KU asks MS/PhD candidates to leave jobs

Karachi University administration has set a condition asking them to leave their jobs during the research period
Karachi, Jan 05: To the surprise of the MS and PhD program candidates, the University of Karachi (KU) administration has set a condition asking them to leave their jobs during the research period.

"The condition states that candidates who have got admission in the MS and PhD program and are currently employed, will need to submit a letter to their employer granting them permission for a two-year leave," a Board of Advanced Studies and Research (BASR) official said. He revealed that candidates will be bound to inform their employer that they will not work during the period of course work and research. However, the administration also issued a notification that exempts teachers working in the university from this condition. "Teachers working in the university or any other institute will not be required to quit their jobs during the research period," the official said, adding that the rest of the candidates must submit the letter at all costs.

The university also issued a circular that states that MS and PhD degrees classes will be held in the morning during normal working hours. Commenting on the condition of the university, a candidate who got admission in the MS degree program said that they were already worried about the delay in the program schedule and the fact that the syllabus of many departments is still incomplete. Now they have been informed that candidates have to leave their jobs during the coursework and this, he complained, was not reasonable. He was of the view that in a time when inflation rates have shy-rocketed, the university should reconsider its decision. "Either they should reverse the decision or should pay a reasonable stipend to the candidates to carry on research work without any financial worries," he suggested. KU Teachers Society General Secretary Dr Abid Hasnain said that it is common for universities across the globe to pay a stipend to the students who are conducting research. "It is very difficult for students to simultaneously undertake research work and do a job and that's why candidates have been asked to leave their jobs," he stated. However, he added that the government should compensate the financial loss a candidate will face when he quits his job due to the university's condition. Daily Times

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Karachi University started new academic session
Karachi: The orientation classes at Karachi University would be held on January 5 (today), a university official announced on Sunday.

He said the 'orientation day' would be held at every department of the university.

In a statement on the occasion, Vice-Chancellor Prof (Dr) Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui has welcomed the new entrants to the institution.

"The students should feel proud that they have been associated with this prominent seat of higher learning in the country," he said in statement.

He asked students to devote their attention towards the acquisition of knowledge.

He said that immense opportunities of access to knowledge were available and that the students should take full advantage of these opportunities. He said that the faculty of the university would help and guide the students in the realm of education.

The vice-chancellor also stressed the need for strengthening the student-teacher relation for the dissemination of knowledge and guidance. He also reminded parents of their important role towards the academic pursuits of their children.

Meanwhile, with the commencement of the new academic session at the University of Karachi from Monday, the shuttle bus service of the institution would run as usual. App

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New academic session commenceed at NED University
Karachi: The new academic session at the NED University of Engineering and Technology Karachi will commence January 5 (today). This was stated by the Registrar of the institution, Engr Javed Aziz Khan. Javed said that 1,900 students had been granted admission to 19 teaching departments at the institution for the academic session 2008-09. The News

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