170 schools blown up or burned down in Pakistan

UN children's agency report
Geneva, Jan 24: More than 170 schools in Pakistan have been blown up or burned down in the past two years in attacks blamed on the Taliban, the UN Children's agency said on Friday.

"UNICEF condemns these attacks which rob children of their basic right to education and have a devastating impact on their lives," said Daniel Toole, UNICEF's regional director for South Asia.

"Attacks that target schools, educational institutions, children and teachers are unacceptable and must cease immediately," Toole added. In an incident last week in the northwestern Swat valley, five schools had been blown up. The attacks particularly targeted girls' schools in the country's FATA and the NWFP regions, UNICEF said. Afp

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"170 schools were blown up by Taliban, it is very very bad and should not be permitted. But My Lord, Would you please let me know how many schools were blown by the collision forces. "
Name: Nazim Shahzad
Email: web_nazam@live.com
City, Country: Gujrat, Pakistan

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Australian education office exhibition held
Islamabad: Australian Education Office organised an educational exhibition at a local hotel to apprise Pakistani students about the education opportunities in Australia, says a press release issued here Friday.

Representatives of 12 colleges and universities from Australia were present on the occasion and 502 students visited the place to learn about new avenues for learning.

The basic purpose of the exhibition was to create awareness about Australian colleges and universities among the young aspirants and to guide them towards a promising educational career leading to a bright future.

Presence of 12 colleges and universities on this occasion show that the educational institutions at Australia recognise the potential and zest in our young generation. In addition to this students in such a mentionable number show that they are keen to quench their scholarly thirst and desire to go Australia for higher education.

If our students go to Australia it would be fruitful not only for them but it will bring both countries closer. Exhibition and events of this type are a very positive and constructive activities regarding the future of youth that is to bring out a bright tomorrow for the country and nation. The News

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"I belong to F.R. DIKhan and want to take addmission in any australian university on base of scholarship in mba. I am currently completing my b.sc textile which will be completed in April 2009. Suggest a direction plan for me."
Name: waqar jamil
Email: waqarthegreat@hotmail.com
City, Country: Faisalabad, Pakistan

"Dear Students For your bright future think to studying abroad or if you are intermediate and up to age 30 than you can also eligiable to go Balarus ,Ukrain to open your ways to go to do something in your budged.we have some countries have 100% visa."
Name: ziec
Email: ziecinfo@yahoo.co.uk
City, Country: Pakistan

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NWFP govt to start second shift at primary schools
Peshawar: NWFP Education Department, in collaboration with United States Agency for International Development (USAID), has decided to start second shift in primary schools, especially for girls, in public sector's middle and high schools' buildings across the province.

NWFP Additional Secretary Education Qaiser Alam said on Friday that the provincial government had imposed 'educational emergency' in the province to improve literacy rate, for which the government was going to start second shift in primary schools across the province.

He added that the USAID will extend financial support for second shift schools. It is interested to start educational projects in NWFP, besides FATA to improve standard of education and literacy rate in the province.

To a question, he said, due to lack of resources the government was not in a position to establish the required number of primary schools and decided to start second shift at primary schools, mostly for girls, in middle and high schools' buildings. Alam said the existing schools have all the facilities and the government will have to hire separate staff only for running second shift schools. The teachers for these schools will be appointed on permanent and not contractual basis, he further said. The official said second shift schools would be started in mosques with the support of prayer leaders in those areas where government schools or buildings did not exist and prayer leaders would be appointed and paid to teach Islamyat subject. About situation of education, he said, firstly there was students' dropout at primary level only but now it was occurring at middle and high levels as well, as many students leave schools before reaching 10th grade. Daily Times

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