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BISE Hyderabad mark-sheets blunder

Students in a quandary: Board mixes up photographs of boys and girls
Nawabshah, Aug 06: The mixing of photographs on the mark-sheets of Class X students, both male and female, has left them in a quandary in regard to their admissions to colleges.

The Board of Intermediate Secondary Education Hyderabad committed the blunder by fixing wrong photographs on mark certificates of hundreds of students to the extent that male candidates bore pictures of female and vice versa.

There was another error wherein bearer's snap was affixed but name of the candidate and stamp of the board missing.

Zainab d/o Ghulamuddin Gopang appearing in matriculation examinations from the Government Girls High School Nawabshah with seat no: 101982) is issued mark-sheet no: B 050986 which bears her photograph but missed her name and the stamp of board.

Similarly, Shumaila d/o Talib Hussain of Government Girls High School Nawabshah with seat no: 102062) is issued certificate no: B 032567 but with a photograph of a male candidate.

In many instances, the board has not fixed any photographs while in majority of instances wrong snaps are pasted while some lack the board's stamp.

Some 150 mark certificates of students of DC High School Nawabshah reportedly carry wrong pictures thus not only putting school managements in difficulties but creating hurdles for students seeking admissions to colleges.

Poor students are facing the error committed by Board while admissions in colleges are in process and would end on August 20. Admission forms of candidates not fulfilling the criteria would be rejected.

Allah Bachayo Bhatti, Headmaster of DC High School said that similar mistake was committed by the Board last year when mark-sheets of Class IX were issued by them. However, when approached the Board promised of rectifying the error and instead it has multiplied such cases by enhancing it to 150 from last year's 25, he said.

The Headmaster has informed the EDO Education and also written a letter to the Controller of Examinations and Chairman of the Board for immediate correction, he said. Ms Nighat Yasmin, Headmistress, Government Girls High school Nawabshah said that the Board is continuing this practice since last year and was not ready to bail the students out of this nightmare despite repeated complaints.

It is shocking to mark certificates of girl students bearing photographs of male, she said while narrating the agony, parents and students face, while visiting the Board office.

The staffers not only harass them but also demand money she said and promised of bringing the whole episode to the knowledge of Chairman and Controller of Examinations through a letter, soon.

Mark certificates of Abida Bibi d/o Abdul Ghaffar is without a photo and of Shumaila d/o Talib Hussain and Nimo d/o Jethmol bear pictures of male students.

The DCO/Administrator Shaheed Benazirabad, Jamal Mustafa Syed said that the issue would be taken up with the Chairman BISE Hyderabad and the EDO Education.

EDO Razi Khan Jamali said that he would contact the board for immediate rectification of error.

Chairman and Controller of Examinations were not available for comments. Dawn

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Confusion over schools closure
Karachi: As the violence in the city abated, the question of whether to send their kids to school or not weighed heavily on the minds of the parents in view of the indecision of the government.

Although the academic session had begun on Monday (August 2) after the summer holidays, yet it was almost impossible for parents to send their children to schools with life in the city completely paralysed.

"I could not possibly risk the life of my daughter by sending her to school in this climate," said Rabia.

She went on to slate the government authorities for their indecision about opening the schools on Wednesday and Thursday without considering ground realities. "We had run out of fuel. There were no groceries at home. In such a climate who in their right mind could think of schools?" she asked.

Wajid seconded those views. "My daughter is in the kindergarten. In the absence of any clear announcement from the school management, I went to drop her off at the school on Wednesday only to find it closed! Couldn't they have intimated us about their decision beforehand to spare us the confusion? This only shows the utter lack of coordination among the authorities and the school management."

An official of the All Private Schools Management Association, Khalid Shah alleged a cold response from the education department.

"I called the Secretary of Education, Alam Din Bullo, on Tuesday to inquire about the situation. Bullo said he would ask the chief secretary and get back to me which he never did. I was left with no other option but to make the announcement on TV that the private schools would remain closed on Thursday."

Shah said that his association had appealed to the education minister to let them open their schools on Saturday to compensate for the lost days but received no response from him either.

The Secretary of Education, Alam Din Bullo, however, said that the government appreciated the gravity of the situation, but that education was important too.

"We are aware of the current atmosphere in Karachi, but these schools had just opened after two months. We cannot allow more days off as it affects education," he said. When it was pointed out to him that there had been low turnouts at schools, Bullo said, "Attendance is not an issue. The main thing is to have the schools open. It is then up to the parents to send their children to school or not."

He went on to add that he had not received any request from anyone to allow the schools to open on Saturdays.

"Our minister, Pir Mazharul Haq, is in Dadu providing help to the flood victims. When he comes back, we will decide on whether to allow the schools to open on Saturdays or not."

Sharaf-uz-Zaman, also of the APPSMA, said the over 0.2 million students in Karachi were left in limbo because of the authorities indecision. "Most of the schools across Karachi remained closed. Only the ones located in relatively safer areas were open and even they had very low turnouts," he said.

The main stakeholders - the students - had had mixed reactions over the entire episode. Some took it stoically while others just shrugged it off.

"Our school was supposed to open on Wednesday, but the management decided to delay it by a day due to the situation in the city," said Hamza.

"As for today (Thursday), it was only announced quite late at night on the school's website, due to which there was a low attendance there," he said.

Rafeh, on the other hand, said, "We all knew the situation, so there was no point bothering over it too much? I, at least, enjoyed an uninterrupted sleep." The news

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Educational institutions remain closed
Karachi: More than 80 per cent educational institutions including many public sector schools, colleges and universities remained closed in the city for a third consecutive day on Thursday apparently because the no vehicles meant for transporting students could not be operated in the morning hours.

Besides the fear of attacks by miscreants, closure of many fuel stations and a shortage of fuel at the others which were opened for some hours on Thursday contributed to the failure to operate school vans and point buses. A negligible number of public transport was seen plying in some parts of the city.

All the three public sector universities in the metropolis - Karachi University, the NED University of Engineering and Technology and the Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and Technology - wore a deserted look on Thursday as more than 90 per cent of students could not manage to reach their institutions.

A spokesman for the Karachi University, Qazi Saleem, attributed students' thin attendance to the violent incidents occurring in the city following the assassination of Muttahida Qaumi Movement lawmaker Syed Raza Haider on Monday. He said that although the university would remain open on Friday, the attendance of students and academic activities was not expected to normalise before Monday.

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Private schools
Karachi: Chairman of the Private Schools Management Association (PSMA) Syed Khalid Shah on Thursday announced that private schools across the city would reopen on Friday as the city's law and order situation had considerably improved. In a statement, he urged Senior Minister for Education Pir Mazharul Haq to exempt private schools of the metropolis to from observing Saturdays as an additional weekly holiday which, he said, would enable them to cover the academic loss caused by the recent spate of violence.

Meanwhile, a number of major private schools have prominently hanged a notice on their main gates stating that the institutions will now reopen on August 9 (Monday). Dawn

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FUUAST's new dates for BA (pvt) exams
Karachi: Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and Technology (FUUAST) Examinations Controller Prof Waqarul Haq announced new dates for the postponed papers of BA (private) exams.

The exams previously scheduled to be held on August 3 (General History part II) and August 4 (Economics part I) would now be held on August 10 and 11 respectively. ppi

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Revised schedule of KU exams
Karachi: The Examination Department, University of Karachi (KU), has announced the revised schedule of cancelled papers.

As per notification, the examination of LLM Paper III (Previous) Human Rights will be held on August 10, Paper IV (Final) Shipping Law on August 11 and Paper IV (Previous) Comparative Study of Islamic and Western Jurisprudence on August 12.

The paper of Ophthalmology (Eye) New Course and Old Course (for failure candidates) of MBBS Third Professional, which was earlier scheduled on August 5, will now be held on August 11. The centres and timings of the papers will be the same as already announced. The news

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