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Private medical colleges : PMDC no more credible

Private medical colleges held responsible: PMDC no more credible: member
Karachi, Aug 21: An elected member of the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) from Sindh said on Friday that the regulatory body for the medical profession in the country had lost its credibility and needed to be bailed out from the influence of a "private medical college mafia" at the earliest.

Speaking at a press conference here the member, Dr Shershah Syed, claimed that more than half of the private medical colleges recognised by the PMDC did not even fulfil the minimally required criteria for a recognition.

"Today politicians and retired generals and health professionals having connections in the corridors of power have jumped on the medical education bandwagon to exploit the non-meritorious students seeking admissions and earn huge easy money," he said.

Flanked by two former senior office-bearers of the Pakistan Medical Association, Dr Mirza Ali Azhar and Dr Qaiser Sajjad, Dr Shah severely criticised the overall working of the PMDC and mentioned that he could say with responsibility that the medical profession was going through a serious crisis now a days.

"If the government through the federal health ministry does not take appropriate and bold actions, the medical profession will never recover from its lost credibility, prestige and honour," he said, adding that big politicians, well-known retired army generals, mafia of medical doctors belonging to the public and the private sectors were responsible for the mess.

He appealed to the federal health minister, the prime minister and the president of Pakistan to intervene and save the medical education and training and profession in the country.

He suggested for immediate actions like restructuring of the PMDC and making it a body of 35 members from all over the country as per a previous decision of the Supreme Court of Pakistan; equal representation from the private and the public sectors medical colleges in the PMDC; formation of an enquiry committee to look into the affairs of the recognition of private and public medical colleges.

He said that things could be corrected only by ensuring a complete transparency in the working of the PMDC and democratisation in decision making by the council instead of decisions from a hand-picked executive committee and the private mafia.

He expressed the view that the nominated members as well as the representatives of the private medical colleges did not allow the council to work as an autonomous, powerful and independent regulatory body.

"The members who try to raise their voice and talked about the observance of rules and regulations of the PMDC are undermined by the members representing the private medical colleges who formed a majority in the council and largely serving the interest of the owners of private medical colleges," he said.

He said that a senate committee had decided some years ago for a moratorium on the opening of new medical colleges, but the PMDC was continuing recognising new institutions.

The PMDC had so far recognised 95 medical colleges in the public and the private sectors, many of which did not even have a proper or full-time faculty and meaningful teaching hospitals, which was a matter of grave concern, he said and pointed out that the PMDC was also unable to take notice of violations of rules like increase in the number of seats in colleges without the approval of the PMDC.

Dr Shah said that the Supreme Court in December 2006 had ordered the PMDC to complete the membership of the council in line with the PMDC ordinance, but there was no compliance with the order and the PMDC was working in total violation of the Supreme Court order and literally had become a private medical and dental council.

He further said that the owners of private medical colleges were showing their affiliation with rural health centres and district general hospitals run by the government and converting their status to tertiary care centres.

Dr Qaiser Sajjad said that because of the poor implementation of rules and absence of a commitment to them by the federal health ministry, the education and training components were being compromised and there was a fear that if things were not rectified, the nation would have to rest with the "glorified MBBS quacks" lacking basic qualities and proving dangerous for the nation and its masses in the coming days.

Dr Mirza Ali Azhar said that there was a need to think about the status and quality of medical education and training system of the country and having a foolproof regulation of medical institutions.

He was of the view that the civil society and doctors should join hands to make the government bring positive changes in the PMDC for the production of best doctors. Dawn

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"AOA,really true now we really need to take an action against all dese stuff..i am a doctor who graduated 4rm china last year its a dream of every dr to work further we thought instead of going to any other country why dont we serve our own country but due to pmdc and uhs invlovement 4rm jan 2010 they played a game pmdc took 36 caror rupee to recognize private medical colleges and played wid our future..they did not pass us can anyone believe out of 617 students dey just passed 9 wanted to say dat the other countries they are foolish dat they are giving us degrees...if we see in competition china is one of the largest and powerfull country in d world plp are dying just to learn chinese language simply..we have been studying d same pakistani books over dere which are thought in pak but 4rm jan we all are suffering 4rm pmdc grt work if they dont want to pass us so why do they let us go to china or other countries..dey shud ban den so dat they shud not play wid our future but d thing is dat they want just money still now they have recognized so many uni of china were students were s hapy just due to d reason they new there uni is recognized so no need to b worried abt they will go to pakistan n will directly start dere housejob but wat abt us we have been studying 5 years dere n now dis is d 6th year we are just studying for pmdc..every country has dere rules of passing 50percent marks i dont understand that are we giving the final year exam of mbbs or we need to study again for 5 years ..why dont pmdc understand dat we have our degree they shud just check our degrees n take a examz just to create a difference between a doctor and a compounder..i have seen so many plp in who are earning per day 10,000 without a mbbs degree so called compounders so dey are better dan us widout studying widout wasting money they are earning dat is why dr.they snatch money 4rm plp wen people complains off..wen one has suffered a lot 4rm dese situation wat else dey will do..why dont pmdc understand dat they played and they are still playing wid our future..n who is uhs to conduct d examz just to earn money..dr mubashir he thinks wat he is doing is totally rite he shuld not forget dat he has also has a son..i have so many of my frends who cudnt even afford d fee of pmdc again and again many of there fathers stopped taking dere insulin injections just to pay the fee wat did we all get 4rm having a mbbs degree..being a degree holder i m not a dr..wat is dis every one is so disharted and every one has went back to dere home town but plp dont understand dat plz its my humble request dat again they wont pass anyone they will again give d same result..pmdc shuld really make a proper system and shud pass d students becoz we are not giving final years examz students who gets passing 50% marks they shud pass dem its dere headache they continue dere jobs in which city..dis is d reason why we have less drs in our country and every dr. wants to work n america or just to get rid out of this place some one is running to saudia or why dont we stay back in our own country to serve our own plp ,but the thing is we dont get justice here the higher mafia like pmdc dont want us to stay here they want to kill pakistan youth and drs ...recently i visited and did a free medical camp at singori just 1 hr drive a way 4rm islamabad u wont believe there were no pharmacies not a single dr visited there and they were commplaining dat wen someone gets ill in arranging him to take to the hospital one dies b4r reaching the hospital i dont understand why cant our government leaders and pmdc see this we being a dr want to serve ur own country but our politicians dont want to and even the plzzzzzz its my humble request to every one who are foreign graduates and its my appeal even to the pakistani senior something against this its really a tough time we are suffering from either dey shud recognize our medical universities becoz we study the same books with new technologies like they did others..becoz students 4rm china wen they complete dere 4 years of study all of them had to do one year internship as they call but in pakistan they say observership where we also get duties and work undersupervision of senior drs,and other medical plz its my appeal to the government of pakistan to plz look at this issue..thank you. dr.farah"
Name: dr.farah
City, Country: pakistan

"Hello sir, i complete my fsc with 54% in 2009 and now i am final year MBBS student in china, what is the procedure for giving NEB exam or open Private hospital with out NEB EXAM? Pls kindly help me sir, i am worry about it, plz sir i am waiting for your reply"
Name: Dr MAlik
City, Country: jingzhou hubei, China

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'70pc rural girls never go to school'
Karachi: About 3.8 million children have never been in schools in rural Sindh, while the dropout percentage in urban Sindh is even higher. Moreover, 50 per cent children of Sindh province aged 5 to 15, are out of schools, while 70 per cent girl students in rural Sindh fail to attend the schools.

According to a survey conducted by various NGOs over the plight of education sector, there are 22,428 primary schools in Sindh including 4,792 for boys and 7,298 for girls, but only 50 per cent enrolled children could complete their primary education and about 60 per cent girl students hardly go to middle schools.

The Education and Literacy Department had planned to appoint women education visitors on the pattern of women health visitors to convince the parents to enrol their children in schools, but the government has failed to materialise this project.

In view of the distressing literacy situation particularly in the rural areas of the Sindh, the govt of Sindh had felt the need to consider the promulgation of the Compulsory Primary Education Ordinance.

The federal cabinet had approved the draft Compulsory Primary Education Ordinance 2001 in a meeting held on October 2, 2001 and the ordinance was promulgated on December 26, 2001.

In the wake of grim literacy rate, the educationists have urged the government to enforce this law, which could ensure 100 per cent increase in primary education in Sindh.

The Society for the Protection and Rights of Children (SPARC) has said that the primary education is the foundation of the compulsory education and the key objective of primary education is achieving the fundamental literacy rate by establishing the base in science, history, geography and social sciences.

The Compulsory Primary Education Ordinance 2001 was to be implemented simultaneously in at least one town or taluka of each district from April 1, 2002.

In the first phase (2001-2002), 21 towns and talukas had to be covered, 40 towns and talukas in the second phase (2002-2003), and 42 towns and talukas in the third phase (2003-2004).

Under this law, it was mandatory for the parents and guardians to send their children to school from the age of five years. About two million children were to be enrolled in schools within three years, 400,000 in the first year, 800,000 in the second year and another 800,000 in the third year. The nation

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