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Over 7,000 schools not registered in Karachi

Over 7,000 schools not registered
Karachi, Aug 19, 2008: There are as many as 7,000 unregistered private schools operating in the city. Most of these schools are established on a purely commercial basis without fulfilling the standard requirements of running a school, it is learnt.

According to official sources, apart from these unregistered schools, there are around 9,000 private schools in the city duly registered with the relevant authorities.

Apart from the mushroom growth of unregistered private schools, the trend of establishing schools in the residential areas also continues unchecked causing innumerable problems to the residents of those areas where these schools are functioning.

According to the officials of the Sindh education department's directorate of Registration and Inspection of Private Institutions (DR&IPI), there are in all 11,865 registered private schools throughout the province and of them 73 per cent are situated in Karachi, 12 per cent in Hyderabad while the remaining are located in other parts of the province.

There are two different organisations which have been assigned the task of registering private schools i.e. the provincial government's education department's directorate of registration and inspection of private institutions (DR&IPIs) and the offices of the executive district officers (EDOs). All private schools starting from Montessori to the elementary level are registered with the offices of EDOs while all the schools up to Matric, O' Level and degree levels are registered with the DR&IPI.

When the provincial director of registration and inspection of private institutions, Mansoob Hussain Siddiqui, was asked about the measures being taken by the government to check the mushroom growth of unregistered private schools, he said that the directorate's inspection teams, which would be visiting private schools from Aug 19 to check as to whether they were charging the approved tuition and admission fees from its students, would also ensure that the managements of such schools had got their schools registered with the directorate.

He said that it had been a common practice on the part of private schools that they after getting one of their schools registered with the directorate started opening other branches by 'unlawfully' using the same registration number.

Responding to another query, he said that the inspection teams of the directorate would, however, ensure that no private school kept on fleecing parents by charging exorbitant tuition and admission fees.

Asked as to how much a private school could increase its fee annually, he said that they were allowed to increase tuition fee only by five per cent per annum at the start of a new academic year but it was mandatory upon them to get a prior written permission in this regard from the directorate.

Annual charges
When his attention was drawn towards the so-called 'annual charges', which a number of private schools are charging from its students although there is no provision to charge such a fee under the Sindh Private Educational Institutions (Regulations and Control) Ordinance-2001 Amended Act 2003 & Rules 2005, he said that the act had mentioned the word 'fee', some of the private schools had been extorting fee as 'annual charges' by misinterpreting that word.

He also clarified that a private school could charge admission fee from its students but it should not be more that three months tuition fee of their high classes i.e. Class VIII in case of a middle school and Class X in the case of a high school. Dawn

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"I have two master degree from my home town karachi pakistan 1n the year 1977 and 1980.I move to the united state for better iam a united sate citizen and have a poc (pakistan origion card).I am trying to open school in karachi to educate the new generation how the new world will be,it is very sham full that over 7000 thosand schools are not regiterd by the private managment.My school is not start yet ,but i am looking to some body help me for registration.i did not find the phone or web site where i have to go and find the process of registration.If any person knows about the process of registration please let me .my phone # is ************** or e,mail to me at my name is SYED RAZA AHSAN My school name will be UME-LAILA ACADEMY PATEL RESIDENCY GULISTAN-GOHAR KARACHI (SINDH) PAKISTAN ************* "
City, Country: HOUSTON TX USA

"Perhaps this is shameful that more than 7000 schools are unregistered, but not to mention for whom? I do not know about other schools but one of my family members is running a school and is not registered yet as the DOE asks simply for bribe money (rishwat). Other school in our area with heavy fees and no productivity (other than less mannered and almost no level of knowledge of student) have been registered for years. If someone can ask Directorate of education about bribe tradition than this will be more helpful for many people in the city."
Name: asia
City, Country:karachi, Pakistan

"I m very sorry to say that, there is no law for registration of schools for private sectors. As well as there is a school with the name of "Ethic Citi School" at Orangi Town Number 14, near Johar Chock, This school not able for registered for secondary school. If you go there for a survey you can find a very habituation problems for children. There is no ventilation for air and also not setting arrangement for children. And also that, the owner of that school Mr. Muhammad Ikhlas Khan was dead in 19th July, 2011 and the schools registration is continue with ownership and registration of Mr. Muhammad Ikhlas Khan (Late). And also there is not properly education. This school is under of Mr. Bazil Khan (his brother) who is not educated person. Please take action...."
Name: A Justice
City, Country: karachi, Pakistan

"Govt is not doing anything with regard to increase in fee, nor do they check the fee structure in the schools my two kids are studing in private school and every year instead of only increasing 5% with the permission of the directorate is a hog wash, the schools increases fee at their own. No one is answerable, i personally think the concerned gove dept take money under the table from the school so they do not object to the increase."
Name: sanayya
City, Country: karachi

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Studying abroad: Bane or Boon?
Karachi: In today's times, when the competition is at its peak, and every youth aims for better education, the foremost step that any student takes is to go abroad for further education or specialised training. In order to pursue this, the student visa is a must. It is easier to attain admission in any university than actually acquiring a visa. The vast amount of hindrances that a student has to go through is just horrendous! It is justified in some way, keeping in view the security issues of the country, but still, it is not a student who has to be tormented and made to go through the ordeal. In case of a sibling/parent/external sponsorship, there follows submission of countless documents as supporting evidence.

Another obstacle in the visa application process is the period of the time it takes to get a response back. And in case of an objection, the matter goes into the appeal process and the consequent time delay leads to many admissions being cancelled, or students being unable to attend the classes when they commence. This eventually leads to emotional and mental turmoil.

It is humbly pleaded and requested to the government and to the foreign office that student visa application process be made easy, and in addition to that students should be facilitated with the process in the form of quick and efficient response time.

Kulsum Khan emailed from PECHS (The News)

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Name: mohammed
City, Country: karachi, Pakistan

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