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Karachi university evening programme fees

KU directions to all students of evening programme
Karachi, Dec 03: Directorate, Evening Programme at the University of Karachi (KU), has directed all students of the evening programme to deposit their tuition fees and clear any outstanding dues by December 10, 2009 (Thursday). In the case of non-payment defaulters will not be allowed to appear in the forthcoming examinations.

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Difficult times at Students' Guidance Bureau in KU
Karachi: The Students' Guidance, Counselling and Placement Bureau, University of Karachi (KU) is passing through difficult times as differences have cropped up between the director of the bureau and teachers at the Department of English.

As a result, the bureau had to engage English teachers from outside. However, students have expressed reservations about the teaching prowess of the teachers.

The English programme at the Bureau was introduced and developed by the faculty of the Department of English in 1989. The chairman of the department was the Academic Supervisor and three teachers– Dr Fauzia Shamim, Prof Kaleem Raza Khan and Abbas Hussain, were appointed as the tutors. All the three teachers are trained in English language. After some times, the programme was taken over by some teachers of the department who are not trained to teach the English language.

Currently, the bureau is headed by Dr Junaid Sagheer Siddiqui, a professor at the Department of Statistics, and it seems that there is no love lost between the English Department and Dr Siddiqui. The English teachers are complaining of the alleged high handedness of Muhammad Waseem, a clerk in the bureau. They say that he (Waseem) prepares the time table on his own accord. The time table, according to some teachers, does not suit them.

Dr Siddiqui, however, denied the accusations calling it a figment of the teachers' imagination. He complained that the teachers never talk to him directly and always communicate with him through Waseem. He said that Waseem happens to be a straight forward person and is an honest and hard working employee, adding that he did not find any fault at his end.

Dr Siddiqui said that they had hired two CSS members who taught Interview, Précis and Pak Affairs to the students. Some 100 students were currently enrolled for courses prior to their taking the CSS examinations. Some 150 students were enrolled for polishing their English. The number varies at different academic years.

Some teachers of the English Department said that the bureau should be handed over to them. Dr Siddiqui said that he has no problem. "If the Vice Chancellor wants so, it is okay. I am here because I have been asked to head the bureau. I will go back, willingly to my department (Statistics)," he said.

Waseem, the clerk at the bureau denied any wrong doing. "I am not involved in any malpractice. Some teachers (of the English Department) had been offended by my straight talk and I went to them and apologised. I do not know what the whole fuss is about?" he maintained.

Some students of the bureau said that in their opinion it should be handed over to the English Department.

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BIEK slaps examination bar on 'cheaters'
Karachi: The 11 students who were allegedly involved in cheating and using unfair means during the Higher Secondary School Certificate (Part II), Science Group, Pre Engineering, annual examination 2009 will not be allowed to appear in any examination for the next two years, while 67 other students will not be allowed to appear for one year, said a press release issued on Wednesday by the Board of Intermediate Education Karachi (BIEK).

BIEK Chairman Anwar Ahmed Zai said that the Board would not tolerate cheating culture and candidates who are found in cheating would be punished strictly. He said that all candidates found guilty must appear in front of the Board's committee, and face their cases. He added that if the accused tried to pressurise the Board, then the BIEK would increase their penalty.

Zai also asked the members of the committee, which consists of senior teachers, to review each and every case and take decision according to merit. The BIEK has also cancelled the results of 492 students. These students have been advised to appear in examinations next year. However, 21 candidates were allowed to appear in supplementary examinations.

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Student Gala at askari park
Karachi: The Sindh Chief Minister, Qaim Ali Shah is expected to inaugurate the 'Student Gala' on December 4 while the event organisers expect a large number of students, teachers, and parents to turn up at the three-day event at Askari Park.

Speaking at a media briefing on Wednesday, INT Karachi Director and Student Gala's Event Director, Misbah-ul-Huda Siddiqui said that the organisation had contacted around 8,000 schools for the participation of students in the Gala comprising over 20 events.

He said the organisers of the event expect that around 150,000 students, teachers, parents, and families would turn up to witness the Student Gala activities. The news

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Colleges in Kotdiji next year
Khairpur: Sindh Education Minister Pir Mazharul Haq has announced that degree colleges for boys and girls will be established in Kotdiji next year. He said that education system had been badly affected due to district government system and interference of nazims in various matters. He was speaking at a gathering of students, staff and parents during his visit to a private school in Kotdiji on Wednesday.

He admitted that compared to other provinces, grades and pay-scales of teachers in Sindh were low adding d that steps were being taken to improve the same. He said that at least 4,000 schools were lying closed in Sindh and many school buildings had been occupied by influential people.

He said that about 640 schools were lying closed in Khairpur district but most of them were reopened during his tenure. However, around 200 schools were still closed, and according to his information, buildings of some of these schools had been occupied by influential people, he said. The minister said the schools would be reopened in ten days with the help of concerned MPAs and MNAs.

He warned that if these schools were not reopened within the stipulated time, action would be taken against concerned officials. He said the Sindh government has decided to open new public-private schools and the government would extend financial assistance to the students.

MNA Dr Mahesh Kumar Malani has said that quality education was the only tool that can pave way for the progress and prosperity of the country. Speaking at the oath taking ceremony of the office- bearers of Tharparkar chapter of the Government Schools Teachers Association on Wednesday, Mr Malani said that it was priority of the government to promote quality education in every nook and corner of the country, hence efforts were afoot to make the closed schools operational. Dawn

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2pc job quota for disabled
Karachi: The government is giving two per cent jobs to disabled persons in official institutions, while opportunities of training them in different sectors were also being provided so as to make them productive citizens, said Chief Minister Sindh, Syed Qaim Ali Shah on Wednesday.

In his message on World Disabled Day (3rd December), Shah urged philanthropists to come forward and help the disabled.

Chief Minister Sindh, Syed Qaim Ali Shah said that different institutions of the provincial government were providing help to disabled persons, which needed to be more effective and useful so that better facilities could be provided to them.

The Chief Minister Sindh, Syed Qaim Ali Shah said this day was being observed all over the world to show solidarity with disabled persons. The chief minister added that this occasion demanded that we should provide ful support to the special persons so that their burden could be eased.

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NAPA graduates first enterprise
Karachi: Since the day the National Academy of Performing Arts was formed in 2005 all eyes were fixed on the people who would graduate with Bachelors degrees in Performing Arts. The formation of NAPA Repertory Theatre Company (RTC) was another milestone but the graduates were still under the shadow of there veteran faculty members. Rung Munch, a new theatre group formed by NAPA graduates is a ray of hope for youngsters aspiring for a future in performing arts. The founding members of Rung Munch include Ali Shaikh, Bakhtawar Mazhar, Ovais Mangalawala, Babar Jamal and Uzma Sabeen.

"We know that coming from NAPA RTC and forming an independent group is a risky job. Comparisons will be made although we do not guarantee as professional a job as our teachers but we want to bring our form of entertainment to the masses," Uzma, one of the founding members of Rung Munch said.

She was of the opinion that the advent of NAPA and other emerging theatre groups had revived the theatre culture but now the theatre, she opined, had started to become very serious. "We want to cater to the masses through our performances. We neither want to be as profane as the plays that take place at Fleet club, nor as serious that the entertainment value of the medium dies," she added.

Theatre is a very strong medium of expression and not everyone realises its power but the members of Rung Munch are keen to form a platform for upcoming theatre artistes. "Being professionally trained is not only a qualification but it is a responsibility. There are a handful of trained theatre professionals in Pakistan and all of them in the later pert of their lives, we as young trained thespians need to lay a foundation for upcoming artistes who plan to pursue theatre as a carrier," Uzma added.

Rung Munch is entering the market with a plan to change trends that are hindering the progress of theatre in Karachi.

'Loan-ly in Love' a play written by Babar Jamal and Directed by Uzma Sabeen will be the debut production of Rung Munch and will go on stage at the PACC auditorium from December 3. The news

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