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Peshawar private schools teachers wages

Private schools exploiting teachers
Peshawar, Aug 27: Although the government has fixed minimum wage of labour at Rs 6,000, but teachers in many private schools have not benefited from this decision. There are many private schools not only in City but in whole province which disregard the government-implemented minimum wage and exploit their teachers. The number of private schools registered with the Education Department is in thousands according to available data.

According to sources in the Education Department, there are many schools in the city -including those with a large number of enrolled students- that pay their teachers only Rs 4,000 to Rs 5,000 and complain of few resources and many expenses. There are also a large number of schools which have charged their students full fees during the summer vacation and have either not paid their teachers or paid them less than their fixed salaries.

Safia, a teacher at a private school, said most of the students at this school submitted their fees before the summer vacation. However, the school management paid only half the salaries to the teachers. She said there were many graduate teachers who were paid less than Rs 6,000 in private schools Rubab Syed, a Master of Arts (MA) teacher with years of teaching experience, said her salary was less than Rs 6,000. She said teachers' salaries increased with the passage of time in the government sector, but there was no such mechanism in the private sector.

She continued that the government should bring private schools under its control and ensure that the minimum wage policy is implemented in private schools. An official f Education Department said many private schools in the city defied the minimum wage policy. He said such schools presented inaccurate figures of their teachers' salaries before being registered and later did not correct these. He said action could be taken against such schools.

Meanwhile a responsible of Private School Association was of he view that many schools in the City did not comply with the minimum wage policy. He said inspection teams which visited schools before registration should only register them based on merit and schools comprising two or three rooms should not be registered.

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Heavy schoolbags cause back problems
Peshawar: The summer vacation would be over in a week and the children once will compell to bear the load of thier school bags full of books, copies and other stuff. Most children are required to carry heavy school bags to and from school each day, and the load increases as they reach higher grades.

A curriculum proves heavy for children when it is too lengthy to be completed in time by an average teacher under normal conditions; there is mismatch between the difficulty level of the concepts of course content with the mental level of the pupils; the language used in the textbooks is incomprehensible and the style of presentation is verbose and rhetorical rather than simple and straight forward; the basic assumptions underlying curriculum development are not fulfilled. It has been observed during the last few years that admission age to nursery classes has been progressively lowered down to the age of two and half years at some places.

It appears that the perception has taken a deep root that if a child has to succeed in life, he or she must start education early in life. So far as physical load of the school bag is concerned, the situation has become worse over the past few years. However, the weight of the school bag represents one dimension of the problem; another dimension can be seen in the child's daily routine which includes completion of homework and attendance at tuitions and coaching classes of different kinds.

The major, well understood defect of the examination system is that it focuses on children's ability to reproduce information to the exclusion of the ability to apply concepts and information on unfamiliar, new problems or simply to think. Both the teachers and the parents constantly reinforce the fear of examination and the need to prepare for it by memorising a whole lot of information from the textbook and guide books. This sort of perception about the examination makes things difficult for children. Majority of our school going children view learning at school as a boring, even unpleasant and bitter experience.

The limited purpose of preparing for examination is indeed a very important factor for the unpleasantness of learning. The child centered education and activity based teaching learning method are talked about but are seldom practiced in our school. The syllabi and textbooks if not prepared properly lead to the problem of curriculum load. It has been observed that most of the textbooks have high density of concepts and the style of writing is very terse.

The language used in the books in some cases is beyond the comprehension of many students. The problem of curriculum load was not an urban phenomenon. In rural areas, where the students have not to carry heavy bags, the problem of non-comprehension makes things extremely difficult for majority of children.

The feeling of academic burden arising out of non-comprehension of subject matter included in the syllabus is indeed a serious problem as it is a major hurdle in the achievement of the target of universalisation of elementary education. Heavy School Bags Linked to Back Problems One recent study found that the daily burden can lead to lower back pain, poor posture and spinal deformity over time and back problems in adulthood. The study indicated deviation to the side and or backwards of children's spines when carrying heavy school bags.

Over time the deviation becomes evident even when the child is not carrying the bag, according to the researchers. The teenage schoolchildren had a higher level of spinal deviation than the pre-teen children, indicating that the deviations are lasting. A child's spine is still developing during the school years, and carrying the occasional heavy object will not result in any permanent damage.

The researchers point out that children carry their school bags on a daily basis and often between classes as well, and it is the constant additional pressure to the spine that can cause long-term damage. They say the further a child has to walk to school, the more affected him or she is. They advise parents and teachers to note the loads they are expecting children to carry, and the influence it can have on their spines.

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JI regrets Ban on Jaswant's book
Lahore: Liaquat Baloch, secretary general of the Jamaat-e-Islami, Pakistan, has said that India's ban on Jaswant Singh's book acknowledging the leadership qualities of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah has exposed its secularism.

In a press statement here Wednesday, he said that New Delhi's secular posture was only a farce as the Indian society was basically a Hindu society dominated by the upper class Hindus (Brahmans). He said that the restrictions on thought and writings expressed both by the Indian Congress and the BJP have revealed the true colour of the Indian mind. However, he appreciated Jaswant Singh' writing lauding the vision and the leadership of the Quaid-e-Azam.

While commenting on PML(N) leader Mian Nawaz Sharif's sentiment on Bombay bomb blasts, Liaquat Baloch said Mian Nawaz Sharif should also express the Pakistani nation's grief on India's terrorism in Baluchistan, FATA and Malakand division. He deplored that whereas New Delhi was sticking to its false stand, the Pakistani civil and military governments were unjustifiably bowing before India. Liaquat Baloch said that India was a large country but its attitude towards its neighbours had always been oppressive and it had been interfering in their internal affairs.

History, he said, bore witness that the people of the subcontinent fought against he British rulers while the Hindu leadership connived with the British for the Hindu supremacy in the area in order to place the Muslims under a fresh slavery, However, he said, Allama Muhammad Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinaah understood the game well in time and won the war for Pakistan with prudence and courage. Baloch said that the Indian leadership was not willing to admit the facts even after 62 years The reaction on renowned thinker and writer like Jaswant Singh's views only showed the mental bankruptcy of the Hindu society, he added. F.P report

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