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Irregularities of millions in Quaid-i-Azam University

Report reveals irregularities in QAU
Islamabad, Aug 05: A special audit report (2002-08) has divulged misappropriations, irregularities and excess expenditures in spending involving millions of rupees in the accounts of Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU).

The report available observed that Rs. 565.18 million released for a development project were invested or transferred to other project accounts irregularly whereas the funds provided for one project can neither be invested nor may be spent for non-development purpose or on the other development projects without the approval of Ministry of Finance and Planning and Development Division.

According to report the Higher Education Commission (HEC) released Rs. 596.78 million for a project "Up-gradation and Strengthen of QAU" during financial years 2002-03 to 2007-08 against PC-I's estimated cost of Rs. 625.78 million. According to PC-I, the project was to start during 2002-03 and was to be completed by 2006-07.

But instead of implementing the project the management of the university invested the funds in Term Deposit Certificates, transferred to other projects, accounts and non-development activities. And the project was still to be completed despite the lapse of scheduled time for completion.

However, the management of the university replied to the audit objections that due to the capacity management issues for such a huge project, the amounts could not be utilized as planned hence these were temporarily transferred when required anywhere else.

The amounts were transferred with the approval of the competent authority to meet the urgent requirements which were re-transferred to their parent account and the action of the management is covered under the clause of 4(t) and 15(2) (a) of the University Act.

The Audit also pointed out irregular investment of Rs. 11.20 million in another development project. It said that the HEC released Rs. 15.76 million for a development project "Master Trainers of Physics Department of QAU" during financial years 2003-04 to 2007-08 against PC-I's estimated cost of Rs.26.17 million. But the management invested Rs.11.20 million in Term Deposit Certificates during financial year 2004-05 and earned profit of Rs. 1.20 million.

The management replied that funds could not be utilized due to poor response from the applicants and as soon the number of applicants increased, the funds were utilized.

Audit of development project "Up-gradation and strengthening of QAU" for the years 2002-03 to 2007-08 revealed that advances of Rs. 2.65 million were paid but neither adjustment nor the purpose for which the advances were paid were available on record. It also highlighted the excess expenditure of Rs. 6.05 million that was incurred by diversion of funds allocated for furniture and fixture and networking.

The report also highlighted the blockage of funds amounting to Rs. 0.54 million by the university administration. It said that the scrutiny of stock register revealed that out of laboratory equipment purchased during September 2007 including quartz plates, discharging coil for 2.0 MHz, quarts windows were found in packed condition.

Audit was of the view that the accessories of the equipment were purchased unnecessarily and public funds amounting Rs. 540,400 ($ 6,755) were blocked. However, the management replied that the equipment was installed, tested and put in operation. The nation

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Parents, teachers demand extension in vacation till Eid
Islamabad: The current spell of heat wave coupled with the holy month of Ramazan has perturbed the students, parents and teachers who have demanded of the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) to extend the summer vacation till Eid ul Fitr.

According to information, summer vacation in the federal government schools would end on August 11, and students have been directed to participate in the preparations for Independence Day celebrations falling on August 14. "There is no point in asking students to come on August 11, when the heat and humidity is at its peak and could lead to dehydration and sunstroke," said a teacher.

"Many of the students would be fasting in this humid weather. It is not fair to reopen schools during Ramazan when there are extreme weather conditions," she added.

Meanwhile, Federal Government Teachers' Association (FGTA) also demanded extension in summer vacation up to Eid ul Fitr. FGTA President Azhar Mahmood Awan said that extension in summer holidays is essential because of severe heat wave, power breakdown and fuel shortage across the country.

"Thousands of students and teachers would suffer if appropriate decision is not taken immediately," he said while adding that sanctity of Ramazan also demands restful life particularly last days of Ramazan. He said that he has submitted formal request regarding the extension of summer vacation to CAD Division secretary and FDE DG.

On the other hand parents also appeared perturbed over the reopening of schools during the holy month of Ramazan. "The directorate should rethink over its decision as it would be difficult for the students to go to school in this hot weather especially when they are fasting," said Mohammad Shabbir, father of three children studying in three different schools.

He said that it would not only be difficult for students, but also for parents to pick and drop their children in the hot and humid weather when fuel is also out of reaches. "Standing in long queues for hours to get CNG in hot weather when we are fasting is a difficult job. I think the directorate should think on these lines and announce the extension in vacations," he said.

FDE Director General Atif Mahmood Kiyani said that there was no proposal regarding the extension in summer vacations under consideration. "We are sticking to our plans that all education institutions would reopen on August 11," he added.

He admitted that there were worst weather conditions in the city but said that the early reopening of schools was in the interest of students. "We are afraid that students won't be able to complete their course if the vacations are extended for another 15 to 20 days," he said.

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4,000 fraudulent applications for UK visas detected
London: Officers from the UK Border Agency in Pakistan detected over 4,000 fraudulent documents in visa applications and have prevented more than 200 passengers from boarding UK-bound flights since the beginning of the year (2011), the agency said on Thursday.

The passengers were prevented from travelling because they provided incorrect travel documents, it said. The agency also stepped up its enforcement work abroad to stop those who try to abuse the UK immigration system before they leave their country. "We are doing more than ever to stop those seeking to abuse our immigration system from entering the UK. This action in Pakistan clearly demonstrates that our work does not start at the UK border," Immigration Minister Damian Green said.

"Our investigations into organised immigration crime both in the UK and abroad means we know the kinds of scams gangs are using and can keep one step ahead. The message is clear—the UK is no longer a soft touch."

In February, 12 people were arrested on suspicion of being involved in a sham marriage ring involving Pakistani and Slovakian nationals. The press release said investigation found that Slovakian females would fly to Pakistan and enter into marriages with the Pakistani males to support a visa application to the UK.

"The agency in Pakistan worked closely with colleagues in the UK to provide witness statements and over 400 documents as evidence in support of the prosecution, the press release added.

Between January and March 2011, the UK Border Agency worked with air carriers in Pakistan to remove 214 passengers who were hoping to travel without the proper documents. The agency officers last year also identified over 4,000 travel documents in visa applications made in Pakistan — one of the highest levels of forgery detections in visa applications.

The agency said it was committed to working with Pakistan to tackle illegal migration. "We have worked closely on a number of initiatives and continue to look for ways of working together which will be mutually beneficial," the press release said.

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Rawalpindi: Adil Altaf, a student of the Bajwa Home of Knowledge, got 842 marks in the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Annual Examination 2011 of the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Rawalpindi, says a press release.

Irfan Ali, a student of the F G Public Secondary School, Mehfooz Road, got first position in the school by securing 984 marks in the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Annual Examination 2011 of the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE), says a press release. The news

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