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HEC scholars shine abroad

HEC post-doctorate scholars
Islamabad, Aug 29: Higher Education Commission post-doctorate scholars Dr. Wajid Aziz Loun, Dr. Muhammad Imran Yousuf and Dr. Qazi Abdul Rehman Abid have successfully completed their studies from the University of Leicester, UK, University of Dundee, UK and University of Heidelberg, Germany, respectively.

The core expertise of Dr. Wajid Aziz Loun, Assistant Professor, Azad Jammu and Kashmir University, Muzaffarabad is in Biomedical Information Systems and his focused area of research is Biomedical Signal Processing. He worked under the supervision of Dr. Fernando. S. Schlindwein.

His post-doctorate research was an extension of his PhD work, where he applied HRV analysis techniques to investigate the risk of coronary heart disease in growth restricted children and asphyxia monitoring. During his research, he worked as a team member of the Bioengineering Research Group and applied HRV analysis techniques to clinical data obtained from 9 to 10 years old growth restricted children.

Dr. Muhammad Imran Yousuf is working as Assistant Professor at the Pir Mehr Ali Shah University of Arid Agriculture Rawalpindi. His area of study was Teacher Education and the focus of his project was to seek the peace perceptions of prospective teachers in UK and Pakistan. He worked under the supervision of Professor Dr. Brian Hudson, Chair of Education and Associate Dean (Research), and Dr. Ian Barron at School of Education, Social Work and Community Development at University of Dundee.

Dr. Yousuf took full advantage of the opportunities to engage with the wider research community in UK. He attended the Islamic Studies Network Regional Workshop about the current picture and future possibilities of Teaching Islamic Studies in Scotland organised by the Higher Education Academy at University of Edinburgh, UK.

Dr. Qazi Abdul Rehman Abid, Associate Professor, Department of Urdu, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan has also returned to Pakistan after completing his research on Post-colonial Study of Early Urdu Criticism .

The topic is new to the world of intellectual discourse. Franz Fanon and Edward Said are considered the pioneers in this field. In the framework of post-colonial discourse, Dr. Abid analyzed early Urdu criticism. He participated in the dialogues and lectures at South Asia Institute University of Heidelberg. He presented two papers on Iqbal and Faiz Ahmad Faiz in the seminars held in South Asia Institute. He wrote five research articles, which will be published this year. He also intends to publish a book on the aforementioned topic.

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AIOU Students Endowment Fund established
Islamabad: Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Nazir Ahmed Sangi has announced the establishment of AIOU Students Endowment Fund with the seed money of Rs100 million, says a press release.

The fund is established exclusively for poor and needy students as well as encouragement of female education in the rural areas. The establishment of AIOU Students Endowment Fund will serve as sustainable source to strengthen the student support in future. He further added that national and international organisations as well as society would be mobilised to donate the fund. The fund will be a foundation of uplifting the education, reduced drop out and skilled development. Dr. Sangi also contributed to the fund Rs150,000 from his own pocket similarly other professors and officers also contributed to the fund. The news

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NUST introduces hybrid scooters and motorcycles
Islamabad: National University of Science and technology (NUST) Saturday introduced first hybrid scooter and motorcycle which will be fuel efficient and low in pollution.

Besides this, the students of NUST have also introduced first hybrid car in Pakistan which does not produce much pollution and consumes minimal fuel; and its different propulsion systems have either common parts or systems.

This technology is called the hybrid car technology where the cars have a rechargeable energy storage system (RESS) found in the vehicle, along with some fuel propulsion source.

Spokesman NUST, Irshad Rao said "No matter, the prices of gasoline and fuel keep on increasing, hybrid technology will enable everyone to afford car".

Hybrid cars are generally designated to vehicles running on a combination of petroleum and electricity. These vehicles are called hybrid-electric vehicles where electric cells are used to power electric engines, along with an internal combustion engine.

Moreover when such cars cruise, or move on a small thrust, the combustion engine generates energy with the running of a second electric motor.

This is done to either recharge the battery or to provide energy to the motor for driving the car. This is unlike the conventional electrical cars where they charge their battery through external sources like the grid.

Today, most of the hybrid cars run on either gasoline or diesel as their main energy source while there are some cases where other fuels like ethanol or plant based oils are used too.

There are also some cars that use hydrogen fuel. Sometimes, hybrid cars are also referred to the cars that are flexible-fuel vehicles where they run on a combination of different fuels like gasoline and ethanol alcohol fuel.

With this, a lot of gas fuel is saved which is of course, beneficial to the car buyer.

Spokesman NUST said " With the passage of time, hybrid cars will become popular and the manufacturers will working on more means to make the car more feasible to the prospective car buyer".

With hybrid car technology, the motion of the car is designed in such a way that the engines in these cars have a smaller size that is used when drifting and driving leisurely.

It is usually the battery source that provides the additional power like going uphill or accelerating whenever needed. To couple things, when the hybrid car is stopped, the hybrid fuel engine gets switched off to run off the electric motor.

Hybrid cars are built lighter and are designed more aerodynamically for better speed.

And its tyres are usually stiffer and have a higher inflation so that the drag of the car is reduced.

Spokesman NUST said,with hybrid car technology, a car becomes more efficient, adding though the rates of these cars may initially be a bit high.

He further said that a workhsop is established at NUST, which will soon start production of hybrid cars,motorcycles and scooters on larger scale. app

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