Punjab university results, datesheets

PU announced results, exams datesheets
Lahore, Jan 02: PU Examinations Department has announced the results of LLB, Part-II, Annual Examination 2009 and MA Seismology (Morning Programme), Semester System, Session 2005-2007.

Meanwhile Punjab University Examinations Department issued practicals date-sheets of MSc Home Economics, Annual Examination 2009. MSc Home Economics, Part-I Annual Examination 2009, will commence from January 7 and will conclude on January 13, 2010 while MSc Home Economics, Part-II Annual Examination 2009, will commence from January 9 and will conclude on January 23, 2010.

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Punjab university unearthed advance scam
Lahore: The Punjab University (PU) administration has unearthed a financial scam in which over Rs 6 million were paid as 'advance' to some teachers and employees of the varsity's Hailey College of Commerce a couple of years ago.

According to the data, a major chunk of the Rs 5.799 million was paid as advance to 12 faculty members and a meagre Rs 0.595 million was paid as advance to 54 employees of the college. One of the faculty members was lucky to get Rs 1.85 million.

Some PU officials said that former Principal of Hailey College of Commerce, Prof Nazir Ahmed, allegedly gave in to the pressure of some teachers and gave advance to teachers as remuneration for evening classes.

They said giving such big amounts in advance was unprecedented in the history of the PU. The payment made to some faculty members was too high and it is believed that the amount could not be adjusted even if teachers continued teaching evening classes for the rest of their tenure of service, they added. They said the amount received by teachers and employees did not reflect in the budget and no mechanism was developed to deduct the amount from salaries of beneficiaries. "Some teachers are now reluctant to get the money adjusted and are allegedly issuing threats as they are backed by some political figures," they alleged.

They said there were also financial issues related to funds generated through annual Kitab Mela (book fair) adding it was expected that the vice-chancellor might form an inquiry committee to probe into these issues.

Officials said the present administration led by Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran unearthed the scam and had started the recovery. They said so far the administration had recovered Rs 2.825 million both from faculty members and employees. They said the VC had issued strict instructions to get the money back and deduct the amount from salaries of teachers and employees.

They said the money was given to teachers from college's earnings and funds adding award of huge sums as advances was strange because almost every university was facing acute shortage of funds at that time as the Higher Education Commission (HEC) had not released grants to universities.

The data reveals that a sum of Rs 1,859,400 was given to Prof S M Naeem as advance and so far not a single penny has been recovered from him. Prof Abdul Jabbar was paid Rs 844,600 out of which Rs 150,000 have been recovered from him. Prof Hassan Mobeen Alam was paid Rs 683,600 out of which Rs 490,000 have been recovered. Prof M Muazzam Mughal was paid Rs 590,000 of which Rs 290,000 have been recovered. Prof Majid Ali was paid Rs 650,000 out of which Rs 250,000 have been recovered.

Faculty members from whom the total amount has been recovered are: Prof Zulfiqar Ahmad (paid Rs 457,000), Prof Azam Shafiq (Rs 305,000), Prof Abdul Rahim (Rs 128,000), Prof Muhammad Ramazan (Rs 120,000), Prof Mukhtar Mahmood (Rs 87,000), Prof Hafiz Abdul Rashid (Rs 50,000) and Prof Tanvir Baig (Rs 25,000).

Data shows more money has been recovered from non-teaching staff. At least Rs 437,800 has been recovered from non-teaching staff who were paid a total of Rs 595,300 whereas only Rs 2.352 million has been so far been recovered from teaching staff.

When contacted, former Principal Hailey College of Commerce Prof Chaudhry Nazir Ahmed said the money was paid in accordance with rules. He said in some cases, the amount was given for tours and functions while in some cases the amount was given to regular teachers as advances for teaching evening classes. He said all the money was supposed to be adjusted after deduction from salaries of teachers and employees with the passage of time. No illegality was committed in payment of advances, he said.

To a question, Prof Nazir said Prof S M Naeem worked as a student adviser and he was also responsible for organising functions and tours and was therefore given more money as advance. He said in some cases, computers and furniture etc was also purchased through the issued amount and was later adjusted.

Asked why not a single penny had so far been recovered from Prof Naeem, the former principal said: "Everything is documented". "Payments were made through cross-cheques," he added.

When contacted, Prof Naeem said the money received as advances was adjustable adding no rule was flouted in payment of advance. He said he had more responsibilities and therefore received more money as advance.

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PU security measures
Lahore: Lahore part of ongoing security measures on the campus, Punjab University (PU) Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran on Friday handed over keys of eight motorcycles to university guards to beef up security on the campus.

The VC urged the guards to increase mobile surveillance on the campus, both in academic blocks as well as hostel areas. PU Resident Officer-I Prof Shahid Gul, who is in-charge of security matters, was also present on the occasion. The news

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Punjab university Seminar
Lahore: Punjab University Pakistan Study Centre (PSC) organized a seminar on "Pakistan-Afghanistan Relations: The Taliban Factor" here at New Campus on Friday.

Ahmed Rashid, an eminent journalist and an expert on Afghanistan and Central Asia, was the keynote speaker while PU Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran presided over the seminar. In his address, Ahmed Rashid said the Bush Administration's War on Iraq seriously hampered the efforts to rebuild Afghanistan and consequently Al-Qa'eda and the Taliban were on the resurgent. He said the international community and United States (US) had failed to work for nation-building and to develop a good infrastructure in Afghanistan.

He believed that these twin tasks could not be accomplished with a donor-driven economy and without focusing on developing agriculture and the indigenous economy. He pointed out that the Obama administration had now focused on these issues but according to him, it was now too little too late. Ahmed said the Karzai administration had been marred with the allegations of massive corruption, bad governance and incompetence. He believed that conciliatory talks between representatives of all sections including Taliban and NATO were the only way out of the quagmire of Afghanistan and in this regard, Pakistan's military establishment could play a positive and intermediary role.

He pointed out that at this moment the Taliban was at their strongest position and this was the right time for initiating such a dialogue. Coming to Pakistan, Ahmed feared that the conditions were going to get worse as Pakistan was faced with three major crises. Economic crisis, as the country was only dependent on IMF and circular debt had nearly paralyzed all government institutions. Secondly, a dire political crisis which resulted due to repeated martial laws and the failure of political leadership to deliver the goods.

Thirdly the extremist challenges to the state. He believed that in the coming years the borders with India and Afghanistan might create acute problems for Pakistan as another Mumbai like incident may further strain relations between India and Pakistan. He hoped that civil and military leadership would unite to face the challenges in a much better way. PU Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran, in his presidential remarks, urged the audience and students to ponder over the current complex issues facing Pakistan.

He especially urged the youth to get themselves aware of the national and international issue by developing reading habits among themselves. Dr Kamran said that the lecture was very interesting as it exposed the audience to the complex Afghan situation and its impact on Pakistan. A question-answer session was also conducted. PSC Director Prof Dr Massarrat Abid thanked the guest speaker at the end. F.P Report

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GCU founder's day
Lahore: The Government College University (GCU) Lahore celebrated its 146th founder's day on Friday. According to a press release, GC Vice Chancellor (VC) Dr Khalid Aftab attended a cake-cutting ceremony at the university's Salam Hall.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Aftab said the institution, established in 1864, has produced renowned scientists, scholars and poets of international repute, including Allama Iqbal, Dr Abdus Salam and Faiz Ahmed Faiz. He said the institution has continued to set standards in the education sector of the country.

The vice chancellor said the institution blends old traditions with modern education to meet the standards of today's world. He said the university faculty now includes around 146 PhD's. Faculty deans, heads of department and faculty members also attended the ceremony. Daily times

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