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IBA tests for Sindh contractual teachers

'Teachers who have passed IBA test to be regularised'
Karachi: The chief minister of Sindh has signed a summary to regularise those contractual teachers who have passed their tests from the IBA.

This was stated by Senior Education Minister, Pir Mazhar-ul-Haq on Wednesday.

He said that the contracts of such employees had been extended for three months, and the education department would complete the legal requirements in that time.

The candidates who had successfully passed their tests conducted by Sindh University would also get permanent jobs in the education sector, he the minister said. However, he added, they would be regularised after completing their contracts.

The minister said the education department would hire 14, 000 teachers in the near future.

The interested people should start preparing for the test which would be conducted by some reputable institutes, the minister said.

"I promise that all the posts will be given on merit, and no political influence would be accepted at all," Pir Mazhar said.

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'Strict teachers damage children's personalities'
Karachi: Zaid Ansari is fifteen years old now, but he still remembers his teacher at kindergarten who ignored him as a child. He often remained unwell in childhood, and thus was not able to excel academically.

"She deprived me of the attention I needed at that age," he laments.

As a result, Zaid began hating school. He would seek refuge in weekends. Each day he would wait anxiously for the home bell to ring. "I became like a prisoner who waits for his sentence to end."

This was not the end. He hates his chemistry teacher. "I may not be great at the subject, but it's not right to pull faces or belittle me in front of the whole class when I ask questions," he complains. Zaid wants to be a doctor in future, and for that chemistry is an important subject. The fact that he cannot do well in chemistry depresses him to the extent that he fears "the subject will become the biggest hurdle" in his career.

Abeera Soomro, who has just finished school, had a similar problem with her English teacher who labelled her as a 'duffer'. She kept telling her that she could not do English and "never write good essays".

"When I asked questions she ignored me," she recalls. The girl became so scared of that particular teacher that she began bunking school. Her absence from class made her progress even more difficult.

When she took up Accounting as her 'O' level subject, her teacher kept forcing her to drop the subject as she thought she could not do well. On the other hand, while she was weak at Economics too her teacher appreciated her when she worked hard, and motivated her to do well. "You know when someone appreciates you, you want to work hard," she says.

A psychiatrist, Dr Syed Ali Wasif, blames the attitude of teachers on the overall conditions of the country. "There is poverty, terrorism and frustration in society. We live in a war zone, and all these factors give birth to cruelty, which in turn breed violence," he says.

And any sort of violence whether physical, verbal or sexual will leave an "emotional scar on the child", he maintains.

He believes that the measly salaries that most schools pay teachers play a role in their behaviour towards students. "In the world today everyone is caught up with the worries of paying bills and making both ends meet. When you do not pay a teacher well, she will vent out her pent up emotions on students eventually," he explains.

Dr Syed Ali Wasif also believes that the high achievers of a society seldom choose teaching as a profession. "Such people fail to deliver. They are at sea when they go to class," he says.

On the other hand, while the teacher may victimise, certain psychological disorders in children may amount to such emotional scars too. He maintains that teachers' attitude towards students may eventually lead to an "anti-social personality" and juvenile delinquency. "A child who is a school truant is more prone to drug abuse, pick pocketing, and similar crimes," he says. However, in a nutshell, he claims that it is not the teachers or the students to be blamed, but the social inequality that exists in society throughout.

Seema Khurram, academic coordinator for Social Sciences at the Aga Khan Secondary School, provides a solution for teachers to deal with weak students. "Remedial classes can be held for students on alternative Saturdays or summer breaks. Physical training periods can be utilised too. The management should take teachers on board, and set individual targets for each weak student," she says.

She believes that in order to avoid rude behaviour from teachers, the school should mention clear guidelines condemning such an attitude.

Labelling a child as a 'bad student or failure' is clearly not a solution. "When you label a child it will gradually become a self-fulfilling prophecy. He will act according to that label," she says.

However, despite behaviour guidelines that exist in school policies she maintains that unintentional or intentional misbehaviour towards the weak student in the classroom is a reality that she cannot deny. The news

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KU announces last date for BA, BCom registration
Karachi: The registrar of the University of Karachi, Prof M. Kaleem Raza Khan, has announced that the registration forms of BA, B.Com, BOL and improvement of division for BA, B.Com and BSC (regular/private) will be accepted till Aug 4 (Thursday).

An amount of Rs2,300 would be charged from the students without any late fee. The forms are available and would also be accepted in the bank counter at the silver jubilee gate of the University of Karachi.

The registrar also announced that the degree or mark-sheet option forms will be accepted till Aug 13.

The forms will be available at offices of departments/ institutes concerned from Monday to Thursday or can be downloaded from the website of the university:

It may be pointed here that the former Master's and Honour's programme has recently been restored. ppi

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BS programme
Karachi: The Registrar, University of Karachi (KU), on Wednesday announced that students who have done their BS programme could submit the degree/mark sheet option forms till August 13.

These forms would be available in the offices of concerned departments/institutes from Monday to Thursday or could be downloaded from the website of the university,

It may be noted here that previous Masters and Honours programme was restored during an Academic Council meeting. It was also decided that the students would be given the right to choose from Masters/Honours or BS degree programme. The news

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KU offers degree option
Karachi: The University of Karachi (KU) has announced that pass out students of BS programme have been provided with an option to get alternate degree of Masters or BA Honours as per the decision of KU syndicate.

The students, interested in an alternate degree, were directed to submit degree option form at the relevant department till Aug 13.

The form would be available in the departments as well as the official website of university.

It is pertinent to mention here that the KU syndicate had restored the programme in its last meeting. Daily times

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300 new private schools established in rural areas'
Karachi: The Promoting Private Schooling in Rural Sindh (PPSRS) Project was launched in 2008-09 and the first two phases have seen establishment of 300 new private schools across 10 districts of rural Sindh, a spokesperson Sindh Education Foundation (SEF) said in a press release issued on Wednesday.

The PPRS per-student subsidies are provided to private entrepreneurs to set up and operate coeducational primary schools in underserved rural communities in disadvantaged districts, he further said.

These schools also avail teachers' training, textbooks, and learning materials. The third phase of the Project was recently launched which would add 700 additional schools to the PPRS portfolio, he added.

The impact evaluation was carried out across 100 project schools by a team comprising researchers from the World Bank, Columbia University, and the RAND Graduate School, he mentioned.

The impact evaluation followed an experimental design, allowing the team to identify the average causal effect of the programme on school participation and achievement. The research findings show remarkable contribution of the Project in terms of increasing access to and the quality of educational models, SEF spokesman said.

PPRS schools have drawn nearly all young children into school increasing the share of children that go to school by 29 percentage points. Moreover the

cost-effectiveness of the PPRS Project in increasing school participation is one of the highest amongst all rigorously evaluated programmes in the developing world, he claimed.

According to the statement issued, the current cost of the programme is roughly Rs7,000 per student per year. The project has produced large gains in child achievements especially in learning of mathematics and local language, he further claimed.

With the milestone achievement, PPRS project are yet another feather in SEF's cap. The results are highly encouraging and evidence that with support from grassroots and the government alike the initiative will continue to grow from strength to strength, he further said.

The Project is supported by the World Bank and European Union through their results-based loans to the province, he added. The news

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