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NUML's peculiar ways of pestering students

ISLAMABAD, Aug 7: Students at the National University of Modern Languages (NUML) are pushed from pillar to post, only to find that the administration is not ready to refund their security fees that were deposited two years back.

The problem multiplies for those who come from outside Islamabad. It's astonishing that a student has to obtain clearance from six different departments to get the library security back. These troublesome departments include administration, library, examinations, accounts and academics. None of these departments is ready to make the clearance, and the clerks present there insult students if they insist on getting their money back. Students said that the gun-totting security staff even forced them out from the university gates in a humiliating manner, disallowing their entry. It is unclear if their bosses have ordered them to stop students at the gate or they're taking matters into their own hands. The students are so intimidated by the guards that they refused to mention their names or the names of the officials concerned. A girl said she could hardly fight her way through the gates to administration offices. Another student said the administration clerks became rude as soon as they knew the matter was about fees. "We are asked to produce a 'solid proof' to enter the university, let alone getting back our fees," he said. He said no one could furnish the 'solid proof' at the gate as the form for fee refunds was issued at the administration office, for which one had to cross the gate. "How you could satisfy a gun-wielding illiterate security guard if he refused to recognise you despite the fact you have been a student at the university for the past two years, passing the same gates daily," he added. "We have to cite references of different teachers to enter the university. It's an abject form of insult," said a student, who came from Tala Gang. He said there was no reason to stop old students at the gate other than holding back their fees.

A girl said one had to come and go out of the university many times to fill up all forms and arrange documents, as the procedure was lengthy. "For example, a clerk would demand a photocopy of your ID card. The photocopier in the university is an object of disappointment, like many other things. So you have to leave the university to get a photocopy but then you are again at odds to get back into the university as the guards would not let you in," she said. The administration staff has its own ways to pester the students. "The clerks and their bosses do not know how to deal with students, especially girls, as they fluently use slang language," said a student. She said the clerks and their bosses talk to students in their colloquial dialect, in place of the official Urdu language. "The colloquial dialects are hard to understand. When we ask the officials to clear their point, they shout back and hurl abuses," she said, demanding the administration and accounts staff had to learn to behave.

When NUML Spokesman Col (r) Ghazi was contacted for his version regarding the students' complaints, he said he would bring them into the notice of the relevant departments to address them. Daily times
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