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PU BA/BSc pass percentage down by 6.8pc

LAHORE, Aug 23: Punjab University (PU) on Wednesday announced the BA/BSc annual examinations of 2007 results, declaring 26.68 percent pass.

This pass percentage is 6.8 percent lower than that of last year's. The number of students that took the exam was 171,091, of which 45,268 passed.

BA position holders: In BA, Asima Tabassum, roll number 52470 from Government College from women Jhung, has come first with 661 marks out of 800. Rabeel Shoukat (105505), a private candidate from Gujranwala, came second with 633 marks. Sadia Ateeq (19317), a private candidate from Lahore, came third with 631 marks.

BSC position holders: In BSc, Madiha Manzoor (14863) from Government College for women Madina Town in Faisalabad came first with 685 marks and she also topped the overall Bachelors exams. Nosheen Goshi (76042) from Government Queen Marry College came second with 655 marks. Muhammad Ahmad (98575) from Government Islamia College Civil Line came third with 652 marks.

Result details: BA male candidate were 53,660 in number and 9016 of them passed. Male candidates from various institutions were 6,900 in total for BA, of which 16,47 passed. In total 41,644 private male candidates appeared in BA and 6,390 passed. Overall for BA, 1,327 boys came under first division, 6,871 came under second division and 818 came under the third.

BA female candidates were 95,640 in number and 27,801 of them passed. Regular candidates out of this were 32,471 and 12,934 of them passed. Private candidates were 52,702 in total, of which 11,881 passed. All together, 5,871 girls came under the first division, 20,934 cam under the second and 996 came under the third.

For BSc, 10,073 boys took the exams and 2,570 passed. There were 3,828 regular male students of BSc and 1,257 passed, and 2,198 private BSc candidates, of which only 261 passed. In total, 335 BSc male candidates came under the first division, 1,711 came under the second and 504 came under the third. Of the passed, 335 came under the first division, 1,711 came under the second and 504 came under the third.

Female BSc test takers were 9,239 in number and 4,908 passed. Of that, 5,977 were regular, of which 3,448 passed, and 1,539 were private candidates out of which 324 passed. Of the passed, 1,390 came under the first division, 3,201 came under the second and 317 came under the third.

In English Literature, 888 students passed out of 1,290. In Optional English Literature, 19 candidates passed out of 43. English Language for BA had 39,194 passing people out of 148,787. In BSc, 13,362 English Language students passed out of 20,733.

Candidates that defaulted in paying fees are told to clear their dues within seven days of the results announcement or the university would not be responsible for consequences. Candidates who wrote false roll numbers are told to pay fines and get their results cleared also within the seven days. Candidates with late results should give the university their registration numbers within the seven days. The exam invigilators have reported 798 cheating candidates. Result cards have been dispatched through registered mail on August 20.

Supplementary exams: Punjab University will conduct BA/BSc supplementary exams in the third week of October. Forms are to be submitted up to September 6. The Annual examination of 2008 would be held in March/April.

'Hard work is always rewarded': Punjab University vice chancellor Arshad Mehmood said students who worked hard would always be rewarded with success. He told an award distribution ceremony held for the position holders of the BA/BSc exams at Faisal Auditorium, PU New Campus, that parents needed to give quality time to their children to boost their confidence. "Teachers should be research oriented and should have a command over the subject he or she teaches.," he said.

Toppers call for Shariah law

Madiha Manzoor

(BSc student, first position)

I am not deeply concerned with politics. I am however aware of the political situation of the country and I know that implementing Islamic laws would be in the best interest of the country.

Asima Tabassum
(BA student, second position)

I have no interest in politics, but I think Islam should be applied in running the country. The formula would certainly be successful. Pakistani education should be updated and the govt should start semesters in the Bachelors programme.

Nosheen Goshi
(BSc student, third position)

I think Islamic way to govern would prove to be better than any other way. We have experienced dictatorship and democracy and neither of these has worked for us. Our education system has outdated and needs semesters.

Muhammad Ahmad
(BSc student, fourth position)

I am quite interested in politics and I feel Islamic laws would benefit us all. I also feel that the Bachelors degree should be divided into semesters because it makes it more organised for students.

Rabeel Shoukat
(BSc student, fifth position)

Islam guides us in every field of life and an Islamic government would be much better for us. I want to do something to change the political culture of the country. Islam teaches us brotherhood, not extremism.

Sadia Attique
(BA student, sixth position)

Politics has always been a field of interest for me. Islamic laws should be implemented in the government. I feel the annual examinations are better than semesters. They give us more time to prepare. Daily times
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