FDE teachers Up-gradation process

Up-gradation of FDE teachers under process, Jakhrani informs NA
Islamabad, Feb 25: Parliam- entary Secretary for Education Gul Muhammad Jakhrani on Thursday informed National Assembly that up-gradation of federal government teachers was under process while it would be resolved soon.

Responding to a calling attention notice of Muhammad Barjees Tahir, Raja Muhammd Asad, Tasneem Siddiqui, Ibrar Ahmad and Tariq Fazal Chaudhry, he said that the federal government teachers went on strike on February 17 for implementation of their long-standing demand of up-gradation. He said Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani had taken the notice of the issue and announced up-gradation of the teachers on the occasion of teachers' day, adding that since finance division had issued the notification of their up-gradation, the teachers had called off the strike and assumed their duties.

He said government was committed to resolve the problems of teachers and all out efforts would be made in this regard, adding that measures were being taken to ensure uniform school system.

Protesting teachers on February 22, gave a deadline of 20 days to government to implement teachers' package after the intervention of PM who issued a special directive regarding teachers' up gradation and uniformity in education system in Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT).

Sources in Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) informed that a directive, comprising five clauses was received to education ministry on February 21, which asked for the up gradation of teachers' w.e.f 1st January 2011.

According to the directive, the clause 2604 of the directive asked for the up gradation of teachers working under FDE, 2605 says for giving the status of model schools and colleges to the federal government schools and colleges, 2606 asked for the charge allowance for the principal/ head of the institute that would be around Rs 3000 to Rs 4000, 2607 asked for the provision of transport facilities for the students and teachers of rural areas of ICT and 2608 asked for the consideration for the establishment of model universities to cater to the growing need of higher education facility in ICT.

A meeting between the Ministry of education Secretary Athar Tahir, FDE DG Shaheen Khan and the representative of FGTA continued for many hours in which the mechanism for the implementation of the package was decided. "We have given them a time period of 20 days for the implementation of the package. We are hopeful that it would be implemented in letter and spirit otherwise we would again boycott classes," he said.

The teachers were on strike from February 15 and since then negotiations were going on between FGTA representatives and Ministry of education.

As many as 388 education institutions under FDE have observed complete strike with the total boycott of the classes, examinations (internal and external) and any kind of Duty assigned.

The failed process of negotiations has also lead to the postponement of central examinations for class 5th. Initially the teachers of all cadres peacefully staged a sit-in on the premises of the schools where they found sitting on carpet outside staff rooms but afterwards they held a historic rally in which hundreds of teachers participated. Daily times

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YDA holds strike, RMC accepts demands
Rawalpindi: Thousands of patients visiting three allied hospitals in town had to suffer badly on Thursday because of a strike by the Young Doctors Association (YDA) to get reinstated three suspended doctors at the District Headquarters Hospital.

On YDA's call, young doctors did not serve in outpatient departments of the Benazir Bhutto Hospital, Holy Family Hospital and the District Headquarters Hospital properly, however, intensive care units, coronary care units and emergency departments of the three hospitals remained operational as per routine. The call resulted in closure of the outpatient departments (OPDs) in allied hospitals that collectively accommodate over 4,000 patients daily on average.

The YDA announced strike against a decision of allied hospitals' administration and Punjab Health Department regarding suspension of three doctors from DHQ Hospital. The three doctors including Senior Registrar Dr. Faryal and postgraduate trainees Dr. Bashir and Dr. Shafiq were suspended on allegations of misconduct and negligence and an inquiry was conducted against them.

The YDA termed the allegations baseless and the inquiry biased and demanded the allied hospitals administration and health department to nullify the inquiry report and to reinstate the three doctors immediately. "The allegations are baseless while inquiry conducted is also biased," said YDA Punjab Chairman Dr. Muhammad Haroon. He added that the protest is being organised on a single-point agenda, the reinstatement of the three doctors after nullifying the inquiry conducted.

The protesters interrupted the working at the OPDs Thursday morning and staged a sit-in protest on Benazir Bhutto Road in front of BBH at around 10:30 a.m. The protesters held a complete strike at the OPDs and blocked Benazir Bhutto Road for nearly three hours.

At around 1:30 p.m., Rawalpindi Medical College Principal Professor Dr. Muhammad Afzal Farooqi along with medical superintendents of DHQ Hospital Dr. Sher Ali and BBH Dr. Asif Qadir Mir started negotiations with representatives of the YDA on the road.

The allied hospitals administration announced reinstatement of the three suspended doctors on which the YDA called off the strike at around 2:00 p.m.

"RMC principal announced reinstatement of the doctors while nullifying the inquiry report," said Dr. Muhammad Haroon adding the principal has ordered a fresh inquiry into the matter. He said that the YDA has called off the strike and young doctors would serve as per routine in the OPDs of the three hospitals from today (Friday).

It is important that the OPDs in the allied hospitals operate from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. daily and because of the strike, the OPDs did not operate as per routine on Thursday. The three hospitals almost cover the entire district and patients from far-flung areas of the region do come to the hospitals particularly for specialised treatment.

The BBH chief Dr. Asif Qadir Mir, when contacted, admitted that the strike caused interruption in working of the OPDs at the allied hospitals, "However, the matter has been resolved and the OPDs would work as per routine from Friday."

Khalid Iqbal adds: Patients suffered badly following the strike of the Young Doctors Association.

The helpless patients suffering from different diseases were seen running from pillar to post to find doctors for treatment, but in vain. After failing to find doctors, a number of patients, particularly women, exchanged harsh words with paramedical staff on duty at the District Headquarters Hospital, Benazir Bhutto Hospital and the Holy Family Hospital.

The patients admitted in wards and private rooms were perturbed as no doctor attended them.

District Headquarters Hospital Deputy Medical Superintendent Dr. Zafar Mehmood told this scribe that some doctors forcibly locked the doors of the wards in an attempt to keep the patients away.

Patients and their attendants said that doctors have locked the doors of wards. "We are waiting for doctors since the morning, but doctors are on strike," they said. They said that they could not afford private clinics because of high fee of doctors.

Khurram Aftab, a kidney patient visiting the Benazir Bhutto Hospital, was crying in pain. He said: "I am waiting for a doctor since the morning. I cannot walk because of severe pain, but doctors are not present in the hospital."

Shahzia Rehman, a heart patient, expressed concern over the behaviour of doctors. They should have opted for an appropriate way for resolution of their problems rather than going on strike, she said. She said that hundreds of patients, who have come from far-flung areas, are facing great difficulties in this situation.

Sobia Shaheen was crying as her infant was suffering from pneumonia. She said: "I have no money to see a private doctor. I am here at the District Headquarters Hospital since the morning for the treatment of my baby, but there is no doctor." The news

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HEC helpless as education money minting goes on
Lahore: Under the nose of the Higher Education Commission, some private and purely business-orientad educational institutes are plundering students on the name of quality education and are playing havoc with their future by launching various 'fake' degree programmes without getting approval of authorities concerned.

Dozens of such institutes are functioning in the city, which still are not affiliated with the HEC but are minting huge amounts as fees on the name of admissions in the higher educational programmes and further are awarding various bachelor and master degrees to the students, which are not considered recognized even in any private organizations and federal or provincial governments' departments and educational institutes as well.

Moreover, these unrecognized educational institutes are exploiting those students in particular who failed to get admission in any government educational institute due to certain reasons especially such students who wanted to get technical education or professional degrees at any cost whereas due to limited number of seats in government institutes, such students compel to get admissions in these private educational institutes.

However, some opportunist and unapproved colleges, by taking advantage of the situation start offering such educational degree/certificate programmes to the students, which even were not allowed for private institutes according to the relevant laws of the country. But these unapproved institutes are offering different educational/study plans to the innocent students just for the sake of money.

"They misguide the students and usually ensure them at the time of admission that their institutes not only are affiliated with the HEC or any local or abroad universities but also their degree/certificate programmes are being recognized internationally".

Besides these unapproved educational institutes, even some HEC's approved educational institutes also are involving in this illicit business by offering different study planes and degree programmes without getting approval of HEC.

For instance, an educational scam also appeared when a private educational institute namely Hajvery University, which not only is one of the oldest private institutes of the city but also is recognized by HEC, offered engineering degree (BSE) a couple of years ago. Some students told this scribe that on the occasion of offering engineering degree programme, the university advertised the programme in all the local newspapers for attracting those students who were desirous to become an engineer and charged millions of rupees (Rs 55000 per semester from each student many years) from the students for awarding them degree of engineering.

But, they concealed facts from the students and on the completion of study plan, the university administration awarded the students a degree of BSc on which the students demanded degree of engineering for which they paid millions of rupees to the institute. However, the university administration rejected their demands and forced them to get BSc degree. While the students were stick to their demand of degree of engineering and were insisting the administration to give them their rights and refused to get BSc degree, they added.

Later, the students, studying in engineering programme, also joined the protestors and they also boycotted classes and protested against the administration and the HEC authorities because the students were of the view that both the university administration and HEC officials are responsible of deceiving students. Later, the students in this regard also staged protest demonstration in front of the National Assembly.

However, we are determined to fight for their right and would protest till the acceptance of their demands, they concluded. However, when this scribe tried to contact the university administration for getting their point of view in this regard, the administrators were reluctant to talk. The nation

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LLB, Sciences results announced
Peshawar: The controller examination, University of Peshawar on Thursday announced results of Bachelor of Law Part-I, II supplementary examinations and Bachelor of Science in Forestry (4th term and 5th term) annual examination.

A notification said in Bachelor of Law part-I a total of 404 candidates appeared in the examination among 177 candidates were declared successful, showing pass percentage of 43.81 per cent. In Bachelor of Law part-II a total of 177 candidates appeared in the examination wherein 148 candidates pass the examination. The pass percentage was 83.61.

In Bachelor of Science in Forestry 4th term, a total of 69 candidates appeared and all were declared successful, showing the pass percentage of 100 per cent. In Bachelor of Science Forestry 5th term a total of 69 candidates and all were declared successful. The pass percentage was 100 per cent. The news

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