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Disable students problems in Pakistan

Disable persons are unable to get all or least facilities in Pakistan
Lahore, Jan 20: Problems Of Disable Persons There are many problems which are being faced by physically disable persons such as blind deaf and there is some defect with leg hand etc.I am personally physically disable person from left leg andexperiencing these problems. So I am in a better position to point out problems and suggest some remedies so that these persons can be facilitated to spent life a useful and respectable Pakistani.

1-In Pakistan a disable person is unable to get all the facilities which Pakistani law provides until he has a certified proof of disability. Bad luck is that in our country a person who is right has to face difficulties to prove that he is right. In Pakistan this certificate is being provided by the district assessment board in every district head quarter hospital.

The procedure is too difficult and teasing that a disable person without approach cannot get this certificate. No person has proper information. Like all other sectors here is also lack of responsibility and regularity in officers. A disable person cannot submit registration form until surgeon approves. The surgeon like all other officers is also irregular. A disable person has to visit for several months to find surgeon and start the registration process. In my opinion a disable person thinks that his birth is a great mistake in this world. If a person pays bribery ifalthough he is partially disable or not disable can get certificate easily. social officers who are appointed are very responsible and regular but they have no authority. According to my opinion the social officer and surgeon should be linked. The surgeon and the social officer should sit on the same place so that surgeons can be made regular as well as efficiency of registration process can be improved .

2-In Pakistan like all other useable goods supporting equipments for disable persons such as sticks ,wheel chairs, listening instruments for deaf persons are very costly. They are not affordable by any common person .It means that we are pushing back the disable persons in race of life. The government provides subsidy in all sectors but till now government has not taken any measures to provide these instruments to disable persons at concessional prices. I request the government to take some measures to provide necessary equipments to disable persons at concessional rates.

3-In our country at all educational levels 2% quota is reserved for physically disable students who provide district assessment board registration certificate of disability. For a student it is very difficult to get that certificate due to following reasons.

(a)Lack of proper information
(b)complicated system of registration
(c)Lack of responsibility among registration staff So the student has to wait for years for the registration certificate.

According to my opinion 2% quota is very less and not according to requirements so all disable students should be provided admission except those which are below a minimum level of merit. For this purposeseats can be increased according to requirement. The merit should also separate and low then the normal persons.

At university level all universities should establish their own disciplinary boards who should be assigned the duty of assessment of disability in disable persons for admission in those students who have no district assessment board registration certificate so that they can be facilitated and they can continue their education. Will it not be beneficial to make useful persons rather than beggars. If these persons are in a position to get education and they are successful in getting education than rehabilitation process will not be required.

4-Like all other sectors the education sector has also been commercialized. To get education for a disable person is only a dream. So a legal provision should be made that allthe disable persons who get admission in all universities should be provided education free of cost in such a way that these persons did not consider themselves low among other students.

5-In all Government educational institutions hostel facility is availablable.Provision should be made that all disable persons who come from other cities and are not in a positions to go home daily should be provided hostel facility without considering that their admission is in morning , afternoon or evening session. I have personally observedthat in Punjab university, university authorities refused to provide me hostel that my admission is not in morning session .I am mentioning that I belong to Tehsil sammundariDistrict Faisalabad(196 G.B. Muridwala) and there is no relative in Lahore and I am only here for study purpose.

6-Most of the educational institutions and business offices are multiple storey buildings. In most of these buildings there are no lifts installed. So disable persons face a lot of difficulties to go on other floors. So it should be made compulsory to install liftsin all multiple storey buildings so that disable students as well as employees can be facilitated. If in any educational institution it is not possible to install lifts all disable students should be facilitated and accommodated on ground floors.

7-In Pakistan for jobs 2 % seats are reserved for disable persons which means that they can get one job in an organization where 50 persons are working which is not good situation. In Pakistan most of the organizations are small so disable person after getting education are also not in a position to get a job And spend life as a respectable citizen. According to my opinion the quota should be in creased to 5% so that disable person can get job in an organization where 20 employees are working.

8-For that time the problems cannot be solved until real representatives are not present at every stage. It is amazing that at the legislation stage in senate and national and provincial assemblies there are no seats reserved for disable persons than how their problems can be solved. According to my opinion some seats should be reserved in all these institutionsso that real representation of a large portion of community can be made.

9-In federal public public service commission exam (css) no seats are reserved for disable persons despite the fact that they have proved their capabilities in recent years by competing the other students in these proper quota should be reserved for disable persons in c.s.s. so that they can also impart their rolein society.

10-I want to point out a mismanagement problem in Punjab university. In Punjab university lifts are installed in the wahdat road examination halls and in some departments also but they are not being operated. If a disable person want to go on second floor for examination and to attend class he has to face a lot of difficulty. . Any higher authority has not considered this issue. I request you to take notice because this is a very simple issue and can be resolved easily.

11-For those persons e.g. deaf &blindwho cannot get education in educational instutions for normal persons special institutions should be established at union council level throughout Pakistan.]

12-If a disable person starts a small business like shop etc many Govt.officials like market committeesWAPDA disturbs that person prior to this that what is his income. Legal protection should be given so that these persons can earn their livelihood in a respectable way.

13-In all educational institutions and other public places all the facilities suitable for special persons such as washroom etc.provided so that disable persons can feel satisfaction on these places performing routine activities.

14-In all public libraries and educational institutions libraries disable persons should be facilitated so that they can benefit from these libraries. The library staff should be trained to cooperate with special persons during library visits. If attention should be given to above highlighted problems and proper legislation should be made and its effective implementation should be made than we can make disable persons useful citizen. These persons can impart properly in progress of the country and lot of money which we spend on life time rehabilitation can be saved.

I have tried my best to point out common problems and hopeful that u will also stand with me to solve these problems and will also try your best. -By Shakeel ahmed,

Your Comments
"heloo! this is rozina from gilgit. i m a student of intermediate (II) I want to continue my further studies.Iam physically disable thats why iam not able to attend my classes regularly.there is lack of facilities for disables in our area .So ineed your help ."
Name: Rozina Ahmad
City, Country: gilgit, pakistan

Name: shakeel
City, Country: lahore, pakistan

"Another problem disable persons are facing is cheating by healthy people, I applied for a post for Disabled Quota, and was refused, becuase post was offered to someone having no disability, by providing bogus certificates, he was just having a white dot in eye, and declared disable, and selected for post, it is realy unfair ."
Name: Khalid
City, Country: Peshawar, pakistan

"A.A. i AM A DISABLE person age of 23 with graduation. I am running a private school. I also want to open an institution for disable persons where i provide totaly free education and scholarship to disable students. In this case i want LIVE Media coverage. Please anybody help me in this kind deed. GIVE your comments on my ID."
Name: M Umer Mehnood
City, Country: Gujranwala, pakistan

"(20 year) i am disable on my left leg because of Polio attack since i was just 3 year old, due to poor economic background, i hav,nt take any special treatment as it is very costly in our country, but still i have complate my intermadiate education, but i m very sad to say that my seat in Engenieering collage has been alloted to someone elas by ignoring my right."
Name: aamir khan
City, Country:peshawer, pakistan

"I am also a disable person(without ear power). but doing MCS. There i am facing a lot of problem in the study at unversity level. In pakistan there is no future of disable persons"
Name: Shahid
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

"I m disable from lefthand .koi bhi kam ho me ache tareqe se karsakta ho"
Name: Shafi M
City, Country: Karachi, Pakistan

"I am physically disable student having 6/60 eye sight mean I lack 90% vision Please Sir send me the proof of 2% reserved seat of physically disable student"
Name: Naeem Hussain
City, Country: Peshawar

"I m a disabled person from left leg. I pleasured after reading ur page."
Name: Farooq Hussain
City, Country: Karachi

"hello im umer ahmed im both leg desabale im upering Bcom im 2 year experince in SEO plz koi bhi or kise bhi kiem ke job ho karachi ka ley plz mujh zaroor bta den im neede plz umer ahmed khan"
Name: umer ahmed khan
City, Country: karachi pakistan

"i m inquiring how disable students will get thire rights"
Name: qaisar hayat
City, Country: peshawar , pakistan

"i m disable right leg im astudent of b.a finle year i want to continue my stude plz i need yuor help"
Name: nadia
City, Country: mingora swat pakistan

"hey Asalam O Alaiqum i applied in Air force for a civil position which was related to office work like on computer automation works i achieved top position in 200 hundred participators in written and oral test i was selected and was happy to get a suitable on merit but in the last i was rejected due to my physical disability. it was civilian office work job then why i am rejected its totaly unfair"

"Your Email Is expired i sent u email.. reply me on my email will u?"
Name: umair
City, Country: Peshawar

"hi,my name z Sara,m a physically disable girl,m a student of class fifth...m 17 yrs old,happy to see that there z someone who z trying to help people like us...MAY GOD BLESS all"
Name: Sara
City, Country: Gujranwala,Pakistan

"Assalam u alaikum .my name is muhammad azam khan.I am a dis-able person.i am intermediate. i want to job in saudia arabia. its my dream that i will do job in saudia arabia. if this paragraph read pious persons,please call me.****************."
City, Country: karachi.pakistan

"I done my inter level just now with 60 percent . I am from Piplan dist. Mianwali . I am suffering from Polio since childhood . I need more study . But there is no special seat in srdgodha university for me . I want to study in BS IT please help me . what can I do now ? I shall very thankful to you . my number is *********** email :"
Name: Rana Taimoor Ali
City, Country: pipan , mianwali , pakistan

"i want to contact all disable students please all contact me"
City, Country: multan

Name: tahir
City, Country: FAISALABAD

"respected sir i did my doctor of pharmacy degree from gomal university now i m research scholar of bio chemistry in hazara uni its my dream to get higher studies but due to poor economic status i cant,any one help me in this regard."
Name: muhammad nabi
City, Country: timergara.kpk pakistan

"dont worry all my disable friends try to study hard we will beat all the people inshallah"
Name: ismail shah
City, Country: peshawar

"I,m student in International Islamic University Islamabad.i,m unable to pay fee and university expense any grant or scholarship for me in Pakistan."
Name: Abdul kareem
City, Country: Pakistan

""Hi,My name is Haq Nawaz.I have got edmission at university Engineering and technology in Peshawar on self finnance. I belong to poor family,my father is a driver, he cannot effort my expensive so plz help me finnancially or inform me about any scholarship""
Name: Haq Nawaz
City, Country:Peshawar (Pakstan)

"hi sir how are i am naqqash malik from pakistan i want stady and job in sodia arabia in first year class i work computer suluction plzz i want job i am disable presion but i have request 4u"
Name: Naqqash
City, Country: pakistan_hyderbad

" sir, I am Umair Muqader, i m a disable deaf ( Hearing Impaired ). i m live in Islamabad. i want to take private admission in BCS of university , but do u have any affiliation with any university kindly tell me about. then if i will take admission in BCS tell me"
Name: Umair
City, Country: islamabad, pakistan

"i m disable of right leg.i m student of fsc.but i have taken the exam.and i want to be doctor.can you help me"
Name: salmar
City, Country: mardan

"hi,my name is M Kamran Ikram,i am disable person both Leg Polio,happy to see that there z someone who z trying to help people like us...MAY GOD BLESS all"
Name: M Kamran Ikram
City, Country: Lahore

"Disable persons are realy a part of any humman society .they needs equall facality in all life affairs,I think its a resposblty of govt to provide all equall facalties"
Name: N.A.QAZi
City, Country: Karachi.Pakistan

"give me schlorship i am disable student.."
Name: imran khan

"no need to wait for help by someone we should make a team which work for disables if any disable person have a job then he should make help someone disable I am an associate engineer at ZKB construction company working in Islamabad at metro bus project as quantity surveyor if you want to be a part of my team join me on facebook"
Name: Ahmad Hassan
City, Country: vehari.multan.pakistan

"mee is also a disable student. and I am student of BS mathematics. my family are very poor. I want to continue my further education... Plzzz if there is any organization that help the person people. so Plzzz contact with mere. I am waiting."
Name: jawad ullah khan
City, Country: shangla kpk

"sir i am disable person.i studied in gcuf in i financially weak.i continue my study if you can help me.i want to further study from m phil to plz help me."
Name: abdul jabbar
City, Country:toba tek singh(pakistan

"i am student of BSc in textile Engineering. i am disable and facing worst financial problems to continue my study. please i request you to support me. i shall be very thankful to you."
Name: Sultan Ali
City, Country: Faisalabad, pakistan

"Main disabl hon mjh peso ki zarort hai jis se main aghy stdy kar sako."
Name: fazaila
City, Country: kahrore pacca, pakistan

"I am disable from one eye, I have recently done B.A from Punjab University with 546 marks. I am looking for jobs suitable for me."
Name: Zeeshan Haider
City, Country: Jhang(Punjab), Pakistan

"I am muhammad nabi. I just completed my mphil degre from khyber medical university i wanna phd. I am disable and facing worst financial problems to continue my study. Please i request you to support me. I shall be very thankful to you."
Name: Muhammad nabi
City, Country: peshawar, pakistan

"Asalam o alaikum, Dear yahan disable hona bhi jurm hai Pakistan mein. Yahan koi khas system nahi ap kahin chaly jao koi system na hoga even ap passport/id card banwany jao wahan disable person k liye wheelchair na hogi. Hospital mein jao ap ko ghantun wait krna hoga wheelchair k liye phir MRI ho ya CT SCAN ho ap ko govt hospital mein ye sahulat na hogi. Agr disable person job ki try kry tu wahan bhi dhaky mileingy log haqarat ki nazar dekheingy aur wo kahengy k inko job ki kia zarorat pari? Ary koi aur amdni ka zariya nahi aur na hi govt kuch deti hai. Aur agr ap car costum duty free mangwany chahty tu apki per month income 20 hazar hogi tu ap apply kr skty lakin koi aur itraz laga ap ko reject kr dia jae ga. Aur agr USA aur Uk ko dekha jae tu wahan her sahulat hogi"
Name: Unknown
City, Country: DG KHAN

"I am disable 2 leds i want job please "
Name: Bilal Arshad
City, Country: Lahore

"Contact me all the disabled persons. We should be united for our rights. i am disabled person too."
Name: Saleem
City, Country: Bahawalpur

"Asalaam O alikum to all. I am NAJEEB ULLAH KHAN a special person. Contact me all the disabled persons. We should be united for our rights and to solve the roadblocks for disabled persons and achieve the goals of life together."
City, Country: Sargodha bhalwal, Pakistan

"Aslam-0-Alikum to All frinds, Hi im Rj Akbar & marketing manager at fm 104 and i also physicall handi capedd person but Alhumduliah i'm to much happy Allah ne mujhe apne special bando min chunna. Dear freinds dont be sad."
Name: RJ M.Akbar
City, Country: Faisalabad, Pakistan

"I am special person i want study but my perants is not bear my study expenses plz help me plzz"
Name: Madiha
City, Country: Faisalabad, Pakistan

"I have posted this article a few years ago. By chance today read comments. My new email ID is"
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

"please my help me I am disable?"
Name: Abdul Aziz Qumbrani
City, Country: Dadu, Pakistan

"Hello, my name is Farrukh My age is 20 Im disabled with both hands And my dad died I am able to work in public I am Singer and graphics design I know very well the computer Give me any job and caring?"
Name: Farrukh
City, Country: Hyedrabafd, Pakistan

Post your comments

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Islamabad: Professor Nomanul Haq of the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) has said language issues should be depoliticised.

He was delivering a talk on 'Trailing the Twilight of the UN Year of Languages: A Conceptual Plea in the Political Marketplace' organised by the Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) here on Monday. Dr AH Nayyar moderated the talk.

Prof Haq favoured the entry of scientism in social sciences and observed that it is also true for languages in a multilingual world. "If you want to tell someone about Mirza Ghalib, you should also give him the literary background." He said art thrives on ambiguities but denied that a language could have imperialism in it. "There is a need to standardise languages. Farsi was there from Tehran to Bokhara to Hyderabad and Mirpurkhas because it was standardised."

He praised Faiz and Faraz for using words in a proper perspective and with pronunciation, which retained the metre in poetry. He did not agree that 44 per cent people speak Punjabi and the reason is the onslaught of Bollywood. Basing his observation at LUMS, he said, urban Punjabis are familiar with but could not speak Punjabi and use Urdu.

He said the battle is not between Urdu and other regional languages but between economic and cultural hegemony. Urdu is semantically Indic and the same is the case with Seraiki as far as the motive is concerned. He also called for standardising Urdu.

Dr Tariq Rehman, director of the National Institute of Pakistan Studies, Quaid-e-Azam University, said many known linguists talk of linguistic imperialism, adding many Hindi words were excluded from Urdu by Muslim elites during the British period but the change remained with elites and the common people did not adopt it.

He said the language change is a reality and Bollywood is not destroying but preserving the language. He said Hindi is tilted towards Urdu or Hindustani whereas Door Darshan is still 'Sanskritising' it. In a heated question hour session, Dr Haq said a language change might not be a development essentially, but it could also be deterioration. A participant said now even Urdu is being replaced by English in the wake of the to-look-down-upon phenomenon. He also called for reducing the number of letters denoting the same phonetic sounds like 'zuad', 'zoen', 'zaal' and 'zay' in Urdu, and raised the issue of who would decide what is standard. Prof Inam, while agreeing in the end that language has to change, observed that if there was no standardisation, there would be chaos. Replying to a question, Dr Rehman said linguists do not accept orthography. The News

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