Sex scandals rocked IIUI

Shame covers sleaze
Islamabad, Feb 13: Sex scandals have rocked the International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) in recent months, with several faculty and staff members accused of preying upon the vulnerable female students or juniors.

Many connected with the university admit that "seedy affairs had been going on in the holy precincts" for some time. But they did not speak on record.

Acting president Sahabzada Sajidur Rehman of the university, however, confirmed that recently a professor and a librarian left the university after allegations of rape emerged against them.

"We did not approach the police to investigate the allegations as it would have brought bad name to the university and set parents of the 9,500 girls studying here worrying," he said on Thursday.

Sources in the university claimed that the professor of economics department used to offer his victims "good marks" in examinations in return for sex. He would even force himself upon the unwilling with threats of failing her.

It was shocking to hear the president of the University Staff Welfare Association, Chaudhry Mohammad Nazir, say "the situation is far worse than what you know".

IIUI sources said the professor's escapades came to an end after he landed his last victim on January 20, a Friday. The university asked the victim to file a formal complaint for initiating action against the accused but her family refused.

However, the students union took up her case and threatened the university administration it would go public with the evidence, the sources said.

It was claimed to be the same kind of evidence that had gone viral on the internet and forced the university's old librarian to resign a few months earlier.

That was despite the university administration's alleged attempt to make his victim a female assistant to resign on the charge that she was a willing partner. But she firmly refused and went on leave.

On her return, the administration assigned her to a new department, according to her colleagues.

It is not that families of the victims of coercive sex took their sufferings lying down. One father reported a senior faculty member to the Prime Minister's Secretariat which instructed the Islamabad police to investigate.

When the investigators arrived to probe, however, the university officials pleaded with them to hush up the matter as "the accused has already been punished" and a probe would only tarnish the image of the university and scare the parents.

It is a different matter that for the librarian the punishment meant retiring six months before it was due, and for the professor resigning on his own and securing a new job in the National Agriculture Research Centre, allegedly with the help of friends in the bureaucracy. Dawn

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GCU convocation on 22nd
Lahore: The 10th convocation of the Government College University (GCU) will be held at the university's Bokhari Auditorium on February 22. About 1,300 students from graduation to PhD would be awarded degrees, academic medals and Rolls of Honor this year at the convocation. The first formal convocation of the Government College, Lahore, was held in April 1909. The then Lieutenant-Governor of Punjab Sir Louis Dane was the chief guest on this occasion. The first convocation of GC as a university was held in 2002.

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LCWU admission date
Lahore: Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) has extended the date for admission to Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching (PGDT), a new evening programme offered by the varsity's Department of Education. The application forms for admission can be obtained and submitted in Information Office of LCWU till February 15, 2012.

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Private medical colleges up fee with retrospective effect
Lahore: Private medical/dental colleges have increased their fee structure by 20 per cent with effect from the ongoing session on the basis of a notification by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) with retrospective effect.

It is worth mentioning that the colleges have already completed admission process for the session 2011-2012. The latest increase in fee structure has brought the dues close to Rs 800,000 for securing admission to first year MBBS/BDS classes in private medical/dental colleges in the province.

It has been learnt through students and their parents that several private medical/dental institutions have started charging 20 per cent extra as balance fee from the ongoing session - a phenomenon seemed to be emerging in connivance with the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council, often dubbed as Private Medical and Dental Council, as it had "intentionally" left this room by avoiding to specifically mention the 20 per cent raise in fee structure with effect from the ongoing or upcoming session.

According to documents available, the management of a private medical college had asked the students to deposit Rs 100,000 balance fee as per notification of the PMDC.

It may be mentioned that, as per challan form, last date for submission of balance fee is February 15, 2012. Earlier, according to a student's receipt dated November 1st, 2011 available with The News the college has already received Rs 649,285 against First Year MBBS college fee for the session 2011-2012.

The private medical colleges cannot charge any raise in fee structure by the PMDC retrospectively. It is also learnt that other private medical colleges are also raising their fees retrospectively to the detriment of parents/students' financial interest, who condemned PMDC for leaving them completely on the mercy of private medical colleges.

The medical graduates blame the PMDC for this anomaly as tuition fees varied substantially in different private medical/dental colleges. The students/parents demand refund of balance fee of Rs 100,000 by withdrawing the decision to implement the raise with effect from the ongoing session.

Meanwhile, Young Doctors Association (YDA), Pakistan, has written to the private medical/dental colleges not to raise fees "unlawfully" by "misquoting" the letter from the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) in this regard. It has written letters under the subject "Increase in tuition fee" to principals of four out of 11 private medical/dental colleges in Lahore, asking them to refrain from increasing fees for the ongoing session 2011-12 unlawfully.

YDA General Secretary Dr Salman Kazmi said the YDA would write letters to remaining seven private institutions in a couple of days against their decision to increase fees unlawfully, vowing to challenge the PMDC's decision to increase fees in the court of law.

Prof Laeeq Hussain Siddiqui, principal of a medical college, confirmed that the private medical/dental colleges had been charging Rs 100,000 as balance fee with effect from the current session on the basis of PMDC's notification of 20 per cent increase in fee structure. To a question whether the fee raise had to be raised from the current or next session, he clarified that PMDC had not mentioned about any specific session for implementation of fee raise but forgot that his own institution had taken definite decision to implement the raise with retrospective effect.

Earlier, he said, in view of unchanged fee structure during the last five years, the members of the PMDC had gives a representation to the Council to review the fee structure with the current rate of inflation affecting the cost of faculty and equipment, paraphernalia and other infrastructure in this regard. To a question, he said all the private medical/dental colleges were charging balance fee of the ongoing session.

The News tried to contact PMDC Registrar Dr Ahmad Nadeem Akbar but he was not available for comments to clarify the perception that the PMDC was serving the vested elements' interests, which was evident from the fact that PMDC's executive committee largely comprised of more than 90 per cent of its members from the private sector with very little representation from the public sector.

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Arfa's name not on software park site
Lahore: The officials handling the website of the Software Technology Park, have yet to wake up and mention the name of the late Arfa Karim Randhawa on the website of the technology park, despite the lapse of about a month since the genius child died and the consequent announcement by the CM to rename the technology park.

One wonders as to why a task which is meant to be done in just a few minutes still remains to be done. Though Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif announced renaming the Software Technology Park as the Arfa Software Technology Park the very next day after the world's youngest Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) Arfa Karim Randhawa died in Lahore, the CM on February 9 formally inaugurated Arfa Software Technology Park.

Arfa Karim Randhawa, 16, had died on January 14 this year. She became the world's youngest Microsoft Certified Professional in 2004 at the age of just 9. She was also invited to the Microsoft headquarters by Bill Gates in recognition of her achievement. She was also a recipient of the President's Award for Pride of Performance. The news

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UMT hosts statistical science conference
Lahore: The University of Management and Technology (UMT) hosted the 11th Islamic Countries Conference on Statistical Sciences (ICCS-11) at its campus on Friday.

Addressing on the occasion, UMT Rector Dr Hasan Sohaib Murad welcomed all delegates from Pakistan and abroad to the ICCS-11. He commended the leadership of the Islamic Countries Society of Statistical Sciences for their unwavering commitment to the cause of organizing and networking all statistical professions.

Dr Hasan said that statistics had been a strong suit of Muslims throughout the history and even today.

"Islam is all about counting and accounting, forecasting and preparation. Thus, quantitative understanding, analytical tools and statistical sciences are rooted in our faith as Muslims", he said.

Dr Hasan said the expanding population of the Muslim word was a liability and a blessing as well. The challenge before the Muslim statisticians was to plan ahead for the Ummah so that this huge human potential was utilized positively for the betterment of the Muslim world. Dawn

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Islamic University professors asked to take salary cut or quit
Islamabad: In a unique communication of its kind the International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI) has issued a letter to dozens of its employees ordering a huge take-it or quit salary cut and only three weeks have been given to decide.

The employees were receiving the salaries for the last many years but they have been told to apprise the university whether they wanted to continue after this cut or not so that the varsity could fill the posts with new recruits.

The humiliating letter which has shocked many in the number two university in the country has given three weeks to its lecturers and professors to intimate to the university administration their decision, whether they wanted to continue their job or not.

The letter basically informs senior members of the teaching faculties (Faculty of Management Sciences and Faculty of Engineering and Technology) in the University that an incentive which was being given to them since last more than ten years will be discontinued from September 1, 2012 in order to finish a disparity in salaries of old and some new employees of the university.

Senior staff members of these faculties said that most of them had left their handsome professional jobs to join the university because of good packages but now they were placed in a position where they are humiliated through a grimy letter offering them even lower salaries as compared to their salary in their previous organizations.

It is important to mention that staff at both the faculties of management sciences and engineering and technology, usually have to work in two shifts, from the morning to late in the evening, as compared to staff of other faculties in the university who finish their work early afternoon.

Besides this the tuition fee charged from a student of these faculties is minimum Rs70,000 per semester as compared Rs12,000 to Rs15,000 in other faculties of the university.

These faculties admit multiple batches of students after every six months as compared to other faculties which usually give admission to one batch in a semester.

The senior staff members of these faculties, who were demanding raise in their salaries consistent with their nature, quality and quantity of work are now facing humiliation at the hands of management of the university.

These senior lecturers and professors have decided to immediately demand of the university to instantly remove the disparity in tuition fee of different faculties' students and bring to the same level and have also decided to give admission to only one batch in all their departments from the next semester even if the humiliating letter is withdrawn.

Rector IIUI, Professor Fateh Muhammad Malik, who is a respected intellectual, when contacted, said that that these faculties were drawing two salaries, one as basic pay while the other as an incentive, and the university's board of directors has decided that no one can be given two salaries for one job.

Moreover, he mentioned that the previous management had started this incentive so that teachers should not move to any other university but now, IIUI BoD had decided to stop giving that incentive from September 2012 and the teachers have been given an opportunity to stay or not to stay with IIUI. He said that those who work in the second shift get a separate stipend from the university.

Meanwhile, a senior member of faculty of Engineering and Technology told this correspondent that the said incentive was started in 1997 when the departments that were profit earning, were given an incentive along with their salaries to make their salaries compatible with those paid to their counterparts in other such universities.

He mentioned that the payment was never a separate salary, but an incentive to make the salaries compatible with the market. He said that no one gets a separate stipend from the university for working in two or three shifts. "All we get is one salary which will now be reduced because of the humiliating letter," said the teacher.

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'Mehfil-e-Milad' held at City School
Rawalpindi: A grand function to celebrate Eid Milad-un-Nabi was held at the City School, Civil Lines Nursery Branch. The 'milad' was attended by the regional academic coordinator of the City School, Misbah Khursheed, and mothers and grandmothers of nursery students. The dress code of the 'milad' was white shalwar qameez, white caps for boys, whereas girls wore coloured dupattas. 'Naats' were recited by children of all classes. Children informed the audience about the habits of a true 'momin' and stated examples from Hadith. The 'milad' ended with 'salam' and 'dua'. Mothers praised the efforts of Headmistress Sumaira Shafiq, staff and students. The news

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