....? Then i say ABOLISH everything..... We are not considering all the facts... There should be a proper system.... Following are the recomandations instead of thinking to ABOLISH ENTRY TEST... 1) There should be one paper in the whole PAKISTAN in SSC and HSSC both parts so that there should be no difference in the difficulty level of the paper because all the students of all the boards in pakistan have to be admitted in the same universities disregaring of the BOARD they are in... 2) secondly the ENTRY TEST MINIMUM PERCENTAGE should be increased from 60% to 70-80%. 3)The security of the papers should be increased. Cheating should be prohibited in test Centres. And leakout of papers should be properly checked.. 4) Criminal penalites should apply on those who are involved in LEAK out of papers and they should be immediatly suspended from there job. 5) ENTRY TEST SHOULD NOT NOT NOT be ABOLISHED This is what all i have to say.... *********** UMER FAROOQ *********** "
Name: Umer Farooq
Email: detective_good@hotmail.com
City, Country: islamabad, pakistan

"well.. i want attention all people ! i was amoung the people againt entrance test last year and i scored 930. but then entry test smashed my FSc result on my face and made me waste a year just because it was completely different from FSc examination pattern.last year the result of different cities was average with about 3000 students scoring above 900 marks but this year ITS SO AMAZING TO SEE THAT ALMOST 6000 students scored above 900 and they r competing for 2000 seats?? thats pathetic !!! and this is just this years result. last years repeaters,like me, are also looking forward to get through. THIS SITUATION IS ALARMING FOR US. MERIT IS INCREASING EVERY YEAR WITH A BURST OF 900+ MARKS. I THINK SOME ALTERNATE WAY MUST BE CHALKED OUT TO EASE OUR PAIN ! SPECIALy THE TO EASE THE PAIN OF REPEATERS with 930+ marks !! theyr being crushed in the explosion of new comers scoring 900+ marks easily !!"
Name: SAUD
Email: saud2008@hotmail.com
City, Country: faisalabad, pakistan

"yes, i totally agree!!!Entery test should be banned.Most of the time many deserving students fails to get into if they donot pass this examination. I have my example to state, i was a position holder throughout but couldnt got through this entery test&few of my friends got it who were actually ratafication type. so, this shuld be ruled out."
Name: husna
Email: husna816@hotmail.com
City, Country: karachi, pakistan

"listen me carefully.agar koi student 900 se above marks layta hai to wo chanay bech kar nahi layta...us se puchay kah wo kasy mahnat karta hai..phir entry test main agar 1 percent se bhi rah jata hai to kitny dukh ki bat hai..akhir itna mushkil keu kar dia hai medical main jana..pakistan is an under developing country...pakistan ko doctors ki zarurat hai...agar is bar app entry test khatam karty hai to app merit barha day gay.may be 950 marks se above wala student ja skta ho..to ham bacho ka jinho nay 900 se to zayada lie hai par 950 se kam un ka kya banay ga..uper se app aik mahina pahlay bata rahay hai entry test abolish karnay ka phaly bataty to ham apny marks improve kar laytay...nahi khatam karna to please percentage to low kar dain....please"
Name: farah
Email: farah_6667@hotmail.com
City, Country: faisalabad, pakistan

"u need to satisfy the needs of all the students before any such drastic change.may i know what abt those students who are doin their 0 A levels? i am one such student.we work so hard to earn good grades bt our percentages are reduced by 5%. nd it so much affects us.what will CM decide about us? wat abt the on goin batches of O nd A level? who too are struggling so hard ,payin so much fees to earn good grades?"
Email: rafflesia_4ever@hotmail.com
City, Country: Lahore, pakistan

"I dont want entry test i got 905 marks but did not clear the entry test but those who get 830 marks clear it......... its a luck or any thing else i dont know.... plzzzzzz abolish it as soon as u can...."
Name: mahnoor
Email: mahnoor55@hotmail.com
City, Country: Lahore, pakistan

"Abolish this entrance system or not , both ways you will never find intelligent students or a genius. What i am saying is fuully supported by 61 years of pakistans history.Even your PHDs are worst than western high school students. I look at Dr Atta ur rehman and weep , because only maintaining excellent academic record and publishing research papers dosent make you a genius. What finds a genius is an intelligent teacher in a class,who personally observes that student. i really feel ashamed of my fellows who obtain 90 percent and above but still dont manage to answer a simple scientific reason.Continue with this system and make yourselves mechanics and managers instead of engineers and scientists."
Name: gcircuit
Email: gcircuit@yahoo.com
City, Country: Lahore, pakistan

"the entry test should be stopped because it is an extra burden on the student and also the family of student.so i request to abolish it."
Name: Hafiz Sarfraz Ahmed
Email: sarfraz_ajiz@hotmail.com
City, Country: gujranwala, pakistan

"Its a request dunt abolish it.agr aik student 900 plus marks leta ha then y iz he or she afraid frm entry test.come and compete.its nt a burden on us.agr koi itna inteligent ha k wo itne marks le ra ha n he or she iz being afraid frm entry test then ahm ahm v v bad.he or she dunt deserve to go to med clg."
Name: Asad amin
Email: Aterminator15@hotmail.com
City, Country: Karachi, pakistan

Name: Alina
Email: wild_passion@hotmail.com
City, Country: pakistan

"please decide whatever you want to do because we are in a transient state and not able to concentrate on our studies and if you want to finish the entry test than there must be seperate seats for every board especially for federal board as it is very difficult to secure good marks in federal board rather in other boards there are so many illegal ways to get marks."
Name: ayesha tariq
Email: urs_ashu16@yahoo.com
City, Country: Bahawalpur, pakistan

City, Country: BAHAWALPUR, pakistan

Name: sana shams
Email: chabbo32@yahoo.com
City, Country: faisalabad, pakistan

"i totally agree with the abolition of entry test. it is really a burden on students. but announce it as soon as possible."
Name: hina malik
Email: maria-malik@LIVE.COM
City, Country: MULTAN, pakistan

"Im fsc student studying in ksa. I have done part 1 and this news is so shocking for me. Federal board send so difficult science papers here in KSA that we hardly get passing marks over it. And its a great injustice. In pakistan papers are easy while we get hard papers. And now if the entry tests would be abolished. How would we get through with our career. Even the checking is strict for overseas students. We are also pakistanis living abroad. Why federal board is so strict on us? There should be no cancellation in entry test. Our career depends on it."
Name: Shahzeb
Email: shazebansari@hotmail.com
City, Country: jubail, Saudi Arabia

"the test shud definitely be abolished..i mean what is the point of craming the same 6 books again when you have been already tested for them once?? and..would it be just if a student who has aquired 900 plus marks gets rejected due to the ET and a student who hasnt worked hard in the two academic years gets the admission due to the ET?"
Name: Raazeyah
Email: ria_is_me@hotmail.com
City, Country: Bahawalpur, pakistan

"HUH... its done... 14th september is the DATE.. stop dreaming about abolishing entrance test"
Name: saud
Email: saud2008@hotmail.com
City, Country: faisalabad, pakistan

"I personally feel that overseas pakistanis are being discriminated against. Firstly, the ruthless deduction policies of the IBCC strip off 20 % marks from the American system and then leave us to slog and muck up the F.Sc syllabus, somethings thats totally alien to us, in order to be eligible for admission. Entry test or no entry test, thats not the question. The real issue is to eradicate all forms of prejudices and biases and allow people from all systems of education to compete against their own fixed quotas. We as overseas Pakistanis are literally being harassed by those fickle and short-sighted policies of the Ministry of Education. I dont get WHY we can accept American aide, American invasion, American bombardings, American culture, American intervention, and American dictation, but not their freaking curriculum? Why are we subjected to 20 % deduction? Why should we pay such a big price of not studying in Pakistan and the Pakistani syllabus, when people who study it are whining about how incompetent it is? Just my two cents. No offense to anyone. "
Name: Sidra
Email: sydra.c@gmail.com
City, Country: Saudi Arabia

"I personally feel that overseas pakistanis are being discriminated against. Firstly, the ruthless deduction policies of the IBCC strip off 20 % marks from the American system and then leave us to slog and muck up the F.Sc syllabus, somethings thats totally alien to us, in order to be eligible for admission. Entry test or no entry test, thats not the question. The real issue is to eradicate all forms of prejudices and biases and allow people from all systems of education to compete against their own fixed quotas. We as overseas Pakistanis are literally being harassed by those fickle and short-sighted policies of the Ministry of Education. I dont get WHY we can accept American aide, American invasion, American bombardings, American culture, American intervention, and American dictation, but not their freaking curriculum? Why are we subjected to 20 % deduction? Why should we pay such a big price of not studying in Pakistan and the Pakistani syllabus, when people who study it are whining about how incompetent it is? Just my two cents. No offense to anyone. "
Name: Sidra
Email: sydra.c@gmail.com
City, Country: Saudi Arabia

"entry test is a big burden on students ,there are number of students obtaining more than 900+ marks in fsc,but there are not admitted to medical and engineering colleges just because of less marks in entry test,the students work really hard in fsc to score big marks but when they see boys and girls having less than their marks getting admission in such colleges they really get dishearted,so it will be great decision by the punjab government to abolish this system to give hardworking students (reward in easy way) to get admission in such colleges and univesities with any more trouble and this system should be completely removed from all parts of the country."
Name: irfan
Email: irfan_khan@hotmail.com
City, Country: islamabad,pakistan

"It would be a great injustice with the talented and hardworking students that entry test is abolished. In my point of view this entry test is the best method to filter the worthy from the merit less position holders of different boards. I strongly disagree with the announcement that our examination system is fool proof. Might be its true ... but sorry to say i dont believe this ... The paper marking is done by teachers who are paid Rs.7 for one paper he/she marked... Be honest and think would that person check the paper honestly... never... ! our system and society is not so trustworhty so my humble request to the CM that sir, kindly dont ever abolish this entry test ... !"
Name: Anam
Email: Anam_007khan@yahoo.com
City, Country: Lahore,pakistan

"Abolish entry tests? your kidding right? i mean the top position holders in the boards couldnt even clear the test. how ironic? doesnt it make you wonder over what criteria of skill and standard of education did they "top" those boards? It just shows how incompetent the system of education in Pakistan has become. At least entry test is fair with those who bother to understand what they read rather than just swallow a couple of books with ignorance. in fact it is so fair that it gives a chance to those with fairly less marks in fsc to prove their worth. it makes me want to laugh out when i see students with A-1 percentages scared of tests. if they could do great in fsc exams well they ought not have any problems proving themselves again, unless of course, as most of us suspect, all they did was swallow up words and gained marks with their fancy headings in papers. cheers"
Name: hina
Email: hinaebir@live.com
City, Country: Abbottabad,pakistan

"plz finish this entry test.its a great burden upon us.the deserving students also cant clear the test n secondly this also leaks so plyzzzzzzzzzzz finish this test"
Name: hira gul
Email: danial.khan10@yahoo.com
City, Country: abbottabad.pakistan

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BISE Lahore announced result gazette of Intermediate
Lahore: The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE), Lahore has announced the publication of result gazette of Intermediate Part I & II and Composite examination on August 15, 2008. The BISE spokesman informed that those educational institutions, willing to get five or more copies of result gazette, should deposit an amount of Rs 1300 per copy of the result gazette in Habib Bank Limited, BISE Branch, and submit bank challans to Store Section of BISE and get a receipt till August 12, 2008. The News

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PEC told to quickly decide on 2002 FAST students' accreditation
Lahore: The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Wednesday directed the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) to quickly decide on the accreditation of the 2002 session students of the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (NUCES).

The students claim that the PEC had not registered them as engineers even though they had completed their course, which the PEC accredited in 2003. Justice Molvi Anwarul Haq passed the order on a petition of 24 students who had studied for Bachelor of Science in Telecommunication Engineering and Computer Engineering (BTE&CE) from the Lahore Campus of NUCES (aka FAST).

The judge directed the NUCES to submit applications to the PEC after PEC Deputy Registrar Engineer Zulfiqar Ahmed told the court that the council was ready to reconsider the matter. The judge also told the law officer to submit a report on the developments in the case on September 15, the next date of hearing.

The petitioners submitted that they were part of the first batch of the four-year BTE&CE at FAST and had graduated in 2006. They said that the PEC did not register them as engineers after their graduation on the ground that it had accredited the NUCES in 2003 and they had been enrolled before that.

They said that the institution, and not the students, was responsible for obtaining the PEC's accreditation. They asked the court to order the PEC to register them and their batch-mates as engineers. Daily Times

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