National College students' clash | KU Girls' Hostel

IJT & PSF traded gunshots following a verbal exchange
Karachi, Jan 30: Six students were arrested by police on Thursday following a violent clash at the National College. Firearms were used by both sides during the fight.

The two groups, the Islami Jamiat Tulaba (IJT) and Pakhtoon Students Federation (PSF), traded gunshots following a verbal exchange at the college, police said. The clash coincided with admissions to the degree classes at the college.

New Town ASP Dr Khurram Rashid said that the students also fired upon the police party which arrived at the scene.

The police had picked up eight students, but two of them were later released after questioning. Four students belonged to the PSF, while two were part of the IJT. Police have lodged an FIR 30/2009 under Sections 147, 148, 149, 324, 337-A and 353 of the Pakistan Penal Code.

An FIR had already been lodged in May 2008 at the New Town police station regarding almost the exact charges against four PSF students who were arrested on Thursday, the New Town ASP added. Dawn

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The disaster called Karachi University Girls' Hostel
Karachi: Students residing in the girls' hostel at Karachi University (KU) have strongly criticised the hostel's provost Dr Nasreen Aslam Shah for her 'poor performance' and 'criminal negligence' to her duty as administrator.

The students say that Dr Shah has been trying to hide her 'poor performance' and 'criminal negligence' to the her duty by providing the media false information pertaining to the hostel management.

Talking to The Nation on Thursday, a group of angry students, on the condition of anonymity, said that students, who had staged protest on 27 January against the dilapidated condition of the hostel, were being terrified for dire consequences by the hostel provost Dr Nasreen Aslam Shah and Warden Hameeda Manzoor.

They said the claims of Dr Shah, who is also the Director for the Centre of Excellence for Women Studies, that students are being charged monthly only Rs 200 under the category of Room Rent is totally baseless and false.

Providing the actual hostel's receipts of food and room rent, they said that the administration was receiving as much as Rs 2,000 from single student of MS and BS level as 'room charges' on semester bases (six months). "While Rs 1,050 are additionally charged if some one uses a computer and a refrigerator in the room. However, PhD students, residing in the Inn, have to pay around Rs 5,000 for the same facility", they maintained.

The hostel administration is charging Rs 1,800 per month on account of food, contrary to what Dr Shah had claimed, while talking to media recently, that her management was charging only Rs 9,00 per month for this account.

They complaining students said that as many as 180 students had been housed in 104 rooms of the hostel with no proper cleanliness system.

"Students are facing health problems, as the building has become a breeding place of mosquitoes to improper defunct drainage system. The hostel is scene of over-flowing gutters. This is the peak of apathy by the administration that the sweepers do not empty dustbins out even after passing three days. Sometimes students have to suffer stomach problems due to supply of inappropriate food available at the cafeteria of hostel," they claimed.

They told the scribe that following the protest, the Dr Shah and Hameeda Manzoor had tried to meet the girls but they did not meet them and rejected their 'suggestion' to stay calm.

We have already demanded the KU Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui to replace the present administration with a better one. The students also claimed that Dr Shah had also used 'inappropriate' language with the students while 'threatening' them.

"Now when our protest is all over the media, she has got confused over the protest of students against her mismanagement and she was lying not only to the media but also with KU administration. Nowadays, she is trying to clean the mess up at the hostel, following the constitution of 3-member inquiry committee by the KU VC, which is likely to visiting the hostel any day", the added.

Despite the repeated efforts to contact the hostel provost Dr Shah on her cell phone, she was not available for the comments on the students' complaints. The Nation

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SMB School student wins prize at ISEO
Karachi: In a heartening achievement, Muqaddas Batool (class 6) of SMB Fatima Jinnah Government Girls School won the Art Prize (Junior Level) at the 10th International Schools Educational Olympiad (ISEO) competing students from well-reputed private schools recently.

The SMB Fatima Jinnah Government School was adopted by Zindagi Trust and The Book Group as a part of their joint 'Government School Reforms' programme. Commenting on young Muqaddas' achievement, Shehzad Roy of Zindagi Trust said that the myth that quality art education with modern facilities cannot be provided to students with limited means, stand decimated.

"Not only does Batool's achievement bear witness to that, but just one visit provides ample proof that, given the will, great things can happen at public schools," Roy said.

Batool's achievement becomes even more significant since hundreds of schools were competing at this event including Convent of Jesus & Mary, St. Josephs, The Lyceum, Beacon House, to name just a few.

It may be added here that, recently, the governor Sindh and the education minister along with the city Nazim visited the school and termed the project a great success. They not only expressed their appreciation for the work being done to raise educational standards at SMB but also reaffirmed their resolve to work tirelessly to revamp the entire education system in the province. The News

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Bahria University launches medical and dental college
Karachi: The Bahria University has launched a medical and dental college in affiliation with PNS Shifa.

Initially, the college, recognized by Pakistan Medical and Dental College and approved by the government, will have 100 seats and the selection criteria will be based on an open merit.

The inaugural ceremony of the college was held at the university's campus on Thursday and it was inaugurated by Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Noman Bashir, who is also the Pro-Chancellor of the university. Addressing the ceremony, Bashir extended his gratitude to Dr Altamash of Altamash Dental Institute and Dr H A Khan for their cooperation and efforts in establishing the college in such a short span of time.

"At present, the country has only 79 medical colleges and universities out of which 50 are working in the private sector," said Dr Tipu Sultan, who has been appointed as the principal of the college. He added that seeing the dearth of medical institutions in the country, the Pakistan Navy decided to establish the college.

On the occasion, Bahria University Rector Vice Admiral (Retd) Farooq Rashid briefed the gathering about the future plans of the university. Daily Times

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