FATA students Scholarships programme

Scholarships for FATA students launched
Peshawar, Jan 27: FATA Secretariat in collaboration with Pak-Turk International Schools System has launched a 13-year scholarship programme for tribal students, said a statement issued here on Tuesday.

According to memorandum of understanding signed between the FATA Secretariat and Pak-Turk International Schools System, a total of 196 scholarships would be reserved for FATA students from grade 6 to 12.

The scholarship programme as approved by NWFP Governor Owais Ahmed Ghani, includes 28 scholarships in each class from 6th to 12th grade for FATA students studying at the school situated in Hayatabad Peshawar. With fee waiver and other charges, the total cost of these scholarships will be more than Rs 18.5 million.

The school has also reserved 25 out of 120 boarding positions for FATA students being selected on open merit. The school was already providing scholarships to 43 percent of its FATA students. Daily times

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"i also want scholairship"
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"i m the studentof BBA-IT 5th sem.I belong to FATA PAKISTAN and i need financial suport and free interenship."
Name: FazleAmin
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"i m the student of Fsc 11th.I belong to FATA[Bajaur Agency] PAKISTAN and i need financial suport and free interenship."
Name: Naeemullah
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City, Country:BAjaur agency, N.W.f.P, Pakistan

"I will finish my BBA (Hons) in MAY.i am looking for foreign scholarship and i belong to FATA."
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"i m the studentof BBA-IT 5th sem.I belong to FATA PAKISTAN and i need financial suport and free interenship." Name: Abid Ali Email: qau_durrani@live.com City, Country: peshawar,pakistan"
Name: Abid Ali
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"i m student of (information teachnology in agriculture uni)my father is a farmer in kahyber agency and i can n ot supporte tha lot of fee of tutuion in agri uni .so kindly request to u .and salect me for this scholer ship and inshallah i will be complete my degree wht good position in universty and thanks"
Name: attawllah afridi
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"Salam Dear Humbly it is stated that I hail from a financially decrepit family of Jamrud Khyber Agency. Being an orphan, I am burdened with supporting my whole family, which comprises eight dependents. I have burning desire for education, which unfortunately was discontinued at my father's death, hence merely a graduate. therefor I request you to give Scholarship for Master program. Sincerely Yours Riaz Afridi "
Name: Riaz Afridi
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City, Country:Khyber Agency, Pakistan

"i am student of MSc socialogy and i want finantional scholarship."
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"i m student of BS hons Forestry final term, i want MS in Forestry but due to limited resources im not able to apply for a foriegn university."
Name: Ashfaq ali
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"Thanks for sharing this informative"
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"i am a student of 2nd year pre ingineering i get som 80 percent marks and now i want financial assistance for continuing my studay thanks 3rd symes MAc Eco and Finance in international islamic university islamabad i wanted to apply because i don;t afoard my feeces pleas tell me what i apply for this scholarship i shill be very thankfull RIL5TUE "
Name: ijaz khan
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"i am astudent of class 9 and i also want a scholarship.in this case i want support"
Name: mushtaq ahmed
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"I want a sholership for attend the training on HIV&AIDs in USA/US/Australia Or Canada"
Name: Paresh Chandra Bhowmik
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City, Country: Dhaka-Bangladesh

"respected pleaz tell me that what i apply to fata scholarship because i am student IIU islamabad MSC eco and finance I cant afoard the university fee Ishill be very thank ful"
Name: umerayaz
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City, Country:lakkimurwat/pakistan

"i am a poor student and belong to fr bannu.sir there is a milletry opperation is going on in ur area and v r badly effectd from that so please give me a chance of scholar ship"
Name: sanaullah
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"i m the studentof BBA-HONS 2nd sem.I belong to FATA PAKISTAN and i need financial suport and free interenship."
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Name: qamar
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Name: aashiq ullah
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"Honourable members,i have done graduation and want to do MBA HRM further,but nowadays it is so costly and i havnt a financial satamena to do MBA HRM,it should be noted that i belong to affected area NORTH WAZIRISTAN AGENCY.Therefore i am going to appeal to my honourable and sponsor members to assist me from this dilema.I PAY MY GRATITUDE IN ADVANCE.REGARDS"
Name: Hazrat Noor
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"Respected I am Nisar khan belonging to Kurram agency (FATA).I hv done B.Sc Mechanical Engineering from UET LAHORE IN September 2009. i want to do my Master in Mechanical Engineering from abroad.so for this i need a help. And i hope that u will consider me for this scholarship. Kind Regads NISAR KHAN Room No 60, Liaquat Hall, UET Lahore, Pakistan Email: engrnisar79@gmail.com "
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"AoA,im student of class 7 and my age is 13.Please give me a chance for the scholar ship.I want to study in foreign country through my scholar ship if i get this chance.please accept this application.Thank you"
Name: Maleeha Afridi
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City, Country:Peshawar,Pakistan

"I have got course completion of MBA(g)finance and my study will be completed nearabout in October.I wana my further study.I have no further fund for my study and i need your help to keep my study carry on."
Name: Asad ullah khan
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"I am Principal of a Private educational institution. There are many students in my school and college who are really needy. I am helping many of the students waiving off their fee and other charges. But many talented students have left the college/school due to poverty. You are requested to kindly provide the scholarship to needy students and let me know the procedure how to apply for said scholarship. Thanking in anticipation to save the life of the talented poor students."
Name: Muhammad Iqbal
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Name: Rakhamzahid
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"dear we r very efficted from taliban and forces but now day i leav inpeshawer but our fianancail position is so weekly for that porpus i can not support it plz helps with poorly students."
Name: attaullah
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"Salam! Im the student of Msc Applied Economics studying at IMSCIENCES Peshawar.I belong to a remote area of Khyber Agency and having hurdles in continuing my studies, do i request to me some financial assistance in the form of scholarship to continue my studies thanx."
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"i belong from kanigurram{swa}. i passed fa exam last year,but i have no charges to study more.and ther is no chance for buisseness due to bad condition of war betwean taliban and army. i want to contineu my study more."
Email: bazzigar_burki@yahoo.com

"there is no ******* scholership on net from pk Pakistan govt is ******* poor and thief they eat and drink scholarship money sad for Pakistan long live Pakistan Pakistan zindabad with out ******* poor people i m totally na omeed from pk"
Name: olamba
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Name: Taimoor Zaman
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"I m really want to continue my study, i need some support to get MBA at Aus, Would you help me? Thanks from Narit"
Name: Sovannarith khan
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City, Country:Cambodia

"I am the student of cecose and studing in 5th semester.I belong to khyber agency and i need scholarship to................."
Name: Muhammad saddiq
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City, Country:Peshawar/Pakistan

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"kashif khan is the Student of namal college mainwali which is an associate college of university of bradford(UK) kashif.namal@gmail.com"
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"i am students of BS-commerce in Quaid-e-azam college of commerce peshawar university i belong to poor family my father is a driver and he cannot support my education fee kindly give us any financial help thanks"
Name: saeed ahmed khan
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City, Country: mohmand agency ,pakistan

"i complet bcs (hons) degre in 2010 and cannot mantane further my education,to continue my study pleaze to give scholarship"
Name: manzoor khan
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City, Country: fr bannu&pakistan

"SALAM . I am a student of agricultural university of B.S.c {hons} 3rd semister . I am very poor and i need financial help from you because i am only student in my whole village and i request to you please help me with some financial support 2nd thing is that we are displaced from our village due to military operation against terrorist and i want to continue my study > thanks your obediantly SHER NAWAB SAFI."
Name: sher nawab
Email: sher_safi44@yahoo.com
City, Country: mohmand agency FATA pakistan

"My name is Muhammad Hayat s/o Anwar shah belongs to Sadda Kurram Agency.i have completed my MBA Finance from Institute Of Management Studies University of Peshawar. i am willing for specialization studies.there fore it is requested to allow me for scholarship to fulfill my specialization requirement. Regards Muhammad Hayat Lower Kurram Agency."
Name: Muhammad Hayat
Email: shahsadda@yahoo.com
City, Country:

"im the student of M.com. i read in peshawar university i have very very need of schlarship plz help me i will very thankful you. plz"
Name: usman ghani
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City, Country: peshawae hangu

"i have completted my MBA i want FATA scholorship for any foreign country"
Name: imran khan
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City, Country:north waziristan agency, pakistan

"I have passed M.Sc bio chemistry.Now want to study across the country.Plz select me fata scolarship. I live as IDPs since 22 months PLZ SELECT ME FOR SCHLORSHIP."
Name: Rahim ullahn
Email: shamimasood55@yahoo.com
City, Country:S.W.AGENCY[FATA]

"my name is muhammad khan from kurram agency doing BBA_IT(hons).plz inform me about foreign scholarships for maseter. my email is khan.muhammad44@yahoo.com"
Name: muhammad khan
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City, Country:kurram agency

"i am undergraduated (b.com). i am willing to get scholarship for MBA abroad."
Name: qamber
Email: q_hussain1199@yahoo.com
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"I am student of MBA and cant affort the fees i want to do master.. so i need Scholarship."
Name: Noman Afridi
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City, Country:Peshawar

"I want to do Ms In Finance"
Name: Shaheen Mahsud
Email: shaheenpk69@gmail.com
City, Country:SWA Pakistan

"i am a studant of DAE 2nd year. a have no mony to to contnue my studey. plz help me. i am belong for KHAYBER AGANCE.BARA.MOIJA PASIO KI SAK ZARORATH HY PLZ HELP ME EVERY ONE TA K MA APNI STUDY JARI RAKSAKO"
Name: rizwan ullah
Email: rizwanullah75@yahoo.com
City, Country: peshawar

"i am the student of fata and i am poor in case of my education please help and how i apply for this scolership"
Name: fazal ahad
Email: fazalahad88@gmail.com
City, Country: peshawar

"i am the student of msc(chemistry) final year. i want to get m.phil and phd degree but i canot affored the expence of my education pleas give me scholership i will b very thank ful to u for this act of kindness"
Name: muhammad ibrahim
Email: IBRAHIM_ICP@yahoo.com
City, Country: peshawar

"i am a student of electrical engineering. plz keep me inform about scholarships for fata students"
Email: muhammadwahidkhan@yahoo.com
City, Country:dir pak

"Respected I am shareef peerzada from (Khyber Agency.I have done B.com in Govt college of Commerce now i want to do MBA but i have very bad financial problem so kindly grant me scholership for my higher studies i shall be very thankful to you. Best Regards, shareef peerzada."
Name: shareef peerzada
Email: shareef_peerzada@yahoo.com
City, Country:Peshawar, Pakistan.

"i am the student of 2nd semester civil engineering in UET peshawar i need financial aid i.e this scholarship for my further studies."
Name: saif ullah
Email: Sfullah86@gmail.com
City, Country: muhmand agency,pakistan

"i am passed my B.sc from zakeria university since 2006. i fond of higher education but can,t do due to some financial problems.pls give me a chance and guide me through scholerships programmes."
Name: rizwanullah
Email: Zabee_hel@yahoo.com
City, Country: Fata(N.W.A)

"i m the student of dvm and belongs to tribal area of pakistan. i am a poor student and need financial aid for my education."
Name: riaz ahmad khan
Email: riazahmad_khan@yahoo.com
City, Country: peshawar,pakistan

"Dear.... , I belong to fata Orakzai agency.i m student of class 9th i have been taken 92% marks in previose exam. so kindly inform me every scholarship and entry test competition. Thanks"
Name: Taj Ahmed Orakzai
City, Country: Peshawar,Pakistan

"I am a student of BBA-IT 5th term in UST,BANNU. I want scholarship."
Name: Hamdullah
City, Country: N.W.Agency,Pakistan

"My name is khanzada s/o Asmat Ullah belongs to F.R.Bannu, domail.i have completed my B.S Geology from department of Geology, University of Peshawar. i am willing for MS.there fore it is requested to allow me for scholarship to fulfill my MS requirement. Name: Khanzada Email: khanzada_w@yahoo.com City, Country:"
Name: khanzada
City, Country:F.R. Bannu, pakistan

"I m a stydent of BBA hons 4th semster in Im|sciences Peshawar and need financial support fromm any ngo or government"
City, Country: Peshawar Pakistan

"I am studying at Namal college Mianwali. I want to study abroad and want to go to The University of Bradford (UK).And for going there i need Scholarship. So plz make it possible for me as i am belonging to FATA."
Name: Irfan Muhammad
City, Country:Peshawar(Pakistan)

"salam im b.a(hons)student in peshawar univerity.sir i want to get my master degree in social work. i belong to fata.plz help me... thanks"
Name: m bilal afridi
City, Country:peshawar, pakistan

"Iam a Electrical engineering student i need financial support and free interenship."
Name: Habib Ali
City, Country:parachinar pakistan

"im student of civil engg.i belong toa very backward area plz issue me this scholership"
Name: esar muhammad
City, Country:bajaur agency, pakistan

"salam,i belong from tribal area darra adam khel and i have passed my f.sc exam and looking for Mbbs or Md scholrship pls inform me and help me thanks"
Name: afzalkhan
City, Country:peshwar,pakistan

"R/Sir, i belong to a very poor family.Sir i want to continue my education but i cant effort it.so dear sir please issue me this scholar ship.I will be very thanks full to you for this kindly act."
Name: Mubashir Zaman
City, Country:Peshawar, Pakistan

"i am a student of ist year free medical . and i request you to finnacal suport to continue my study .i belong to khyber agency i am very thanks full to you"
Name: rehman ullah
City, Country:khyber agency

"I have done B.E (Electrical)in 2010.I want FATA scholarship for M.E programme."
Name: sabir hussain
City, Country: F.R Peshawar

"im the student of MCOM .Ineed Scholarships."
Name: sadiq
City, Country:Pakistan

"i wish to do my ms but not from pakistan....because if i go abroad pakistan there i will learn about the different culture along with education....so if u have scholarship then please do inform me your will wisher fazal hussain"
Name: fazal hussain
City, Country:bajaur,Pakistan

"this is a good sit for us"
Name: khalil ahmad hashmi
City, Country:charsadda pakistan

"i have completed M.A in HISTORY from peshawar university.i m financially very much weak and can not support my further education accomadation.i want to do MPHIL AND PHD IN HISTORY.THEREFORE I REQUEST U PEOPLE THAT HELP ME WITH ECONOMICALLY THANX MOST THANX"
Name: ijaz rehman
City, Country:kohat pakistan

"it is important to note that the students of south waziristan is more deserve for this scholarship program as they are deprived of their local schooling and other studies facilities as they are internally displaced and facing the raged Islamic element they are unable normally to prolong their studies im also a student of Economics having master degree in it and welling to go ahead and complete my Phd"
Name: fida muhammad
City, Country: pakistan

"i belong from fata.i passed the ssc exam with 80%marks ,now i want to take admision in good colege but i m a poor student ,i need a schlorshp."
Name: my name is sadam hussain
City, Country: peshawar,pakistan

"Dear, with outmost veneration to say that i am belong to upper Orakzai Agency and i am very keen of studies. I have obtain 80% marks in the ssc of class 9th. Our financial position is very weak. My father is retierd soldier from U.A.E. Know a day ours small income hardly meet the needs of our large family. Therefore, your are kindly requested that a handsome scholarship from Govt, fata administrate, Safaron, Etea or forieng country may granted to me in order to keep my studies on. I shall be highly thankful to you for this act of yours. Thanks. 08-07-2011"
Name: Muhammad Haroon
City, Country:Peshawar, Pakistan

"i want cholar ship for MS in civil engineering feilds .. i have don bachler in civil enngg in uet peshwar freshly"
Name: rafeeq ullah
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"well it is exellent programe particulrly for fata b/c they will educated and will not involve into trariset activites"
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"i have completted my bs telecommunicatyion i want FATA scholorship for any foreign country"
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"I have done my master in public administration,I want to continue my studies and searching scholarship for M.Phil"
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"Honourable members, i have done Electronics Engineering and want to do Masters further, but nowadays it is so costly and i havnt a financial satamena to do Masters, it should be noted that i belong to affected area Of KHYBER AGENCY. Therefore i am going to appeal to my honourable and sponsor members to assist me from this dilema. I PAY MY GRATITUDE IN ADVANCE. Thanks?"
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"I want scholarship for electronic engineering my father is shopkeeper and i don't pay fees address hayat shaheed colony kohat my permaneant address is orakzai agency?"
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"I need scolarship for class 10 as i am a student of rr peshawer pakistan?"
Name: Amjad afridi
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SZABIST waived off operation-hit students fee
Islamabad: Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology (SZABIST), Islamabad has waived off the fee of all those students who belonged to the Army operation-hit areas of NWFP.

According to details, due to prevailing situation of the area and ongoing military operations, the Board of Trustees, SZABIST has announced to waive the fee of the students hailing from Malakand, Swat, Dir, and the FATA.

The SZABIST has mobilized its all possible resources to give relief to the militancy-hit people.

"In this hard time, people of the troubled territories of the country are not alone and the whole nation is united to help out their brothers and sisters", the SZABIST Board affirmed.

It is pertinent to mention here that the SZABIST had also arranged a relief camp for the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). Students thanked the SZABIST administration for waiving off their fee. The nation

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Education research workshop
Islamabad: Relevant research data before policy decisions will make teaching more effective and herald a new beginning for education research.

This was stated by Dr Javaid R Laghari, Chairman Higher Education Commission (HEC), in his inaugural speech at a three-day 'National Workshop on Educational Research Initiative' here Tuesday, organised by Pre Service Teacher Education Programme (Pre-STEP) in collaboration with HEC, Ministry of Education and USAID.

Javaid Laghari stressed the need to strengthen the achievements of teacher certification and provide it international credibility. He said the focus on research is one of the surest ways to improve teachers' education and the standards of instruction.

Javaid mentioned that plans are afoot to introduce a four-year Bachelors in Education, which would be phased in by 2011.

He applauded the Pre-Step's provision of 60 scholarships for PhD studies in the United States for teachers of 15 partner public sector universities. This would work towards strengthening the capacity of teachers in Pakistan, he added.

Joint Education Adviser Ministry of Education Aurangzeb Rahman appreciated the efforts of HEC in fostering research trends in the country. While Acting Chief of Party Pre-STEP Pakistan Phillip Butterfield also addressed on the occasion. Dr Jack Schwille of Michigan State University spoke on 'Unpacking Educational Research & Educational Policy'.

The workshop aimed at gathering education policymakers, education practitioners and teacher educators from both public and private sectors to identify the education research capacity gaps and develop a road map to guide the institutionalisation of educational research in universities as well as in apex departments of education.

During the three-day workshop, the participants will gain insight into the context within which educational research can help inform policy and decision-making in the country, especially to improve teacher education. It will also help reach consensus on research areas that would help inform policy and administrative decisions that impact teaching and learning processes and develop a plan to strengthen and promote educational research culture in the country.

The Pre-STEP programme will provide research grants and other research capacity support to university professors, students, and relevant government officials related to teacher education in Pakistan.

The Pre-STEP in Pakistan, sponsored by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), is being implemented by the Academy for Educational Development (AED).

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NUML receives Chinese books
Islamabad: Chinese Cultural Counsellor Yang Linhai presented a large number of books to the National University of Modern Languages (NUML) on behalf of the Embassy of China here on Tuesday, says a press release.

The books were presented to NUML Rector Professor Dr. Aziz Ahmad Khan at a ceremony attended by a large number of diplomats from the Embassy of China. The books are mostly about Chinese culture, folk arts and crafts, traditional medicines, etc.

Speaking on the occasion, Yang Linhai said the ties between China and Pakistan are fast growing in every field, especially education sector. "Efforts are underway for enhancing more heart-to-heart relations between the people of the two countries," he added.

He further said the books presented would benefit NUML students to learn and understand about China and its culture. NUML and Embassy of China are closer to each other, he remarked.

Dr. Aziz Ahmad Khan thanked the cultural counsellor and the Chinese Embassy for the generous and valuable gift of books to the university, adding that this would further strengthen the linkages between NUML and educational institutions of China.

The rector informed the gathering that the Confucius Institute at NUML has been adjudged one of the best institutes at an international conference held recently in China. He further said that a branch of Confucius Institute has also been opened at the NUML, Lahore Campus, with the assistance of the Chinese government and its embassy in Islamabad.

More branches of the institute would become functional soon on its campuses in Faisalabad, Peshawar and Karachi. The news

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