AIOU graduate level programmes results

AIOU to announce results on Feb 25
Islamabad, Feb 08: Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) will announce results up to graduate level programmes on February 25.

This was stated by spokesman of the University, Ubaidullah Mumtaz, here on Sunday. He said that admissions for the Semester Spring, 2011 from matriculation to PhD level in all over the country are continuing. He said that admission forms could be obtained from the main campus of University at Sector H-8, Islamabad as well as from its 36 regional campuses around the country. Last date for the submission of admission forms without late fee is February 25.

He said that computerized admission forms have been sent to all the students across the country, in case of non-receipt, the students should download the computerized admission form till Feb 15, from the website of the University or obtain it from the nearest Regional Campus of the University and submit it with fee till February 25.

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B.Tech graduates suffer as status of degree undefined
Islamabad: Advancement in technology can bring revolutionary changes but the technology (B.Tech) graduates in the country are deprived of access to higher studies, job opportunity in public departments and promotions due to undefined status of their degrees.

Over 50,000 B.Tech graduates have demanded to establish Pakistan Technology Council (PTC) for their registration, which can safeguard their rights.

Talking to APP here on Sunday, Chairman of Pakistan Council of Technologists Sheikh Javed said that a draft bill for the establishment of Pakistan Technology Council (PTC) was forwarded to the Prime Minister in February 2010, which was sent to the Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) on March 3, 2010 for comments but it was still pending with the ministry.

The government had reiterated its commitment many times to work for the promotion of technical education but the PEC had prohibited the education ministry for establishing Pakistan Technology Council, Javed said.

Over 10,000 B.Tech graduates complete their degrees from different institutes annually and start struggle for jobs.

"I have completed B.Tech programme but there is no scope of this programme in Pakistan so I have decided to go abroad and seek job," said Atif Malal.

B.Tech programme was formally launched in 1973 and the then Ministry of Education was directed to give status of B.Tech (Hons) degree at par with B.Sc Engineering/B.E degree, according to the letter No. 15-29/73-Tech.

According to the letter no PEC/4-P/QEC, the PEC stated that B.Tech degree would be considered equivalent to B.Sc/BE and the same decision was taken in 9th inter-provincial ministers conference at Quetta in 1986, 39th HEC meeting on 12-2-98, FPSC in its letter no F4-89/2002-R but now the PEC is not ready to accept their status.

The B.Tech holders study the same courses like engineers and are equally competent but they have to struggle and file cases individually to recognise their degree status, Sheikh Javed said.

The Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) has refused to register technologists while different public departments are denying to recognise their degrees, not giving them jobs. Those, who have already got government jobs, do not get promotions up to Grade 16, he said.

Sheikh Javed said the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) is also not appointing the B.Tech degree holders directly.

Most of the B.Tech graduates, after completion of their qualification, move to other countries in search of better job opportunities, he said. The technologists holding B.Tech qualification have filed several cases in courts and got 17 decisions in their favour, declaring their degree equivalent to BSc/BE but no decision has not been implemented so far.

The full bench of Supreme Court in Suo Motu Review Petition No. 52 of 1993 gave its verdict on June 05, 1995 in favour of B.Tech (Hons) (PLD 1995 SC 701), thrashing out the role of PEC.

But, the PEC in 2004-05 managed the amendments by adding new clauses and definition of professional engineering work and section 5A of Section 27 only to null and void the decision of full bench of Supreme Court thus to interfere in the service matters and blocking promotion channels of employees possessing B.Tech (Hons) degrees.

Saleem Akhtar, Associate Engineer NESPAK told APP that B.Tech holders are facing severe difficulties due to unclear status of their qualification.

Although the Higher Education Commission (HEC) issues equivalence certificate to the graduates but the public departments refuse to employ them, he said.

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No check on schools without teachers
Rawalpindi: The future of children studying in government schools is at stake due to non-committed teachers and lack of attention by the concerned authorities towards the issue. Parents, who cannot afford to send their children to good academic institutions, wonder what will be the future of their kids after passing out from such institutions where teachers remain absent from duty for six to seven months in an academic year.

According to sources, the majority of teachers employed in government schools often remain on leave, tending their personal businesses or tuition centres. They don't care as to what happens to kids who come to schools regularly, as they get their salaries every month without a problem.

When contacted Rawalpindi Division Teachers Association President Saghir Alam, he admitted that the standard of education in government schools was continuously falling because teachers were not committed to their profession. He said that the majority of teachers remain absent for months, but they get their salaries and other allowances regularly. "Many teachers are on 'long leave' and some have even left Pakistan for jobs in other countries, but they are still getting salaries and other perks and privileges from the department. It is only possible with the full cooperation of the high-ups of the department and school managements," he added.

When contacted Executive District Officer (EDO) Education Qazi Zahoor-ul-Haq, he admitted that non-committed teachers were the main reason behind dwindling standard of education in government schools.

He said: "I have constituted special teams to conduct surprise visits to all schools in the district to check the number of absent teachers. I have demanded full record of teachers who are on 'long leave'. I would take strict legal action against such teachers who are playing with the future of students," he added.

Muhammad Shabbir Qureshi, the father of a class 8 student, said that the government academic institutions are running without any leadership. "The government should take positive steps to improve standard of schools or close down such institutions," he added.

Muhammad Noman Mazhar, a student of class 10, said that his Mathematics and English teachers were absent for the last two months and the school management did not provide them with any alternative. "The teachers force us to join their private academies. There are no toilets, no playgrounds, no drinking water and no teachers in my school," he added.

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Grammarians show their singing, dancing talents
Islamabad: The International Grammar School and College, F-11/4, held its Annual Talent Show, which served as a refreshing break after an intense stress of examinations on students.

The occasion served as a platform for all those who wished for their talent to be recognised. The performances were categorised into different types, of which the most enjoyable ones were singing, dancing and standup comedy shows. The event focused not only on the talent hidden within the walls of the institution, but also catered to young people on a larger scale by opening the competition to students of other schools in twin cities.

Faizan Khan and Mian Abdullah Saeed, co-presidents of the IGSC Student Council, welcomed all guests to the event.

The show was opened by an enthralling performance by Aymen Sohail, a talented Grammarian from 'A' Level Second Year. Aymen won the crowd over by the melodious tunes of songs such as 'Sain' and 'Lal Meri' which he played on his electric guitar, a tribute to the 'Junoon' band.

The second performance was a real surprise for the audience in which the hidden talent of a debutante female vocalist came into the limelight.

Hijab Siddique, also a Grammarian and a student of 'A' Level Final Year, sang the ballads - 'Am Yours' and 'Need You Now'. Moyez Ikhlas from 'O' Level Final Year accompanied on the guitar.

Nkateko Phakula, an IGSC student from 'O' Level Final Year, had the crowd rolling with laughter with his wit and humour.

It was followed by a spectacular break dance performance by Khyber Manzoor and Saba Ahmed.

The stage was then taken over by students from other institutions, who were delighted to have a chance to perform before such a diverse audience.

Faizan Mujtaba, a vocalist, and Subhan Naeem, a guitarist; a solo act by Usman Ayub playing the acoustic guitar along with singing; 'Raag' - The Band featuring Naqash Munir as the vocalist, Waleed Mirza on the rhythm guitar, Abdul Qadeer on the lead guitar and Noman Samuel on the bass guitar; and 'Jers' -The Band featuring lead vocalist Syed Zargham Haider Naqvi along with Atif, and Kamran and Haseeb on the guitars also performed on the occasion.

The grand finale of the show was a dance-off between Grammarians and non-Grammarians, marking a memorable end to an entertaining evening. The news

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