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KU scholarship | Schools summer vacation

KU Botany dept institutes scholarship programme
Karachi, Aug 02: The Botany Department at the University of Karachi, is initiating a departmental scholarship programme to provide opportunities to attain higher education to students who, despite merit, are unable to pursue their studies due to financial constraints.

In this connection, a scholarship management committee has been constituted comprising the chairperson and faculty members of the department.

The university's student financial aid office has also been taken into confidence. Funds for the programme have been generated by the teaching and non-teaching staff of the department. Some philanthropists of the city have also voluntarily participated in the programme.

According to the convener of the committee, Prof. Dr. Raiha Qadri, donors are requested to deposit their donations in the UBL, Karachi University Branch, to the account titled, SMC BOTANY # 201885622, Branch Code 1146, Swift Code: UNILPKKA. The news

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LM first year exam on 4
Karachi: The LLM first year annual examination of Karachi University will commence on Aug 4, according to a university announcement. app

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SSUET students produce rope climbing surveillance robot
Karachi: Students of the Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology (SSUET) have designed and produced a modern rope climbing surveillance robot installed with latest technology that can transfer luggage and heavy material from one place to another, even to the high altitudes. Installed with cameras, it can also keep an eye on the goods and activities of human resource. The robot easily moves through the rope in any direction and it can automatically run by the remote with fed information. Group of four students Murtaza Ali, Kinza Zafar, Faizan Mahmood and Noorul Saba under the supervision of faculty member, Noman Khan produced this robot in seven months with the cost of Rs 70,000. ppi

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Most private schools reopen after summer vacation
Karachi: Students of most of the city's private schools returned to their classrooms after the summer vacation on Wednesday.

The government-run schools will however reopen on September 1 in accordance with a decision which the Sindh government had made late in June that all schools and colleges would remain closed from July 1 to September 1 for the summer vacation.

The last-minute decision, taken by the provincial government out of consideration for students and teachers on account of Ramazan, caused confusion about the summer vacation, as some private schools had already closed for the vacation before the announcement.

In order to clear the confusion, the government later allowed the private schools to observe the June-July summer vacation after taking permission. The senior education minister had defended the summer vacation decision but admitted that the announcement had come late.

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Different schools living in different worlds
Karachi: Should the country's focus be on conquering Kashmir, building more nuclear weapons or implementing Shariah Law?

The answers of students to these pressing questions vary a great deal depending on the type of school they attend, whether its Urdu medium, private English-medium, Cadet College, ordinary English-medium or Madrassah.

Dr Jaffer Ahmed, the director of Area Study Centre for Pakistan Studies at the Karachi University believes that the sort of education given to different socio-economic classes in the country differs drastically.

"The access to knowledge of a student at a Madressa and one at an elite English Medium school is very different. The latter has an internet connection and watches various television channels. He also travels abroad, eats international cuisine and knows the outside world a bit more."

The professor claims that the medium of instruction in the schools is another vital aspect for bringing out these results. "I do not in anyway mean to say that books in the Urdu language are sub-standard, but superficial ideologies in the name of religion are often endorsed in the language. On the other hand, the private English medium schools make their students read classics, which familiarises them with western history."

However, he believes that the stratification is creating "two nations within the country, with no communication bridge, where one group scorns and the other hates the group which scorns".

In a survey conduced in 2002 and reprinted in 2010, the Strengthening Participatory Organisation found that 97.71% of the Madrassah students agreed that Islamic law should be implemented in Pakistan. The students of Urdu and ordinary English-medium schools as well as cadet colleges were also overwhelmingly in favour of Shariah being imposed in the country, with 95.58, 86.55 and 79.07 percent of them, respectively, agreeing to this system of law. However, it was a different story when the same question was posed to students at ordinary English Medium schools and only a little more than half (52.58 percent) would like to see Islamic law in the country.

When questions about Pakistan's policy on conquering Kashmir, developing nuclear weapons and equal rights to minorities were asked - a similar pattern emerged.

"Children from lower socio-economic backgrounds - such as those in the Urdu-medium and ordinary English-medium schools - supported an aggressive foreign policy aimed at more Islamisation and less tolerance of religious minorities," said the study titled Education in Pakistan: a survey. Students from cadet colleges, while being less in favour of Islamisation, believed in a hostile foreign policy.

On the other hand, students at private schools, being exposed to Western sources of information and role models, were least supportive of militant policies and Islamisation, the study said.

However, Abdul Waheed, an Ashoka fellow who has worked extensively on Madrassa reform in the city, considers the research outdated. "The status quo has changed now."

"Over the last couple of years, Madrassa have developed a notorious reputation, which is unwarranted. The system may not be flawless, but people fail to understand that these children often have the Madrassa as their only source of education."

Waheed maintains that many Madrassas now promote interfaith harmony and English-medium education, including computer literacy. "About nuclear weapons they ask, 'what use are weapons which are not benefiting us'," said Waheed, although he stressed that it's mainly the Barelvi Madressas that are adapting to change.

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DUHS-run school offers six degree programmes
Karachi: The Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS) has established a School of Public Health that was inaugurated by its Vice-Chancellor Prof Masood Hameed Khan on July 15.

"It will basically work on the theme that prevention is better than cure", Dr Sabeena Jalal, an assistant professor in community health sciences at the DUHS said.

She said that the Dow University was now eight years old and its leadership had emphasised on several preventive strategies such as low-cost screening for the poor, free eye camps, flood relief efforts and it also offers tertiary prevention such as limb replacement for the amputees.

"Now the School of Public Health offers six degree programmes," she said. "These include MSPH (64 credits), M.Phil in health education (62 credits), Masters in Health Policy and Management (62 credits), Masters in Nutritional Sciences (62 credits), MPH (46 credits), and Masters in Biostatistics and Epidemiology (50 credits). All these programmes are two years programmes," she said. The news

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