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IIU rector's tenure extended
Islamabad, Feb 16: President Asif Ali Zardari on Wednesday extended tenure of International Islamic University (IIU), Islamabad, Rector Professor Fateh Muhammad Malik in acknowledgement of his services for promotion of education.

On this occasion, IIUI Acting President Dr. Sahibzada Sajidur Rehman organised a meeting that was attended by heads of all departments, deans, and a large number of staff members.

Dr. Sajidur Rehman said the university is fortunate to have a towering literary figure like Professor Malik as its rector for an extended period of time who has a distinguished position in the world of literature. Officers Welfare Association (OWA) President Raja Munir congratulated Prof. Malik upon extension of his tenure as rector of the university.

He hoped that Prof. Malik, keeping up to his stance for welfare and well being of the university staffers, would continue taking the university towards meeting its targets. Academic Staff Association (ASA) President Dr. Muhammad Bashir said teachers of the university are united under the leadership of Prof. Malik.

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IIUI clarifies but also admits pay cuts
Islamabad: Taking exception to reports published in a section of press, the International Islamic University Islamabad has made it clear that the administration has not cut salary of any teacher from Faculties of Management Science and Engineering and Technology; nor has issued any humiliating letter to anyone.

It said that Board of Governors of the university, which is equivalent to syndicate, has decided, after thorough deliberations, that incentives should be rationalised and be given to all on equality basis. It said the university has not withdrawn benefits teachers are entitled to as per Higher Education Commission (HEC) guidelines. It said teachers of these two faculties continue to get M. Phil and Ph D allowances in addition to the extra charges they are paid for working in evening shifts.

It said the university follows pay structure as set by the government, having little room to deviate from it. It said as per the government pay structure, salaries have been increased twice over the last four years and the university has passed this benefit on to all of its employees instantly.

It said the IIUI has not increased student fees for three years while other universities have been increasing fees on an annual basis. It said nowhere in the world, teachers are paid in accordance with student fees. If student fee can justify pay enhancement, salaries of teachers of the faculties whose fees are relatively lesser should be lesser, which of course is not the case.

It said teachers have only been intimated that the university desires that they keep working with it but if they have to leave, they may inform about it in due course of time. It said the university regards its teachers highly and will keep on working for their welfare.

Usman Manzoor adds: IIUI has admitted the cut in packages and issuing a humiliating letter 'of either accepting this cut or leave the university' in the clarification. The News had simply reported that IT professional, engineers, financial experts and senior business teachers having handsome and career-oriented jobs in professional organization had left jobs to join IIUI against good packages and not only these professionals but also the M. Phil and Ph D scholar joined these IIUI jobs for the same reason. Now, these professors and lecturers have been working with IIUI for a long time, more than a decade in some cases, and they are humiliatingly being asked to quit or accept salary-cut. It is absolutely untrue that professors of Faculty of Management Sciences and Faculty of Engineering and Technology who used to deliver lecturers in evening shifts got extra payments and The News has verified the fact from many professors. In many other universities too there is no concept of evening shifts.

The story contained the demand of IIUI professors that the decision of salary cut should be withdrawn and that these two faculties, who take three to four batches a semester, have decided to take only one batch per semester.

As far the fee of the students is concerned, this is true that salaries could not be fixed in line with the fees of the students but IIUI should have also commented on the difference in fees that it is maintaining i.e. the average fee of a student from other faculties is maximum Rs15000 per semester whereas in the said two faculties the average fee of a student is Rs70000 per semester. The News stands by its story. The news

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RBISE registration forms
Rawalpindi: Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) Rawalpindi has advised the students to submit their registration forms for the annual intermediate examination 2012 in the nearby government schools or colleges.

The admission forms can be downloaded from the official website of BISE Rawalpindi.

Over 22 schools and colleges in the division will receive admission forms for the annual intermediate examination to be held in May, says a hand out of BISE Rawalpindi issued here on Tuesday. Dawn

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Annual day at F G Sir Syed College
Rawalpindi: The annual prize distribution ceremony was held at the Federal Government Sir Syed College here on Wednesday to give prizes to the students who achieved positions in the board and university examinations during the academic session 2011-12.

Eminent educationist and scholar Professor (r) Ghulam Sarwar was the chief guest on the occasion. The prize distribution ceremony was attended by a large number of parents, teachers and educationists of the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

FG Sir Syed College Principal Professor Syed Khalid Zarif apprised the chief guest and participants of achievements of students and performance of the academic institution in the academic year 2011-12.

Speaking on the occasion, Professor Syed Khalid Zarif appreciated efforts put in by faculty members and stressed on the need for further improving the standard of education.

The chief guest gave awards to students of the college who achieved positions. In his speech, Ghulam Sarwar appreciated the performance of students and faculty members who brought about glory of the institution. He advised students to give full attention to their studies to get real success in life and for the betterment of society in which they are living.

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World Wetlands Day event
Islamabad: The winning students of the World Wetlands Day event titled 'Wetland Tourism: A Great Experience' were given prizes at its concluding ceremony organised by the Pakistan Wetlands Programmes at the Islamabad College for Girls, F-6/2, on Wednesday.

The activities of the event began on February 2. The chief guest of the concluding ceremony was Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD) Secretary Imtiaz Inayat Ellahi. This year, the theme of the mega event was 'Wetland and Tourism'. The event created a sense of awareness about the role tourism plays in environment. Wetland tourism has benefits both locally and nationally for people and wildlife - benefits such as stronger economies, sustainable livelihoods, healthy people and thriving ecosystems - an ideal time to start thinking about the precious source.

Speaking on the occasion, Imtiaz Inayat Ellahi said that earlier in the master plan of Islamabad there was hardly anything significant about environmental conservation. "The capital was given the slogan of 'Islamabad, the beautiful', but we changed it to 'Islamabad, the green city' keeping in mind our provisions for greenbelts and extensive plantation in the city. Measures are being taken to make greenbelts and making good landscapes and cleaning 'nullahs' so that water can be harvested.

He said: "Right from the beginning, students have supported us in every project we took up and creating awareness among masses. Shortly, we are planning to inculcate good civic habits in government schools so that children also learn about their responsibility towards a cleaner society. Islamabad is a model city so each and every project initiated here should be of international standards. We will leave no stone unturned to make it a cleaner and a greener city. In this regard, our young generation can play a pivotal role," he added.

On the occasion, the theme song was presented by Zainab and Tahir Naeem. Its lyrics were written by Nasir Malik. Different schools presented dramas and tableaux that highlighted environmental issues being faced by the country and how city's environment could be improved.

Imtiaz Iyayat Ellahi appreciated students for having extensive knowledge and awareness regarding environmental conservation and efforts to keep the city clean. He specially mentioned the Roots School System among private academic institutions which has made efforts in this regard and also received the award for 'Maximum Participation' in the event.

Students also conveyed their thoughts on canvas to highlight the importance of wetlands. Some of them expressed their ideas in the form of story, poetry and others in the form of drawing and painting. They forced all stakeholders to think about the impact of human activities on environment. They focused on the optimal use of environmental resources that constitute a key element in tourism development, maintaining essential ecological processes and helping to conserve natural resources and biodiversity.

About 4,000 students from 100 public and private schools participated in the event celebrated earlier this month. A range of activities were organised to enable students to express their views on the subject through art, debate, play and poetry competitions, among other activities. The participants conveyed messages through their talent, in the form of story, poetry and artwork. Every participant was exceptional in expressing his or her thoughts.

The winning students were awarded with gifts and souvenirs in the end. The news

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