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University of Karachi (KU) PhD and M.Phil. Degrees

BASR awards eight PhDs
Karachi, Aug 13, 2008: Prof Rais Alvi, Registrar, University of Karachi (KU) has announced that the Board of Advanced Studies and Research (BASR) has awarded eight PhD and one M.Phil. Degrees in various disciplines. Sumiyya Siddiqui has been awarded an M.Phil degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Abdul Hameed (Biotechnology, KIBGE), Muhammad Hanif (Microbiology), Muhammad Shahid Queshi (Space and Planetary Astrophysics), Muhammad Hamid Kamal (Urdu), Bashir Ali Qureshi (Islamic Learning), Amjad Pervaiz (Zoology), Muhammadi (Genetics) and Saubia Ramzan (Public Administration) received their PhD degrees. The News

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Students accuse Bahria Foundation College principal of corporal punishment
Sanghar: Two students of the Bahria Foundation College were severely thrashed by the Principal for not keeping their hair in accordance to the institution's code.

The two 2nd Year students, Saif Rasheed s/o Dr Rashid and Masood Mehmood s/o of Mehmood told reporters that on Monday they were summoned by Mr Anwar, the PTI and Coordinator (son of the principal) Shafqat Rasool Janjua.

They reprimanded the boys of their unkempt hair and called the barber for trimming. The boys pleaded to get their hair cut from a saloon as the school barber was using the same blade for everyone which enraged the Coordinator and the PTI. The two boys were called to the office one by one where the principal caned them black and blue. At one point, Saif nearly collapsed as he was incessantly being hit by the principal. They were then confined to a room and allowed to go home after school.

Their fathers' took them to the Civil Hospital where doctors confirmed the injuries to have been caused by hard and blunt weapon.

Principal, Commander (rtd) Shafaat Rasool Janjua when contacted denied hitting the boys rather told reporters that the two students were not in uniform and had untidy hair and refused to follow dress code when asked by their class teacher. Subsequently, the two boys were turned out of the school.

Female teachers of the Bahria Foundation College boycotted classes on Tuesday against the attitude of Principal Commander (rtd) Shafaat Rasool Janjua and his son Shafqatxxvyx Rasool Janjua.

They alleged the principal of verbally abusing female teachers in front of students. They specifically mentioned the insulting attitude of Coordinator. The boycott had nothing to do with the beating of boys. Dawn

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Students at 2 poor DHA schools battle inflation too
Karachi: Defence Housing Authority (DHA) has revised up the fee structure of two schools that cater to very poor children in order to pay its teachers more. The only problem is that the increase is being passed on to the students whose families are not happy.

DHA Phase I's Tooba Masjid School fee was revised from Rs 300 to Rs 900. "The newly appointed DHA Director of Education Brig (retd) Iftikhar Arshad issued circulars to the two schools under the jurisdiction of Cantonment Board Clifton," said Muneer Ahmad Advocate, who is the president of the Hazara Qaumi Ittehad and a resident of the area whose nephews and nieces study there. The other school is Neelum High School in Gizri. "The children enrolled at these schools come from very poor families and are likely to drop out," he said, adding that the kindergarten children are most likely to be affected.

Up to 900 students are enrolled at Tooba Masjid School where girls study till Matric and boys till the fifth grade. Neelum High School has around 750 students. "On one hand the government announces that it will give free education to children and on the other hand it does this to students from poor families," said Fatima, a Tooba student. She said that her father was considering pulling her out because of inflation and the recent increase in the school fee.

Another student, who was too afraid to give her name, said that they used to get a Rs 150 stipend or scholarship that was adjusted in their tuition but that had stopped.

We contacted DHA Director Education Brig. (retd) Iftikhar Arshad to verify if this had indeed taken place. He said that the actual increase was not 200 percent but Rs 250. "The fee was increased from Rs 650 to Rs 900," he said. "And that is a reasonable increase." He also said that the schools were not under trustees but came under DHA.

He explained that they increased the fees because they increased the salaries of teachers and staff by 20 percent. They used to collect fees under separate heads such as tuition, laboratory and miscellaneous charges, which have all been put on one fee card now. He said there was a concession program for students who came from a very poor or low income background. Single parent families were also treated differently. However, there was no concession for students who came from well-to-do families. "I have told everyone that there would be concessions for the needy and deserving students," he said, adding that some donors have stepped in and the money would soon be distributed after the principal identified them.

We spoke to the people managing the school but they declined to comment as they felt the DHA authorities were better placed to give a statement. Daily Times

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