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Schools being used as marriage halls returned

Karachi, Aug 23: The chain of Government Delhi Schools, boys and girls secondary, Higher, Secondary, and Primary School, was handed over to its original owner, the Delhi Anglo-Arabic College and School Old Boys' Association on the orders of the Sindh High Court (SHC) on Monday. Hitherto it was being run by City District Government as a marriage hall, for the last so many years, according to Professor Razi-ur-Rahman, Principal of the College who was talking to The News.

The School which was nationalised during the Bhutto era in 1974, was given to the government under an agreement signed both by Old boys Association with the condition, that this institution would be run under Public-Private partnership and the government would be tenant of the school.

Defying the agreement, the government, he said, not only occupied the library of the schools but took over control over the office of Old Boys' Association. The building was state of art of education institution when it was handed over to the government but now was ruined by city government, he alleged.

Keeping in view the deteriorating situation both in terms of standard of education and using school premises spread at 4 acre of land with 7500 students studying, for non-teaching purpose, the association decided to move court two years before and finally the verdict came in favour of the association both from Supreme Court and Sindh High Court.

He further informed that about three hundred thousand were over due with the EDO and that also would be paid in couple of period as ordered by the court. He alleged that EDO was misusing the school premises and it was run for only two hours in both morning and afternoon shift, thus violating established norms of educational institutions. While rest of the hours, it was used as tuition centre privately run by EDO.

Unfortunately, he said building presenting a haunted look, as it was neither maintained nor renovated by the government. 'Now two hundred thousand rupees, were required for its repair' and would not be open in this session'.

About accommodation of students and teachers who ever willing to learn and teaching would surely be welcomed, he said. Giving the history of the school, he said personalities like, Justice Qadeeruddin, Justice Haziq-ul-Khairi, Justice Zahoor-ul-Haq; Justice Neem remained the students of the school, while Justice Qadeeruddin remained Vice President for 30 years. The School has the history of some 500 years, he said, and it was established in 1949 in the city.

The sitting President of the Association, BAshir Khan sadly stated that school which contributed its role in education, was now in decaying condition, standard of education was also deteriorated, once the school which was among the top position holder with 78% result of matric, was terribly under devastating situation. The news
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