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Cambridge exam results today

KARACHI, Aug 9: Cambridge University GCE (O- and A-level) results will be posted August 9 on the British Council website.

"The transcripts will be dispatched once the results are online and will be available in schools the following week," said Seema, a British Council representative.

Private candidates who went through the British Council will be able to check their results online as well and will receive their transcripts by post by next week.

The O-Level students will then throng A-Level schools for admissions or colleges. There is more at stake, relatively, for A-Level students who plan to travel abroad for their undergraduate degrees whose sessions start in September.

Students who have applied to American universities are calm as their results will not affect their results. It is a different picture, however, for students who have applied to the UK and will apply to Australia. "I am praying that I get two As because in my family everyone is a straight-A student," said Rummina Shamsi. "And then it's a matter of a few hours before I shall be a college student."

Some students have conditional offers from foreign universities. They are especially worried because if they do not make the grade, their admission could be cancelled. A-Level student Saad Siddiqui said, "I don't expect to get straight As but I know that I have done pretty well and I should be getting three Bs which is an essential requirement for my BA degree from Kings College."

Others tried hard to relax. "I have been obsessing over the results for more than a week and want to relax a day before it comes out," said A-Level student Sadaf. Another student Samra, who went to watch a new movie out in theatres, needs at least a B in Maths for her economics course. "I have just been lying in bed all the time and am thinking about it," she said.

Another anxious student Raabia said, "Even though I have university tomorrow, I want to collect the result myself." A student who had sat his Urdu exam privately said that he was going to spend the night at a friend's house and check his results early in the morning.

Teachers are also anxious because the results of their students are a barometer of how good they are at their profession. Teacher Farooq Parekh is awaiting the results of his students. "Last year some of our Pakistani students topped in Cambridge examination worldwide," he said. "We expect our students to carry on the success."

Doubt and anxiety mixed with confidence for others. "I am not sure I did that well in my English and Urdu general papers but other than that I had Tort, Criminal and Contract for A-level law and the courses were so appealing that I expect at least two As this time," said Qurat-u-lain Manzar. Daily times

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