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Sihala Police Training College Americans presence

Police restricted lawyers entry into Sihala College
Rawalpindi, Dec 20: A large number of lawyers of the Rawalpindi Division Saturday reached Sihala Police Training College to probe the presence of Black Water in the training centre, however, over 1,000 police officials restricted their entrance in the college premises.

Upon this enraged lawyers have decided to stage a big rally against the Black Water on January 5, 2010 in front of the Parliament House. A large number of well equipped Rawalpindi and Islamabad police officials cordoned off the whole area to stop lawyers' entry into the college.

Lawyers hardly reached at the main gate of the training centre and succeeded in breaking the lock of the main gate, but the police did not allow them to enter the college premises. Both lawyers and police exchanged hot words and were seen pushing and pulling each other on the occasion.

All gates of the Sihala Police College Training Centre were closed for the lawyers.

Lawyers raised slogans against America and the college management. Hundreds of lawyers from Rawalpindi Division reached the District Courts, Rawalpindi, on Saturday. Lawyers observed full day strike in the District Courts, Rawalpindi. They appeared from District Courts, Rawalpindi, in a big rally and reached Sihala Police College Training Centre at 11:20 a.m. They were displaying national flag on their cars raising slogans against the presence of Black Water in the sensitive areas of the country.

Traffic on Jhelum Road, Airport Road, Sihala Road and Kutchery Road remained block for one hour because of lawyers' rally. Motorists plying on the road faced great difficulties. Several lawyers spoke on the occasion against the presence of Black Water in the country.

Rawalpindi Bar Association President Taufiq Asif in his address at Sihala Police Training College said that there are several Americans present in the centre, therefore, the management of the centre is not allowing them to enter the premises. Commandant of the Sihala Training Center promised to provide full information, he said.

He said that a large number of Rawalpindi and Islamabad police officials cordoned off the whole area to stop them at the training centre, which proves presence of Black Water here. How they could afford Black Water in this sensitive area near Kahuta plant adding the government should expel Black Water from the country otherwise they have to face reaction.

Lawyers from the country would gather in District Bar, Rawalpindi, to stage a rally outside Parliament House against the Black Water on January 5, 2010, he said.

SP Sihala Police College Pervez Ahmed said that lawyers had not informed the management for their programme. A large number of lawyers were present outside training centre raising slogans and making speeches, but they didn't approached the management for seeking permission to enter in the jurisdiction of the centre, he said.

He also said that police have not used any kind of force against lawyers on the occasion. Traffic remained standstill in Sihala for about two hours during rally of the lawyers. Traffic wardens tried to divert traffic flow to some other alternative routes, but badly failed. The news

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FDE announced schedule of winter vacations
Islamabad: Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) has announced schedule of the winter vacations in all the educational institutions under its administrative control.

According to the schedule all schools and colleges of federal capital would remain closed from December 25 to January 3 for 10 days and reopen on January 4. Daily times

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Book reading habits
Islamabad: With revolution in Information Technology, the book reading habits are changing among the students, as most of them depend on the computer and Internet facility for their study.

The fact that libraries may now be spending a much lower proportion of their total budgets on books than in the past is not necessarily a cause of concern.

Shahid Khan, a lecturer at AIOU's Journalism Department said that with the revolution in technology, the reading habits are changing across the globe. "In our country, there was a culture of reading books even if electricity was not available and people used to read books under streetlights or candlelight. "However it has been noticed that book reading is becoming obsolete and CD, DVD, and Internet culture is becoming more and more popular," he added.

He said our country, too, has entered the digital age and the emergence of more and more traditional media has weakened the bond between the book and its readers. However, it is imperative to realise the importance of book reading.

Najeeb, a student at NUML, said, "We cannot blame only the digitised era for this declining trend in book reading, rather there are several significant issue including lack of public libraries, writing competitions and encouragement at school level to read books other than course books.

Israr Ahmed, a student said that most of the libraries do not have the latest books and other material for reading, so students depend on the Internet and avoid visiting libraries. He said the concerned authorities should take steps in this regard and provide all the latest books to the students.

The National Book Foundation (NBF) in this regard is endeavouring to promote the book reading culture in the country. According to an NBF official, their efforts are yielding positive results, as the number of book readers has increased in the recent years.

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Degrees awarded to graduates
Islamabad: One hundred and one graduates of the Shifa College of Medicine and Shifa College of Nursing were conferred upon degrees during a joint convocation of the two educational institutions governed by Shifa Foundation at the Bahria University's campus.

Of the 77 students appeared in the final MBBS examination, 2009, 76 remained successful, while 24 of the 33 students passed the final BSc Nursing examination, 2009.

Fawad Khaliq secured the first position in the MBBS examination with 76.94 per cent marks. The second and third positions were clinched by girls, Nilofar Ahmed with 75.06 per cent marks and Tayyaba Jamil with 73.78 per cent marks respectively.

In the BSc Nursing examination, all the three top positions went to boys. Fakhrul Islam was the topper with 85 per cent marks, followed by Ashfaq Ahmed with 83.6 per cent marks and Rafiq Ahmed with 83.2 per cent marks.

Professor Dr Naeem Aon Jafarey, former vice chancellor of Ziauddin Medical University, gave away prizes, medals and degrees to the position holders.

It was the seventh convocation of the Shifa College of Medicine and third of the Shifa College of Nursing.

Dr. Jafarey congratulated the graduates and urged them to serve humanity. "You have taken the oath to dedicate your life to the service of humanity. This is a great responsibility, which is difficult, but very rewarding both in this life and the life hereafter. I hope you will discharge your professional duties with conscious and honour, and keep improving your knowledge with latest know-how available in the medical field," he said.

On the occasion, Rector of Bahria University Admiral (r) Haroon said that medical field had witnessed great improvements in the last decades due to progress of medical technology. He said medical inventions had paved the way for improved diagnostic techniques, adding manipulation of chemicals and minerals had also resulted in cure of many previously incurable diseases.

"Medical manipulations have led to control and in some cases, eradication of many dangerous diseases. We are reaching a stage where doctors are able to implant computerised chips into patients to enable them to monitor chronic conditions minute by minute from miles away," he said.

He urged young medical graduates to apply knowledge learnt while performing professional duties and contribute to ongoing research and development in medical science.

In his address, Prof Dr Muhammad Amin, the dean of Shifa College of Medicine and Shifa College of Nursing, said as the nation had to pool its strength and resources together to meet current difficult times, doctors also needed to contribute their share of knowledge and expertise to efforts underway for improving situation.

"We, the doctors and nurses, need to combine technical expertise with a healing orientation. Apparently, these are two contradictory demands. A technical orientation is characterised by scientific clarity, emotional elusiveness, emotional entanglement and a generality of approach.

A technical expert works under a well-defined business contract, while a healer responds to appeal, transcending the nature of a business venture."

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FM radio facility for NUML students
Rawalpindi: Rector National University of Modern Languages (NUML) Prof Dr Abdul Aziz has said that the University has launched an FM radio for the entertainment of audience besides updating its students regarding various educational programmes.

Students and teachers of the University will regularly present programmes on the radio at the frequency 104.6, he said.

Head of FM Radio Haroon Jafari said we should avail the facility of radio for human welfare and morality, adding that the technology provided to FM is sufficient but it should be updated.

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Flower Show at PMAS-AAUR
Rawalpindi: A two-day colourful 'Chrysanthemum & Autumn Flower Show' opened here Saturday at Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi (PMAS-AAUR) with an aim to offer advanced techniques in the field of growing and production for the promotion of floriculture.

The show has been organised by AAUR's Department of Horticulture in collaboration with Pakistan Horticultural Society that is expected to provide a platform to growers, researchers and buyers to share their experience in the field of floriculture.

The institutes that participated in various categories of the show included Islamabad Club, Allama Iqbal Open University, Fatima Jinnah Women University, CMH Rawalpindi, AFIP Rawalpindi, Air Force Headquarters and AAUR.

Flower arrangement and cut flower categories caught the attention of the visitors soon after the start of the show that proved to be an attractive event for people from all age groups and walks of life. Around 20 participants took part in the flower arrangement and 15 in the cut flower categories from different colleges, schools and institutes, and also on individual level. Artistic arrangements were displayed in a beautiful manner under this section.

Prof Dr Sarwat Naz Mirza, Dean Faculty of Forestry, Range & Wildlife Management, said while inaugurating the show that chrysanthemum is a highly sensitive flower specie and gets mature for only 20-30 days between the months of November and December after intensive caring for a whole year.

Prof Dr Nadeem Akhtar Abbasi said around half a million people are expected to attend the show that would provide them with some advanced techniques of growing flowers even at a very small scale.

A student, Nosheen Ahmad, said it is a healthy activity and she was pleased to see hundreds of shades of chrysanthemum. She said the bamboo decor and neatly laid rows have made the show an outstanding event.

The AAUR students also displayed glass paintings, jewellery, gift boxes, handmade and dry leaf cards, traditional handicrafts, fabric paintings, calligraphic work, cartoons, sculptures, abstract art and posters during the show.

A panel of specialist judges has been invited to observe the performance and give results in all categories of the show that are open to the general public, while a prize distribution ceremony is also scheduled to encourage the participants. The news

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