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APMSO-IJT clash at Karachi University, four dead, KU closed

Three students and a watchman killed, KU closed for 2 days
Karachi, Aug 27, 2008: Two workers of the Islami Jamiat-e-Taliba (IJT), one worker of the All Pakistan Muttahida Students Organization (APMSO) and a watchman of the University of Karachi (KU) were killed and nearly a dozen were injured on Tuesday in firing between rival groups at KU).

The administration of KU announced that the main university campus will remained closed for two days on Wednesday and Thursday, following the disturbed law and order situation. In the meanwhile, the Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) have taken more than three dozen students into custody within the university premises.

"The motive for the clash between IJT and APMSO workers is still unknown," East Zone DIG A.D. Khawaja informed, adding that the rangers have administrative control of the campus.

The deceased are two IJT workers, Osama bin Adam, 21, who was also the IJT information secretary at KU, and Abdul Jabbar, 25, and one APMSO worker, Ramesh, 22. The five injured from IJT are Maad Farooqui, Qasim, Tariq, Javed and Faisal while four APMSO workers injured are Kumail, Nauman, Kashif and Ali Asad. The victims were taken to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center (JPMC) and private hospitals.

"Osama and Abdul Jabbar were killed by the firing of the rival group," claimed Furqan, a spokesman for the IJT, adding that the deceased were students and were sitting at the Arts Lobby. Tension has prevailed since Tuesday morning when APMSO and IJT workers exchanged strong words, Furqan added.

On the contrary, Nadeem Ahmed, an APMSO official said that the situation at KU has been tense for the last fifteen days. The tension was caused by the rival group and the APMSO had to cancel a 'peace walk' on August 19. Ahmed added that some members of the rival group beat APMSO workers but the matter was solved while the management was informed. Ramesh, a resident of Kausar Colony, Malir, was a student in the IT department. "Firing by rival group members killed and injured our workers," claimed Ahmed.

According to university sources, angry students injured members of the KU administration. KU Student Adviser Nusrat Idress and other members of the student advisory committee, including Dr Saleem Shahzad and Sadiq Ali of the computer sciences department, were beaten up by students.

Sources added that heavy firing went on for nearly 20 to 30 minutes between the two groups. Sources said that the second phase of the clash started in and around the computer sciences and public administration departments in the presence of rangers.

The administration, with the help of the rangers, rescued trapped students, employees and teachers during the clash while the rangers pulled out the miscreants from the campus. However, the fighting continued outside the campus.

The indiscriminate firing around the computer sciences and public administration departments started during the evening shift, although things had been tense since morning. Tension has built up at the university since the incomplete students' week, scheduled from August 15 to August 20.

Despite the KU announcement of a two-day holiday, the chances of a clash between the said outfits cannot be ignored in other educational institutions of the city. The rival group members kept up the firing at a private hospital in Gulistan-e-Jauhar and at the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, when the victims were shifted to these hospitals. A motorcycle was set on fire while passing vehicles were pelted with stones, according to reports. "An IJT worker, an APMSO worker and a watchman named Abdul Raheem of KU Admin dept have been confirmed killed while the death of another IJT worker is still a mystery," said CCPO Waseem Ahmed.

APP adds: Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ebad Khan has expressed grief over the death of a student and injuries to others at Karachi University on Tuesday and issued directives to the authorities to bring the accused to book immediately.

Receiving information about the incident, PPP Co-Chairperson Asif Ali Zardari contacted Governor Khan and expressed his condolence over the death of a student.

Taking strict notice of the situation, the governor directed police and rangers to bring the terrorist elements to book by all means.

He made it clear that peace and the academic environment at educational institutions will not be marred under any circumstances. Daily Times

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Is the KU administration tilting towards one party?
Karachi: Tuesday evening's bloodbath at the University of Karachi (KU) has saddened people and raised many questions that have to be answered by the university administration. Their tilt towards a particular students organisation has, meanwhile, become an open secret.

Moreover, the administration claims that it wants the Rangers to stay in the campus to protect them from the students. If this was the case, how could four students be dead while the Rangers stood by as silent spectators? The Rangers have shown their might only by beating up teachers, including women, and students.

Parents and other stakeholders are wary of the administration that is highly politicised. Academic features of the university are in a shambles, with officials, who are senior professors, more concerned about their posts and the perks they get. Some of them have even switched loyalties to get maximum advantage from the ruling clique. They go on supporting certain student organisations to the disappointment of other students. This is adversely affecting not only the peaceful environment of the university but is also contributing to the continuous decline in educational standards.

The parents and students are looking for teachers, especially high officials, who could be counted as friends of the university. They seek people such as former KU vice-chancellors (VC), Prof. A.B.A. Haleem, Dr Ishtiaque Hussain Quraishi, Dr Hashmi and Dr Mahmood Hussain. The way things stand at the moment, however, pursuits of these former VCs unfortunately go unfulfilled.

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KU: where it stands today
Karachi: Large classes with an average of 60 students to every teacher have become the hallmark of the University of Karachi (KU), the biggest university in Pakistan.

"It has become a government department," lamented a senior professor in the Arts faculty. He complained that teachers enjoy the perks of the job, collect salaries, and often do not take their first class. "Non-teaching staff do not reach their offices before 9.30 am," he said.

KU was established in 1951 and housed in a few dilapidated buildings in a congested area of Karachi before being shifted to the present campus spread over an area of 1,200 acres in 1960. From 1951 to 1975, Vice-Chancellors (VCs) Abubakr Ahmed Haleem, Professor Bashir Ahmed Hashmi, Dr Ishtiaq Hussain Quraishi, and Dr Mahmud Hussain enabled this centre of learning to turn into what became to known as one of the leading universities in the sub-continent.

Today the university has over 22,000 students and more than 500 teachers. However, the standard of education is no longer what it was, which people have blamed on a variety of reasons. The hiring of cooperative teachers is one of them. Dr Abid Hasnain, secretary of the Karachi University Teachers Society (KUTS), feels the process is a sham. "I know of several cases where a candidate with a first-class academic career was not considered, while others with ordinary academic credentials were selected," he said.

Cooperative teachers are selected by the chairperson of the department concerned and two senior professors. They have a renewable contract lasting for six months. The university also advertises for lecturers, assistant professors, associate professors and professors. Lecturers and assistant professors are selected by a board comprising the VC, two members of the KU Syndicate, a nominee of the Higher Education Commission (HEC), chairperson of the department concerned, and two subject specialists.

The requirements for associate professors are a PhD, a minimum of 10 years of experience, and eight research papers published in national or international journals. For a professor, the requirements are a PhD, 15 years of experience, and the publication of 15 research papers. The files for the associate professors and professors are sent to foreign referees for approval before the appointment is finalised. The HEC only recently introduced the PhD requirements.

Teachers are promoted via selection boards in the university, although the process allegedly makes room for personal likes and dislikes. They are now paid higher salaries than in the past. A lecturer is placed in grade 18, an assistant professor in grade 19, associate professor in grade 20, and a professor is in grade 21. Many teachers prefer to take classes in the evening programme, as these are relatively highly paid. Many also teach at private universities where, unlike at KU, they must be punctual.

The admissions process goes through the Admission Committee constituted by the KU Academic Council. The Committee has a convener, usually the dean of a faculty, Director of Admissions, 10 to 12 members from different departments. The number of seats in every class is decided by the department concerned. The number of students applying is always higher, as many who cannot afford private universities opt for KU.

Pro Vice-Chancellor Dr Akhlaq Ahmed refuted the idea that the university is producing graduates who are unable to get the jobs. He pointed out that the graduates of the departments of Applied Chemistry, Food Science, Technology, Physiology, Pharmacy, among others, are sought after by industries. Ahmed acknowledged that some social sciences departments are not quite job-oriented but stressed the importance of subjects such as literature and philosophy. "We have to teach the disciplines that might not be money-getters but are important for the society. It is the duty of society and the government to open job vistas for such graduates," he said.

Dr Shahana Urooj Kazmi, dean of the faculty of science, also rejected the idea that KU graduates find it difficult to land jobs. She listed several departments where graduates got attractive job offers, such as Economics, English, Mass Communication, Sociology and International Relations, and Business Administration and Public Administration and Human Resource Management in the faculty of management sciences. The News

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"University of Karachi is being controlled by APMSO,a ********* group owned by MQM.Every Now and Then,it happens that *** Activists enter University with arms from different Gulshan,Johar,Maskan Units,SirSyed,Aligarh,KU,NED Campuses and kill mercilessly innocent students of the University who do not agree with them... Moreover,Rangers do nothing to control the situation... I personally knew Osama bin Adam,he was an intelligent student of Department of Computer Science studying in last Semester having 3.4 CGPA and was also a position holder at intermediate Examination,Thatha... He was a very good individual both in academics,Character-wise,Religion-wise and what not? But these ***** terrorists have killed him and so many students like him... Note: The teachers who claimed that they were beaten are liars and every body at University knows that they support *****,For Eg,Dr.Sadiq Ali Khan at Computer Science,a teacher good for nothing... Now,what should be done is to ensure that no armed individual ever enter frisking Maskan,Silver Jubilee and other gates of the University.."
Name: Uknown
City, Country: Karachi, Pakistan

"It is v v v unjustified that KU administration is supporting ********** of MQM and Zardari expressed his condolence only over the death of a MQM student and showed no concern with killed students of IJT."
Name: saqib rauf
City, Country: rawalpindi, Pakistan

"Its always IJT that starts a conflict.... theyve got issues with everything !! im not in favour of APMSO but still IJT starts it all... ALWAYS !!! I being a student of KU ... have seen it many times... they work as ******..."
Name: Saadia
City, Country: Karachi, Pakistan

"some one has mentioned details about Osama(one of the victim-IJT Group). well even i know him. he was a good fellow but there has been always a problem with IJT in KU. KU IJT unit is nothing all they have are just their terror students from GCT and nothing more. i personally know one thing related to DPA dept. IJT was enforcing some of his college top terror students to take admission in DPA. The only reason was the increasing strength of APMSO in DCS. IJT always want to ping for nothing..!! They had ping last year on WHITE DAY of APMSO. and most of all IJT talk about JIHAD, is this JIHAD that you are fighting for your political and social issues!! this is ********!"
Name: Ex Computer Science Student
City, Country: Karachi, Pakistan

"I totally agree with above comments of Saadia, IJT always have problems at every event just like they did in previous white day celebrations as IJT were having their program at 11th september but the cancelled their program at 11th september and did their program at 12th september as they knew that APMSO has to celebrate white day at 12th september 2007, and a clash occured that day, similarly this year when APMSO wanted to celebrate white day, IJT threaten APMSO and just bcoz of avoiding clash APMSO cancelled their white day celebration but IJT still wanted to pick up a raw with APMSO and they did so...."
Name: Kashif
City, Country: Karachi, Pakistan

"This is really sad. This will not end here only; would lead to clashes in other institutions throughout Karachi. Since the new session is starting, clashes are expected in this phase as the student org. wants to demonstrate their so called POWER. The Question is "How did they manage to bring such Quantity of Ammunition within KU premises? "
Name: Nabeel Mirza
City, Country: DUBAI, UAE

"It was May 2008, one of my office colleagues couldn't submitted his LLB examination form due to his job and family problems and the last date has passed. My friend visited his college and KU, requested the officials to accept his form with late fees. He explained the problem to them and even begged them to save his year. Some of them simply refused him and some referred him to here and there. He was very sad as he belongs to a very backward of area of Sindh, shifted to Karachi alone and has to work very hard to get education and now he was loosing his year. I personally met a high officials of KU and requested him to help my friend in order to save a young mans passion for education, but I failed. My friend was really really disappointed and asked me as is this the way we want to raise the level of education in Pakistan? Was it that difficult issue that couldn't be solved? At this stage he decided not to continue his education. With sad faces and heavy hearts we came out of the varsity's admin block. In front of Admin building , We saw a few students gathered under a tree. The boys were holding some forms type of documents. We moved to the boys assuming them with the same problem. I: Assalam u Alaikum Boys: Walaikum us Salam I: " Kiaa aap ke forms bhi jama nahi huaey ?" (Do you guys also haven't submitted your forms?) " Jee Nahi" (No). "Aap ka koi Masla aey " (Do you have any problem?) A boy, wearing a khaddar Shalwar Qameez and Balochi Chappal, politely asked me. " Jee, mera LLB ka form jama nahi hosaka haey , maen job ke silsilay maey shehr se bahar tha" (I couldn't submitted my LLB form as I was out of city for my job) My friend explained "Jabbar Bhai "said the boy "In bhai ka masla dekhen or administration jaa kar hul karen" (brother Jabbar, Please solve this matter) and he gave my friends form to a naive faced young boy. " Nauman Bhai, esay or buhi buhat se students aaen haen mukhtalif colleges saey . Maen ne administration maey baat ki , lekin woh masla hul nahi kar paa rahay, or kul LLB ka pehla paper haey " ( Brother Nauman, There are many other students approaching from various colleges but the University administration is still unable to solve the issue and the first paper will be tomorrow) Jabbar told Nauman. " Jabbar Bhai , aaen meray saaath Vice Chancellor ke pas" (Brother Jabbar, come with me let us talk to VC) Nauman asked Jabbar and they both stepped towards Admin Block "Huh.".my friend astonished " Kia yeh aap ke jaan ne waale haen jo yeh haari khatir VC ke paas jaa rahaey hae n" (Are these guys your friends as they are approaching VC on our issue) " Naheen yaar, shayed yeh hum se paesay maangen s kaam ke" Not really, I really don't know, wo they are. May be hey ask some money to solve your issue" I said We were waitig for them to come under the tree...... after fifteen minutes they returned and said" Bhai hum ne VC se bat kake aap ka or deegar students ka masla hul karwa dia haey, Alhamdulillah. Aap log pesay kitnay laey haen " (Brothers, we talked the VC and your issue has been resolved. How much money you have with you?) I saw towards my friends face, I clearly notice tears in his eyes. He asked the boys as how much money they want? " Aap kitne pesay len gaey " I really bad in this situation. I personally hate bribery but we can not loose this last chance . " Hum????? Muhtaram, hamen aap se koi pesay nahi lenay. Kiaa aap late fee saath lae haey ya nahi? agar nahi to bataen" (Dear, we don't need any money from you, I just want to know as if you dont have late fee, so we can arrange for you) "Buhat Shukria".." My friends face brightened with the light of happiness...His eyes filled with he tears again but now of thankfulness. We hand Shacked with Nauman and Jabbar and returned to our homes happily. AND TODAY I RECEIVED THESE PICTURES OF JABBAR AND USAMA and THE FILM OF THAT MAY DAY STARTED RUNNING ON MY MINDS SCREEN. I CALLED N OF MY OLD FRIEND WHO IS A TEACHER AT KU AND ASKED HIM ABOUT THE INCIDENT. Accordng to the teachers "usama and jabbar arranged mushaira, taleem e balighan stags show , and neelam ghur type of intresting and healthy extra curricular activities from bazm e adabs platform just a week ago. Both were best known for their fellow students welfare and even good in their own academics. Both belong to poor families, one from a small town of thatta (sindh) and the other from mango pir (a poor area of karachi). Their class fellow respects them due to their good nature and clean characters. Their female class fellows remember them a strong support in maintaining a respectful environment for female students in ku." "But who killed them and why?" I asked that teacher. " Those who killed 5 students last year in he same days in a mini bus at KUs silver Jubilee gate, Those who killed Hakeem Saeed, Salahuddin Sb, Allama Hassan Turrabi, , Mufti Shamezai, Saleem Qadri, Aslam Mujahid, Yousuf Ludhyanvi, Munawwar Suharwardi, Abdulah Muraad, Abbas Qadri, Azim Ahmed Taariq, Badar Iqbal, Tariq Khan, Zuhaer Akram, those who killed dozens of innocents on 12 May 2004, 12 May 207, Burnt Lawyers in their cambers on 9 April 2008. Those who started COPY CULTURE and destroyed the education in Karachi , Those who killed Army, Police ad rangers men. Those who terrified the businessmen and the investors by collecting BHATTA, those who established Torture cells." Those who always support dictators from Zia to Musharraf. Those who are enjoying the cold Days and Nights on London burning Karachi since last 2 decades. SOCHO.....JAAGO."
Name: Shahszad
City, Country: Islamabad, Pakistan

"I advice to all my friends that not to indulge theirselfs into any kind of such activites that cause harmful affect to theirself or to others because we all are here to study for our contry our parents and our self.. may GOD HELP ALL OF US AND OUR DEAR HOMELAND AMEEEN."
Name: Azeem
City, Country: Pakistan

"I read all masege of above mentioned friend. every one is write good comments but enough is enough. we are student not politicen and its not our work we involved in politics because we we are student our and our parents metion is geting good educatoin. our young three student is killed you know his mother and sister is waiting his home that my son is came and get to gether in lunch. you belive it i write this para then tire drop in my eyes. shame on our politicen these are meet in assambly cafataria and nothing beat , so why we are beating, being a muslim both student politicen. one of other news some teachers are also beat in this sotuation it is totaly uneducationaly seen Hazrat ali says that " Jis nayin muja ik lafz bi sikh dia wo mara usatd ha" And Hazarat Muhammad s.a.w says that" man bap ka bad sub sa ala rutba Ustad ka ha". and we beat him............. Allah help us and our Nation (Ameen)."
Name: Maqsood
City, Country: Karachi, Pakistan

"dis is fact dat ijt always pin in every program of A.P.M.S.O. Har baar A.P.M.S.O. hi compromise karti he aur ye loug har baar panga karte hen islam k naam pe politics khelte hen. ijt ka koi bhi program ho to A.P.M.S.O. kch nahi kerti lkn A.P.M.S.O. jab bhi koi program karti he to ijt waale panga karne puhanch jate hen. jalte hen saale A.P.M.S.O. ki tarraqi se. i request to all jamatees k A.P.M.S.O. se jalna chore do aur apne ander aisi baat paida karo k loug tmhari taraf aaen. Allah ka shukar he k zada tar students A.P.M.S.O. ko support karte hen kyunk ye loug fazool me kisi se panga nahi karte."
Name: Fakhar Abbas
City, Country: Karachi, Pakistan

"Jamatis ***** may rahain..yeh Acha hai un kay liyeh..Jaan lain Keh ab Karachi main AP say ****** karna, bohot bura ho ga ... coz ab toAltaf Zardari Bhai Bhai."
Name: Nabeel
City, Country: DUBAI, UAE

"I have read all the comments of students, reallted to two political groups, i am my self realated to PPPP, and i am sindhi too. i am not student of KU, but i have my friends their, and even i know all the suiations of KU. APMSO or IJT, no one is perfect, i have been listen from the students that lots of peoples in IJT those have always been want to interfair in the matters/programs of APMSO, but APMSO is not well infact there are lot of peopes in APMSO those are really taken benefit of Power, well if i compare, APMSO is bit good then IJT. But i want to say one thing to all that.. in KU last clash.. You all students, have you ever thing, that for what you are fighting for, Sindhi, urdu, pathan. aik insan ka katal pori insanyat ka katal.. we are saying we all are muslims. but we are not true muslim, at the time we are kiling a boy who is the brother son of some one.. Shame on all Peoples. Wahy Allah has said that : Gusa haram hay.. what you people think that you are breave.. nooooo tum sab ham sab kayar hain.. TT pistol aik bachy ko dedo to wo bhe tum jese pata nahe kitno ko gira kay rakh day ga.. To phir bahaduri kesi ... chor do yay sab kuch.. Plz q k tum khud kisi k bety ho..."
Name: Tasawaur
City, Country: Karachi, Pakistan

"I read all message of above mentioned. Me sirf itna kehna chata hoo k taali dono haato se bhajti hai ."
Name: waqar khan
City, Country: Karachi, Pakistan

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