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HEC new notification for M.Phil & Ph.Ds scholarships

New HEC notification adds to students' miseries
Islamabad, Aug 07, 2008: The new notification of Higher Education Commission (HEC) for M. Phil and Ph.Ds scholarship has multiplied the miseries of already hard pressed public sector universities' students.

The HEC criterion for scholarship is depriving the students of their right to get higher education within the country as well as abroad. The unaffordable expanses of education forced them to quit their studies.

According to the notification a test of GRE will be necessary for admission to M. Phil/MS but this test is not helpful in the research work. "Why a student go to take such type of irrational tests who want to research in Bio, Chemistry, IR, Anthropology or Pakistan Studies," Sufian Munawar, a student of M. Phil at Qauid -i-Azam University, Islamabad, asked.

The notification has states "Before Ph.D programme, candidates will need to complete 30 credit hours out of which 24 credit hour will be reserved for course work. Completion of 30 credit hours may lead to the award of M. Phil/Ms.

The minimum Cumulative General Percentage Aggregate (CGPA) for admission in PhD should be 3.00 (preferably 3.5) out of 4.0 under the semester system or first division under annual system of examination in ms/M. Phil.

The candidates must also pass subject GRE (international) test prior to submission of PhD thesis. These are the obstacles in the way of study for the students, who already faced a lengthy procedure to get scholarship from the HEC.

"It is difficult for us to compete the HEC scholarship criteria, as we are in deploring condition, as there are lack of educational institutions in Balochistan, backwardness of the province is main hurdle in this way", Wahid Raheem, President of Balochistan Students Organization said.

Additional PhD level course work of at least 18 credit hours followed by a comprehensive examination along with thesis defence will be essential for the award of PhD degree.

Owing to lack of PhDs in the country, the PhD students have no other choice but to select again M. Phil level courses, which is amazing.

A PhD student of International Islamic University told this correspondent, "International subjective GRE is already compulsory for PhD students, while, HEC comprehensive examination condition is not understandable". He was of the view that this condition was imposed to discourage the students.

This notification stated that PhD thesis must be evaluated by at least two experts from technologically/academically advanced countries. Acceptance/publication of at least one research paper in HEC approved journal is essential for the award of PhD degree.

The PhD students depend, during their study over a supervisor, which is fully authoritative to take any serious action against these students. It is necessary for a PhD student to accept further restrictions of his supervisor, otherwise, he might be deprived of his PhD degree.

This criteria of HEC for PhD scholarship is creating unrest among the students, especially, who come from the remote areas of the country like Balochistan, Sindh, northern Punjab, FATA and FANA.

One of the HEC official told the scribe, wishing anonymity, "none of the conditions could help produce better researchers adding, I don't know why HEC is imposing model of developed countries here while we are living in a developing country and ground realities are quite different", he deplored.

When Executive Director of the HEC Dr S. Sohail H. Naqvi was contacted, he ignoring all these objections, proudly said, "M. Phil and PhD are advanced degrees for which one requires a certain level of preparation and an aptitude to start the programme". The Nation

Your Comments
"I think the condition "International subjective GRE" for PhD is meaningless. Because the student has already passed University Entry Test examination and also passed comprehensive examination for entering into PhD phase. In advanced countries this condition is instead of entry test for PhD admission. I strongly say that this is wrong to keep entry test, comprehensive plus additional condition of International GRE subject."
Name: Riaz Ahmad Khan
City, Country: Rawalpindi, Pakistan

"i want to continue my study in my related field.i want to get scholership for M.phil leading to ph.D in statistics."
Name: adnan khan
City, Country: Pakistan

"I got addmission in Mphil (CS&IT) and want to continue it at any cost, but i feel it difficult when i look to my finacial position. I want to get scholership / income support to complete my M.phil & then for further Phd. "
Name: Muhammad Attique
City, Country: Bahawalpur, Pakistan

"The inclusion of GRE International is totaly meaningless and seems to be illogical and can not implimented, as one must know that test is conduncted by ETS (Educational testing system) USA and it costs about 150 $ to be appear in. And more over if one intend to PhD in Pakistan Studies, there is no such test available at ETS for the subject Pakistan Study. So inclusion of GRE test in PhD degree criteria shows rough policy, in the higher education of pakistan. "
Name: Abdul Hanan Sheikh
City, Country: Delft, Netherlands

"please i request that finshed the gre for biological sc student b/c they week in both english and math if it is must then plan the test mostly form sc "
Name: muhammad sajid
City, Country: mansehra Pakistan

"I passed MBA (Finance) form Virrtual University of Pakistan and now I want to get admission in M Phil leading to PHD but my financial position not allowed me to think about M Phil because according tp my knowlege In Pakistan M Phil after MBA is allowed to get admission only in private sector. Any body inform me about my difficulty please."
City, Country: SHEIKHUPURA, Pakistan

"In USA, GRE is compulsory for graduate addmissions and scholarships but it is not pre-requisite for getting PhD degree. To conduct GRE for degree requirment is inappriopriate."
Name: Gohar
City, Country: Lahore

"I am studant of M.Phil in Bitechnology and Molecular biology in IBBT, UVAS Lahore. I need financial support to continue my studies. so help me to give me the Funded scholarship for my studies,thanks"
Name: Abdul wajid kakar
City, Country: Quetta Pakistan

"i want to M.phil in computer networking,have any subject of computer networking at M.Phil leve?"
Name: abid ali
City, Country: lahore,pakistan

"i complete my MSc chemistry from ajk uni.physical i am is my desier to got eduction and continous our eduction.i am very plz my help"
Name: imtiaz
City, Country: kashmir,pakistan

"i did my MBA in Marketing from IMS. I want to get admission in M.Phil.plz help me to give me the Funded scholarship for my studies,thanks"
Name: aftab iqbal
City, Country: lahore,pakistan

"I have completed my MS(CS) degree from UST,Bannu. it was my greate desire to get admission in Phd Computer Science.So i have applied for admission at International Islamic university Islamabad last year, with the blessing of Allah i have qualified the internal test arranged by the university, but due to unknown reasons i was droped from the final merit list was not given admission in the univeristy inspite of my brrilent academic qualifications as well as Very good Oral test. i dont loss my herat and applied for GRE International Subjective test by depositing $150 (Rs.12500) online.The test was scheduled to be held on 07-11-2009.On the test day i was not allowed in the Exam Centre at Dream land Motel Islamabad due to not havaing Pasport as an identity ,as i have my original Ticket issued to me for the test from the GRE USA Authorities as well as my original CNIC but inspite of these two valid identity i was not allowed to take the test.After droping me from the test they dont refund my Fee whic was Rs.12500. in short i dont loss my heart after these two accedents with me i have twice time applied for admission at University of Peshawar in the same dicipline but they also rejected me inspite of my strong research Proposals. i think the main reason is that "that i am a son of Poor parents and i have no political background and belongs from backward area BANNU GUL" if the same practice was continued than how our county make progress in the field of Education. still it is my great desire to get admission in Phd. thanks for hearing me"

"i want to get scholorship for M.phil leading to Phd in Mathematics."
Name: imran furqan
City, Country: sargodha ,pakistan

"i m working as a teacher(SST)in Govt qualification is msc i want to do mphil.plz help me that how can i continue my study"
Name: nadia tariq
City, Country: Bhakkar, pakistan

"i have recently passed my masters in English from sargodha uni.and ive got 516 out of 1000. how can i continue my studies through hec scholarship?"
Name: sanas
City, Country: Gujrat , Paki


"i want to continue my study after m.s.c in mathematics leads to m.phill.i want to apply for m.phill scholorship"
Name: naila naz
City, Country: faisalabad,pakistan

"i have some of the comments from different peoples of pakistan.thats a shok for me to see all the comments.plz one sight should be on these comments from the govt officials."
Name: Navee
City, Country:peshawar pakistan

"i am a student of M.Phil leading to PhD in university of Lahore i want to know minimum criteria and scheme of study please inform me H.E.C. requirements and role and regulation for M.Phil leading to PhD in biochemistry."
Name: tahir haidry
City, Country: pattoki

"i have completed msc in iiui 2011 in msc math and i need scholarship for m phil in math."
Name: hafiz atif
City, Country:islamabad,pakistan

"i have done MBA in Finance i am fond of studies but because of financial problem i can not continue my studies in Multan there is no facility of M.phil in Multan i just requested You please help me out to continue my studies"
Name: Sana Ansari
City, Country:Multan,Pakistan

"i m doing m.phill i want some financial help i want scholarship from hec"
Name: zahid hussain
City, Country:vehari

"sir recently i have completed my bs hons in fisheries and 10 july 2012 i want to get a scholarship for M,phill, i have cgpa 3.41 cell ****"
Name: irfan khan
City, Country:lahore, PAKISTAN

"I acquired admission in Ph.D (Electrical Engineering) in 2007. Now I have completed course work for PhD. Is it necessary to appear in comprehensive examination for 2007 session? What score should be acquired for qualifying that exam?"
Name: amir sattar
City, Country:Lahore, Pakistan

"bakwas hai yr. these people are just making the education very expensive for us who belongs from middle class. they dont want to compete with us. come one HEC give us a chance to prove our self bot use these meaningless restriction to stop students plzzzz..if someone wants to study then allow him and give him his right"
Name: mohsin
City, Country: gujrat

"i need a scholarship for m.Phil plz help me."
Name: imran khan
City, Country:lower dir, pakistan

"i have complete my Msc in mathematic with 57 percent marks and also M.ed.i have passed GAT test also.i want to do M.phill abroad or wihin a countryu.plz any body help me in an suitable university"
Name: farooq sohail
City, Country:kharian,pakistan

"I have done in psychology and wanted to apply for m,phil in psychology through hec.Please help me out"
Name: mehak
City, Country:Peshawar Pakistan

"MBA Marketing from Bahria University,Asstant Manager in Masood Textile Mills from 5 Years."
Name: Kashif Munir
City, Country: Faisalabad,Pakistan

"AOA i have complete my BA(hon) degree from IIU Islamabad .now i want to complete my Mphil leading to Phd wd scholarship."
Name: imrankhan
City, Country:peshawar

"i have done my M.Phil. in education from Hamdard University with a splendid GPA. Now, i apply for the HEC scholarship to obtain Ph.D Degree from UK or Australia."
Name: muhabat khan
City, Country:upper dir, pakistan

"i get 3 cgpa, for me what is the requirement of getting admission in ph.d candidate who get less than 3.5 GPA are they not allowed for ph.d"
Name: Anwar shah
City, Country:peshawar

"i want to continue my study after m.s.c in chemistry leads to m.phill.i want to apply for m.phill scholorship"
Name: zobia irshad
City, Country:lahore

"i m SST teacher in a Govt school.i hv done master in political science and Education.i hv passed GAT i want to apply for M.Phil scholarship.kindly guide me.thanks"
Name: Romana
City, Country: malakand

"i want to continue my study after m.a in pakistan studies leads to m.phill.i want to apply for m.phill scholorship"
Name: alia fatima
City, Country:gilgit baltistan,pakistan

"I want to continue the study in Master of science to lead to M.Phil"
Name: Hazrat bilal
City, Country:peshawar.pakistan

"I am willing to apply for PHD program in business administration i did master in business administration and this is equal to MS Degree but i have not conducted research work so please guide me that it is possible that i got admission in PHD with out theses or research work and i have got i want to know about that who can i apply for PHD program in this university please guide me. Thanks...."
Name: Ahmed Mustafa
City, Country:peshawar.pakistan

"i have done MSC CHEMISTRY i want to get foreign scholarship for m.phil leading to phd plz give me this great opertunity to continue my higher studies thank u"
Name: sadaf noreen
City, Country:gujranwala

"I have done M.Sc inorganic chemistry, now I want to get mphil leading to phd scholarship, so plz give me this opportunity."
Name: johar ali
City, Country:charsadda, pakistan

"i have passed Mphil in statistics from BZU multan and got 2.97 CGPA. Now i want to get admission in Phd. How i improve my CGPA in mphil to get admission in Phd?"
Name: Muhammad Yousaf Khan
City, Country:Bahawalnagar,Pakistan

"i have completed my math. i want to get HEC scholarship for m.phil leading to phd in abroad."
Name: nayla noreen
City, Country: ccw pakistan

"AOA my name is zagham Ashraf ive completed my Bachelors in education recently. help Me to Get scholarship, as i Have a superb academic record..."
Name: Zagham Ashraf
City, Country: Muzaffarabad Azad kashmir Pakistan

"I passed my M.A. English in 2014. so, now i want to do m.fill in englilsh; please provide me this opportunity ... stayed bless"
Name: saba naz
City, Country: Sheikhupura

"I want to do m.phill in chemistry in any abroad country but due to my finanacial conditaionz i cant carried out plz hlp me give me guide line"
Name:robeena awais
City, Country:gujrat,pakistan

"I wanna do M.Phil on scholarship base in any abroad university"
Name: M.Akbar
City, Country: multan, PAK

"I want to do M.phill in finance with sochlarship."
Name: Anis ulhaq
City, Country: Faisalabad, Pakistan

"I am doing my ms.c thesis . i want scholarship for M.Phil."
Name: Raheela Saleem
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

"I have done my physics from Peshawar universty in A grade. Now I am unable to continue my studies due to financial crisis. I am very interested to take admission in mphill physics any where abroad ir within the country on scholership. Plz help me in this regard. Will thankfull alwaysss."
Name: Rashid ul haq
City, Country: swat kpk, Pakistan

"I have done m.phil from pu lahore securing 3.08cgpa i want to get admision in phd on scholarship. M I eligible for scholership if yes then how can i apply nd in whome uni?"
Name: Asif Riza
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

"I did MS from international islamc university islamabad, is MS is equal to M.Phil.?"
Name: Imran
City, Country: Bahawalpur, Pakistan

"Sir, recently i have complete maths from peshawar university. I want to continue my education in m.phl maths, but my family cant support me. I need a scholarship to continue my higher eduction. Thanks?"
Name: Muhammad ihsan khan
City, Country: Peshawar, Pakistan

"I have done MSC Statistics, i want to get foreign scholarship for m.phil leading to phd plz give me this great opertunity to continue my higher studies thank u?"
Name: Arif Jamil
City, Country: Khanpur(punjab), Pakistan

"I have passed Mphil in statistics from GCU and got 2.99 CGPA. Now i want to get admission in Phd. How i improve my CGPA in mphil to get admission in Phd?"
Name: Qurratulain
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

"I have passed BSC(Hons) Audiology from QUAID-E-AZAM medical college. I want to get admissin in M.Phill hearing sciences in isra uni islamabad thr scholarship. Plz?"
Name: Kanwal shahzadi
City, Country: bahawalpur, Pakistan

"I have done statistics and my cgpa is 2.49 how can i get admission in m.phil with this cgpa?"
Name: Aisha
City, Country: Fasilabad

"I have complete the master degree in statistics, i want to admission in m.phil but i have financial problems a lot. I needed scholarsips?"
Name: Rahmat khan
City, Country: Kohat, Pakistan

"I have complete the master degree in statistics, i want to admission in m.phil but i have financial problems a lot. I needed scholarsips?"
Name: Muhammad kashif
City, Country: Bannu

"I want to continue my study in my related field math plz inform me about scholarship?"
Name: Imran ali
City, Country: Lhr, Pakistan

"I am searching M.phill P.hD ON BASIS of scholor ships because i belong to apoor family and i want to continuou higher education. Some one help me?"
Name: Saeed ur Rahman
City, Country: Fata, Pakistan

"I have done my Msc. in biochemistry from bahauddin zakariya University multan with a splendid GPA. Now, i apply for the HEC scholarship to obtain m.phill Degree from UK or Australia.?"
Name: Nayab sami
City, Country: Multan

"I have got master degree in physics, I am a lecture in physics. I want to continue our study in the field of physics pls help me and informe me?"
Name: Muhammad Arif
City, Country: Karachi

"I Have passed my M.Phil with 3.66 CGPA now i want to get admission in PhD on fully funded scholarship kindly tell me how i can get the national or international scholarships"
Name: Imran Hussain Shah
City, Country: Islamabad, Pakistan

"I want to get international scholarship for m.phil in physical chemistry plz help me?"
Name: Nazish
City, Country: Rawalakot ajk

"I have done M. Com (Master in Commerce) from Islamia University of Bahawalpur with 3.25 CGPA. I want to get admission in M Phil Commerce on scholorship in china.?"
Name: Nasir Khan
City, Country: Bahawalpur, Pakistan

"I am student of M.phil Education from University of Punjab. I have completed my course work and i want scholarship to continue my m.phil. I am a student and want scholarship.?"
Name: Mehwish gull
City, Country: Lahore

"I have passed BS (chemistry), and I got 3.15/4 CGPA. I want to carry on my study and I need admission in Physical chemistry, kindly helpful to me for admission in m.phil. I have financial problems a lot. I needed scholarsips?"
Name: Inam Ullah
City, Country: D.G.Khan, Pakistan

"I have done MSc in organic chemistry and want to do M.Phil. and then PhD but I have financial problem please help me in doing this?"
Name: Muhammad Ishaq
City, Country: Karak, kpk, Pakistan

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RBISE announces schedule, fee structure
Rawalpindi: Intermediate and Secondary Education Board has announced the fee schedule for the matriculation supplementary exams.

According to details, composite fee for the regular students of Arts Group would be Rs620 while for private students, it would be Rs680.

For high classes (10th II), the regular students will pay Rs320 and private students Rs350. Science Group Composite regulars will pay Rs720 and privates will pay Rs780.

For Class 10th II regular, the regular candidates will pay Rs370 and private Rs400. Regular students of General Group with practical composite will pay Rs720 and private Rs780.

Single fee can be submitted till August 18 while submission of double fee can be till August 25. Fee with triple charges can be submitted till August 30 and after that, Rs200 fine will be charged each day.

The education board spokesman informed that supplementary exams would start from September 13 and date sheets would be issued in the first week of September. The News

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University, colleges in Quetta closed
Quetta: The provincial government ordered closure of the Balochistan University and all colleges in the city for three days after three student organisations clashed on Wednesday.

At least 21 students were injured in clashes between members of the Baloch Students Organisation-Azad (BSO-Azad), Pakhtunkhwa Students Organisation (PSO) and Pakhtun Students Federation (PkSF) in the university and the Government Degree College.

Six of the injured were admitted to hospital.

The Balochistan University and the provincial education department on Wednesday night announced that the university and colleges in Quetta would remain closed from Aug 7. The university will reopen on Aug 11 and the colleges on Aug 12.

The student organisations blamed each other for the clashes.

Members of the PSO held a demonstration outside the press club in protest against what they called the attack by members of the BSO-Azad. They accused the BSO-Azad of trying to create rifts between Baloch and Pakhtun students.

Members of the PkSF blocked a road near the Government Science College and burnt tyres in protest against the attack on their members in the university.

They claimed that 10 members of their organisation were injured. The protesters raised slogans against the BSO-Azad and urged the government to arrest the culprits. Dawn

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HEC publishes 2 books
Islamabad: Higher Education Commission (HEC) has recently published two books under its Monograph and Textbook Writing Scheme.

The first book entitled 'Skimming Wells: Current Practices and Guidelines for Improving

Design and Operation' is written by Dr Muhammad Mazhar

Saeed. The scope of the monograph is limited to the hydro-geological environment in the Indus Basin.

Existing groundwater extraction practices and techniques have been discussed with reference to their use for extracting groundwater for irrigation purposes.

The guidelines presented in this monograph are site specific. It introduces the irrigation system in the Indus Basin with a description of hydrogeology of the aquifer under the Indus

Basin and the rationale of the problem.

Various options and techniques being applied to extract freshwater layer over the saline groundwater in the Indus Basin have also been discussed besides critically reviewing the studies conducted in Pakistan using these options.

The monograph also includes a comprehensive research study conducted in the Indus Basin to investigate the existing farmer practices to extract groundwater and to monitor the hydraulic and hydro-salinity behaviour of skimming wells under different pumping regimes. Furthermore, it describes the factors affecting the design and operation of skimming wells and their interdependence on each other.

The second book entitled 'Development and Standardisation of Psychological Tests in Pakistan' is written by Prof Dr Mahnazir Riaz, Dean Faculty of Social Sciences, Frontier Women University, Peshawar.

The textbook presents a comprehensive, modern and indigenous account of psychometric theory and practice, various types of psychological tests, applied psychological testing and practical application of psychometric theory in psychology and education as well as in vocational, occupational and clinical fields.

The book presents the text in an easy way even for those students who do not have a background in Mathematics.

Major topics covered in the book include General Principles of Test Construction, Essay Type Tests, Constructing Personally Test: Constructing Scales for Assessment of Affective Variables, Evaluation of Tests and their Validity, Item Analysis and Standardisation of Tests.

These books can be purchased online through ( The News

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