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Punjab scholarships for NWFP talented students

Scholarships for talented students
Peshawar, Aug 26: The government of Punjab has decided to give special scholarship to 63 talented students of NWFP and asked the NWFP Education department to forward the list in the regard. Sources in the Provincial Education Department have informed that Punjab Education Endowment Fund (PEEF) has contacted for the list of the 63 talented students, who got outstanding positions in matriculation and Intermediate examinations. Under the PEEF the scholarships would be given on three monthly basis and conducting scrutiny in the lists.

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"i am doing engineering from taxila,is there is any scholarship for us."
Name: hajiakbar
City, Country: khyber agency`

"i am in uet bannu in 1st semister,i got 15th position in matric board and 28th in Fsc board exam,how can i apply for having scholarship?? "
City, Country: kohat,pakistan

"Im the student of PNEC (NUST) karachi in dicipline of BE Mechanical and I belong to NWFP LAKKI MARWAT ,I got my intermediate education from PUNJAB. Is there any oppurtunity for me to apply for the scholorship"

"Salam, I m the student of Islamia college peshawer nd studying in 1st year (pre-eng). I have already fill the form and snt to the fata nazim-e-taleemaat for further processing . I m an orphan student of south waziristan agency . So plz help me financially.. Thnx "
Name: Wasimullah
City, Country: Peshawer

"i beg to say that i our family is facing alot of problems due to which it is difficult for me to complet my education. i am a student of BBA (3rd term) in Gomal university D.I.Khan. I GOT 74 percentage marks in 1st term and the result of 2nd term is still pending. i am sure that i will get above then 75 percentage."
Name: Muhammad Adnan
City, Country: Lakki, Pakisatn

I am student of inter level. I wants to change the circumstances of poor pakistan by getting higher education and i havenot any source to complete my studies. So, any body wants to give me scholarship for my further studies plz reply me thanks. "
Name: Michael
City, Country: lahore, pakistan

i m a student of ayub medical college.i got excellent marks n matric as well n also and entery test so ican apply."
Name: irfan ali
City, Country: swat ,pakistan

i m a student of ayub medical college.i got outstanding marks in fsc i m very poor so plz help me out"
Name: sohail kamran
City, Country: swabi pakistan

"i am a student of msc computer science in university of peshawar.i want to continue my studies after master at the uop but i dont have enough resources to continue my studies.have you any scholarships for me?"
Name: sehrish rafiq
City, Country: charsadda,pakistan

"i m a poor student of nwfp my father is a poor worker i m studying in bannu medical college and need ur help for the continution of my education"
Name: mohammad usman
City, Country: peshawar pakistan

"I am student of master level. I wants to change the circumstances of poor pakistan by getting higher education and i havenot any source to complete my studies. So, any body wants to give me scholarship for my further studies plz reply me thanks."
Name: Naeem Gul
City, Country: Abbottabad,Pakistan

"I got 78percent marks in last exam of BBa 3rd term from Gomal Univesity D.I.Khan. I need Scholership."
Name: Muhammad Adnan
City, Country: lakki marwat, Pakistan

"assalam o alaikuum im a student of bba studying at instritute of management sciences peshawar. i have topped my school in metric. i also topped board of technical education nwfp in but still im not been given any prevailages as i deserve to continue my studies smoothly"
City, Country: mardan, pakistan

"I am a student of (Master of Business administration) MBA in Comsats insitute of information technology Wah Campus. i have faced many problem due to financial crisis occure my faimly."
Name: Waqar Yasir
City, Country: Islamabad

"I did my master in zoology from kohat university of science and technology.I did some research work as well, now i want to continue my research work at M.phil and Ph.d level, but the research work n our country is not satisfactory. so i want to complete it in foreign country to contribute to my sweet sweet country, but i dont have sufficient resources. Is there any scholarship or scholarship based university to support me?"
Name: Majid Khan
City, Country: Pakistan, District Dir Lower

City, Country: SWABI / PAKISTAN

"I am BS chemistry student and PEEF is giving me PRs. 15000/= for three months. I am very thankful to Punjab prime Minister but not to my college staff."
Name: Anis ur Rahman
City, Country: Mardan, N.W.F.P. Pakistan

"I am the Student of NUST(PNEC) in BE industrial and manufacturing engineering.I got my intermediate eduction from Peshawar and got A1 grade .i bolong to NWFP if I eligiable for this schlorship please inform me."
Name: Amjad ALI
City, Country: karachi ,pakistan

"Salam, I am student of computer science,and studying in comsats attock.Here i getr admission on scholorship,due to which i dont pay my semester fees,but inspite of it my parents couldn;t support my hostel needs. i need a scholorship for my education.if you help me i will be very thankful to you for this act of kindness."
Name: Rehmat Ullah
City, Country: current city attock pakistan


"I am student of Peshawar Model Degree College Peshawar i am a very talented student but due to poorness i cannot continue my study further my contact number id ***********"
Name: Hassnain
City, Country: Peshawar

"salam Ive got A+ in matrik and A grad in intermediate, can i apply for this scolership,please inform me through my E-mail address please"
Name: sara khan
City, Country: Mardan,Pakistan

"i am student of electrical engineering (3rd semester) in kust. is there any scholarship to which i apply... plz inform me if there is any............."
Name: Aamir naeem
City, Country:mardan pakistan

"I m a student of UET Peshawar,i need schlorship."
Name: Mehtab Ahmed
City, Country:Haripur,Pakistan

"I m a student of Civil engineering students(1st semister) in UET Peshawar. how can i get Scholarship?"
Name: Yasir Farman
City, Country:Charsadda, Pakistan

"I am a student of ( BS Geology) in Punjab university Lahore.I am in 8th semester now. I secured 75% marks in last 7 semesters.Now i am facing many problems due to financial crisis Now i want urgent financial aid to continue my future so please respond quickly if you can do something for me and my future.Thanks."
Name: faisal shah
City, Country:mansehra pakistan

"slam im matric passed outstanding, is there any scholarship for me"
Name: faiz ullah
City, Country:dikhan,nwfp pakistan

"i have done fsc from rawalpindi and now i am doing b.arch from CECOC UNIVERSITY HAYATABAD PESHAWAR. i am now in 7th semester and i am the position holder of my deparment. is there any scholarship for me?"
Name: adeel
City, Country:peshawar

"i have passed my matriculation and scored more than 80 percent marks. Is there any scholarship 4 me?"
Name: umair
City, Country:mansehra

"Salam,sir I am a Bds student in bkmc (mardan).I have scholer ship in fsc,but in I am without scholership so snd me how to apply and recover my scholership."
Name: Abdulraufkhan
City, Country:Lakki marwat

"I am a student of ADE(associate degree in education) 4 semester. I need scholarship."
Name: Noor ul ain
City, Country: Peshawar, Pakistan

"Assalam o walekom sir i am fsc part 2 pre engineering student. I done my matric in 2013 and i got 871 marks out of 1050 that is 81%. I belong to a poor family so plz if a i deserve scholarship then give me. I am very thankful of u. Because i want to addmission in best engineering university. My father income is 12000/- per month only, and we can,t afford university expenses.?"
Name: Waseem khan
City, Country: Peshawar, Pakistan

"Assalalm alaikum, i am the student of bcs i taken in fcs ist division. I read in gdc mardan2. Plz give me this scholership.?"
Name: Zahoor khan
City, Country: Mardan, Pakistan

"I'm now fsc engineering student of part 2 I got 871/1050 A plus grade matric and 463/550 A+ in fsc part 1 Is there is any scholarship for me, because I belong to poor family. Plz ?"
Name: Waseem khan
City, Country: Peshawar kpk, Pakistan

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Science of computers art II Random thoughts
Islamabad: In Part I last week on the importance of computer technology I discussed the subject in general and gave a few useful related web sites. In this second part I would like to discuss artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, the professional scope for computer engineers and what is expected professionally from them. In addition to the disciplines mentioned in Part I, emerging technologies, applications and curriculum recommendations have appeared, which need to be mentioned as well.

1. Artificial intelligence (AI): The subfield of computer science that is concerned with understanding the nature of intelligent action and making computer machines, especially intelligent computer programmes, capable of such action is known as artificial intelligence. It can also be described as the performance by computer systems of a task that normally requires human intelligence, such as visual perception or decision-making.

Artificial intelligence combines computing with psychology, linguistics and philosophy. It is concerned with the design of intelligent computer systems and the study of intelligence in both people and machines. Using artificial intelligence techniques, computers are being programmed to do things previously done only by people. Artificial intelligence systems are already in use for such tasks as fault diagnosis, mineral prospecting and language translation and are not confined to methods that are biologically observable.

The main emphasis of computer science and artificial intelligence studies is on the principles and practice of software design. Distinctive features include human-centred computer systems, foundations of concurrent systems, networking and distributing systems, vision, national language processing, neural networks and artificial life. These study programmes are supported by powerful computing facilities running a wide range of software. The Stanford University website: jmc/whatisai/whatisai/html provides a description and applications of AI.

2. Bioinformatics: Bioinformatics is the application of computer technology to the management of biological information. More information on this can be found on websites like .

Some universities have added other subjects, like accounting, finance and law to their computer science curriculum.

Computer science and engineering graduates have perhaps the largest spectrum of jobs to select from. Computer architecture, computer-aided design and manufacturing of VLSI/ULSI circuits, intelligent robotic systems, computer-based control systems, telecommunications and computer networking, wireless communication systems, signal and information processing and multimedia systems, solid-state physics and devices, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), electromagnetic and electromechanical systems, data-storage systems, data mining, embedded systems, distributed computing, mobile computing, real-time software, digital signal processing, optical data processing, banking, insurance, healthcare and multinationals, to name but a few common careers.

After having followed a good university course in any discipline of computer science and engineering, graduates are normally expected to have learnt two types of skills:

Technical computing skills: Problem-solving ability, recognising levels of abstraction in software, hardware systems and multimedia. Practical skills such as building and using database management systems and other sophisticated software tools. Programming: using existing software libraries to carry out a variety of computing tasks, such as creating a user interface. Being aware of the uses to which computers are put, recognising issues to do with security and safety. Looking at innovative ways of using computers, creating tools, providing tools support, etc.

General professional skills: Communicating in writing, giving effective presentations and product demonstrations and being a good negotiator (both in traditional environments and electronically). Preparing for a job search; this involves building an impressive curriculum vitae and basing this confidently on technical and other skills. In addition, depending on interests, specialised domain knowledge such as business, medicine and biology will be acquired. Being an effective team member. Understanding the special requirements of a globally distributed project with participants from multiple cultures. Recognising the challenges and opportunities of keeping skills up-to-date and understanding how to do so. Knowledge of fundamental principles and their applications to develop software-based solutions. The ability to apply and implement appropriate theories and techniques to the design and development of computer systems and to use correct criteria and tools for the planning, development, testing and evaluation of software systems. The ability to recognise the capabilities and limitations of computer-based solutions as well as sources of risk. I still vividly remember the large, room-sized configuration of the IBM computer system, which used big stacks of punch cards that had been installed in Sweden at the Oxelosund Steel Mills, which I visited as a graduate student. It was the most modern steel plant in the world at the time, using the newly developed Kaldo Process for the purification of steel (reducing its carbon content). We were visiting educational and industrial institutions in Sweden in July 1964 as a delegation from the Technological University of Delft, Holland. Sweden was a beautiful, clean country cleaner than any I had seen anywhere before. The people were extremely polite, hospitable and disciplined. At that time Holland was known as the cleanest country, of which the Germans never hesitated to inform me when I praised their cleanliness. They did have a point and I was duly impressed by what I later found in Holland. However, after seeing Sweden, I had to admit that their country was even cleaner.

We visited the Royal Institute of Technology, Uppsala University, Volvo, Husquarna, Scania Vabis, Oxelosund and Sandvik Steel Mills, etc. It was our first exposure to an operational computer system. The IBM computer configuration was the first of its kind and was installed and operated by the Americans for the automatic control of the steel mills. Nowadays a very small unit is more powerful and more efficient than that huge configuration was.

About 25 years after that memorable visit I heard the shocking news that the Prime Minister of Sweden, Mr Olof Palme, had been brutally shot down while walking back to his residence after seeing a film. How could anyone be so callous as to murder such a good human being, a pacifist, was beyond my comprehension. I wrote an obituary in a local English daily and was pleasantly surprised to receive a letter of thanks from Mrs Palme through their embassy in Islamabad.

I was lucky to have a team of experts in theoretical computation (Computational Fluid Dynamics, etc.), computer systems engineering (Control and Automation, etc.), complex process technology (fault-free running of the enrichment plant) and maintenance of these complex systems (hardware engineering) headed by Dr M Alam, Nasim Khan, Dr M Ashraf Atta and Brig. Rafiuddin, respectively. They, together with their other competent and able colleagues, managed to solve all the problems related to the centrifuge plant and the manufacture of nuclear devices and ballistic missiles.

(The information in this article is based on the available syllabuses of famous British universities.) -Dr A Q Khan

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Gender digital divide in rural areas discussed
Islamabad: Mobile phones are the most commonly available of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in the rural areas but its availability alone is insufficient to enable rural women to telecommunicate.

This was found in a study on 'The Gender Digital Divide in Rural Pakistan' details of which were discussed by Dr Karin Astrid Siegmann of Sustainable Development Policy Institute who led the study at a one-day stakeholder workshop at National Press Club here Monday. The workshop was attended by representatives of grassroots-level organisations from Bolan, Tharparkar, Muzaffargarh and Battagram.

Dr Karin said that almost half of all surveyed households in the four districts own at least one mobile phone set, reflecting the phenomenal growth of mobile connections in the country during the past decade. She said that according to 40 per cent of all female respondents, they needed permission of their husbands, fathers and brothers to make calls as they largely owned the sets. This indicates that rather than network coverage and the presence of mobile phones alone, socio-cultural factors also determine whether ICTs reach female users in rural areas.

The hurdles women and girls face include negative perceptions of their technological skills. A large majority of respondents strongly agreed with the statement that "men have a natural advantage in the use of technologies." Apart from the low regard of women's skill to use technologies, some ICTs themselves have a bad image. While several interviewees see some TV channels as promoting vulgarity, mobile phones are regarded as dangerous in girls' hands, in particular. Mothers fear that their daughters will use mobiles for dating. The role of boys in such socially unacceptable use of telecommunication technology is largely ignored, she said.

Cultural norms may also represent an obstacle in the government's efforts to provide affordable access to ICTs to the rural population through telecommunication centres. Apart from the e-literacy issues involved in making telecommunication, computers and internet useful for women and girls in rural areas, they usually cannot move freely outside home.

Women mostly do not require permission for listening to the radio or watching TV which are simple to use. The women and men use such broadcasting equipment chiefly for the purposes of both entertainment and information access provides a good platform for contents related to human development and women's empowerment. The news

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Khaliq Dina Hall repair work stopped
Karachi: Khaliq Dina Hall, one of Pakistan's important historical heritage sites, was laying dilapidated as its maintenance work has been stopped for the last many months, it has been learnt on Tuesday.

City Nazim Mustafa Kamal had directed the Works and Services Department of CDGK for maintenance of Khaliq Dina Hall. He also directed to install the same lights as were done at Bagh Ibne Qasim.

It may be noted that Termite and climatic changes have severely affected the construction and wooden work at the historical site. The building of Khaliq Dina Hall comes under the administration of Community Development Department (CDD) of CDGK.

The building was declared as heritage site and defunct KMC and now City District Government Karachi (CDGK) is looking after its affairs. Its roof was collapsed in 1994 due to rain.

Khaliq Dina Hall is located at MA Jinnah Road, in Karachi. Its full name is Ghulam Hussain Khaliq Dina Hall and it is mainly used as a library.

Deputy District Officer (DDO) Atif Ali, who is posted in the Khaliq Dina Hall, when contacted confirmed that the repairing and construction work of the historical building has been stopped due to absence of the contractor. He said that he did not know the reasons behind the stoppage of work at the site.

Ali said that only 10 per cent repair work was carried out and since then the contractor left the site and took away his equipment and other machinery.

He mentioned that the contractor did nothing inside the hall to tackle the problem of Termite. Atif described that Termite has eaten all the wooden made materials except Burma Teck wood. He further said that he had informed his high ups about the contractor.

The officials of Works and Services department were not available for comment when contacted. The nation

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