Punjab Public Service Commission doctors applications

PPSC rejected applications of doctors
Lahore, Jan 6: The Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) has rejected applications of doctors with honorary house job experience for posts of medical officer.

It has caused panic among the candidates who had completed their one-year house job on honorary basis in the hospitals recognized by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC). The candidates complained that the PPSCs objection would deny them a fair chance to compete for the posts of medical officers, jeopardizing their future.

Presently, the PPSC is in the process of scrutinizing the applications of lady doctors for interviews, to be held from January 11 to 28 for over 270 posts of women medical officers in the Punjab Health Department. The Commission, during the process of scrutiny, sent rejection letters to the scores of lady doctors, who had done their house jobs on honorary basis, out of the total up to 1,500 to 2,000 applicants.

The candidates said that the PPSC had earlier also rejected male candidatesí applications by objecting to their house jobs on honorary basis, depriving several candidates of their right to compete for the posts of medical officers. However, the PPSC had already completed interviews of male doctors and recommended the successful candidates for appointment on 1,260 posts of medical officers in hospitals, whereas the candidates, whose applications were rejected, lost a chance to compete for the posts.

Sources said that PPSC had rejected the applications because they did not consider honorary house job equivalent to paid house job.

The candidates said the medical graduates were forced to do house jobs on honorary basis because of the unavailability of enough number of paid seats in hospitals. 'The medical graduates are doing their house jobs on honorary basis in all teaching hospitals of Lahore,' they said, adding that the applications had been rejected mostly of those doctors who had completed their house job from the Services Hospital because the administration had mentioned the word 'honorary' or 'paid' on their experience certificates of doctors.

'No other hospital mentions these words on experience certificates of doctors. Therefore, doctors of other hospitals didn't have to face such an embarrassing situation,' they added.

The lady doctors of Services Hospital said that the PPSC had also rejected the explanation by the Medical Superintendent of Services Hospital, who explained in a letter written to the PPSC secretary that honorary and paid house job were equivalent. When candidates approached the PPSC, they quoted them as saying that they could entertain their applications only on the request of the Punjab Health Department secretary. They demanded the health department explain to the PPSC to give all candidates a fair chance to compete for the posts.

When contacted, Services Hospital Medical Superintendent Dr Muhammad Javed said that PPSC had rejected applications of their candidates with honorary house jobs for the first time. However, he said, they had written a letter to the PPSC to explain the situation with a request to entertain the applications of the candidates, who had completed their house job, whether on honorary.

When contacted, PPSC Chairman Lt Gen Sabahat Hussain and Secretary Javed Iqbal Chaudhry could not be contacted for commissionís version. A couple of PPSC members, including Azhar Hasan Nadeem and a PPSC Protocol Officer Imdad Ali, could neither explain the policy nor facilitate the contact with the secretary or the chairman of the Commission.

Additional Secretary (Technical) Dr Mushtaq Ahmad said he was not aware of the matter, adding the health department would act as soon as they received any query in this regard.

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Doctors warned of action
Lahore: The Punjab Health Department has taken notice of the irregularity by some House Officers/Postgraduate trainees who are involved in private practice/part-time jobs at private hospitals in violation of the policy.

The Punjab Health Department, through a notification issued on December 14, 2009 by Deputy Secretary ME, directed all principals of the medical colleges that it had been noticed that some HOs/PGs were involved in private practice at private hospitals, which was a clear violation of the policy, as this was a whole time residential job and not entitled/authorized for private practice. The news

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Police deployed outside Kinnaird College
Lahore: Police officers including women personnel were deployed outside Kinnaird College (KC) on Tuesday to prevent any protests by students from getting out of hand.

KC Principal Dr Bernadette L Dean said the Punjab home secretary, in view of Monday's protests, deputed the police personnel there. Academic activities at the college were continuing on schedule, she said.

Separately, KC Board of Governors Chairman Dr Alexander John Malik denied that any teachers had been sacked, or an inquiry instituted against the college principal.

Security personnel deployed outside the college premises were seen carrying teargas shells and batons, while there was strict security at the gate, with all students being thoroughly checked before being allowed to enter. Fortunately, they did not have to use them, as both students and faculty members remained peaceful.

Azra Perveen, a female police inspector said that they were deployed to maintain peace in the college.

The protests began on Monday, when several students and faculty members demonstrated against the sacking of seven teachers, who had protested the appointment of Naima Khursheed as the college's first registrar.

Farukh Sohail, a teacher at the college said that she had been associated with the college for several years, but this was the first time police had been deployed at the premises. She said the right to hold a peaceful demonstration was granted by the state to every citizen, which could not be denied.

A student, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the majority of the student body had avoided the protests for fear of being beaten by police, adding that all the students were asking for was a fair inquiry into the teachers' dismissal.

According to another faculty member, a majority of the faculty and students at KC did not have a problem with the principal or the newly appointed registrar. She said the students were the worst-affected, adding that teachers had asked all their pupils to remain focused on their studies and not take sides.

Also on Tuesday, Lahore Bishop Dr Alexander John Malik issued a statement denying the allegations leveled against KC. According to the statement, "no teachers have been sacked and no inquiry has been instituted against the principal... [who] enjoys the full confidence of the board. A fact-finding committee has been constituted to look into faculty issues and... address grievances and generate a series of recommendations." Daily times

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CM essay competitions
Lahore: Chief Minister Punjab Provincial Urdu / English Essay Writing Competitions of all levels from primary to postgraduate level were held at Cluster Examination Center of BISE Lahore on Tuesday.

As many as 540 students from nine divisions of the Punjab participated in these contests. The topic for students of primary level was "Is Mulak Ko Rakhna Meray Bacho Sambhal Kay", middle level "Taleem Mein Computer Ka Kirdar", "Youth is the Builder of Our Nation", Secondary Level "Example is better than precept" and "Taasubaat Ki Buniyad Jehalat Hai".

For intermediate, degree and postgraduate levels were chosen through balloting. The participants of intermediate wrote essays on "Yaksan Nizam-e-Taleem", "Global Warming is a threat to life on earth".

Degree level topic was "Gender Disparity in Pakistan", "Khud Inhasari Moashi Taraqi Ki Zamanat Hai" and postgraduate level topic was "Education makes people easy to govern, but impossible to enslave" and "Pakistani Tehzib Aur Saqafat Kay Khadukhal". The news

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