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Karachi tops list of most literate districts

ISLAMABAD, Aug 4: Karachi tops the list of the most literate districts in Pakistan, with 78.1 per cent of the population of the city having skills to read and write with understanding.

Rawalpindi stood second in the national ranking of literacy rate, according to the latest report prepared by the federal government.

Earlier, Rawalpindi district was used to be the first in terms of the most literate district in 1998, the federal government report on Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) prepared by the Planning Commission disclosed.

There is no change in the ranking for Lahore as it bagged third position in both comparable periods of 1998 and 2005, but its ratio increased in 2005 to the level of 73.3 per cent from 64.7 per cent in 1998.

Chakwal district clinched the fourth position with 73.2 per cent of its population having become literate in 2005.

Earlier, Jhelum district had assumed the fourth position with 64.1 per cent literate people in 1998.

Gujrat district has lost its position in the ranking, which stood at number five in 1998 with 62.5 per cent literate people. The position has now gone to Gujranwala, having 69.4 per cent literate people in its area in 2005.

In the national ranking during 2005, Jhelum got the sixth position, Gujrat seventh, Quetta eighth, Abbottabad ninth and Sialkot the 10 position.

The ratio of literate people in Sialkot stood at 64.3 per cent, which means that abovementioned other districts are ahead of it.

In Punjab, Rawalpindi is on top in the ranking of the most literate districts as its 75.2 per cent people are literate. The other four top-ranking districts are Lahore, Chakwal, Gujranwala and Jhelum.

In Sindh, Karachi tops the list of the most literate districts in the province both in 1998 and 2005. There are 78.1 per cent literate people in the city. Sukkar comes second with 63.3 per cent literate people in 2005 from 46.6 per cent in 1998.

Noshahroferoz district has replaced Hyderabad by securing third position in 2005 with 58.1 per cent literate people against Hyderabad's literacy rate of 44.3 per cent in 1998.

Shakirpur stands at fourth position in Sindh's ranking, as its 55.9 per cent people were literate in 2005. Earlier, Noshahroferoz got the fourth position by securing 39.1 percentage of literate citizens in 1998. Hyderabad has fallen to the fifth position in 2005 with 52.5 per cent literate people, against its third position in 1998 with the literacy ratio of 44.3 per cent.

In the MMA-led NWFP government, Abbottabad tops the list of the most literate districts in 2005 by achieving literacy ratio of 64.7 per cent. Abbottabad was at the top in 1998 too whit 56.6 per cent of its people being literate.

Haripur district is at number two in 2005 as it was in 1998 with its literacy rate at touched 57.2 per cent in 2005 and 53.7 per cent in 1998.

The report shows that Malakand, which is generally conceived as volatile has outpaced Kohat and got third position in the literacy ranking. There were 50.6 per cent literate people in Malakand district in 2005 against 44 per cent in Kohat in 1998.

In Balochistan, Quetta is at the top of the list with 65.3 per cent of its people literate in 2005 against 57.1 per cent in 1998.

Pashin comes second and Ziarat third in 2005. Pashin had 57.9 per cent literacy rate in 2005 against Ziarat's 34.3 per cent in 1998. The news
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