Karachi university teachers test Controversy

Controversy regarding teachers test persists at KU
Karachi, Jan 26: The controversy with regard to allowing the permanent faculty at University of Karachi (KU) to enroll in the MS/PhD programmes without appearing in the entrance test continues to persist.

The controversy started when the Karachi University Teachers Society (KUTS) asked the Vice Chancellor KU Prof. Qasim Raza Pirzada to allow the permanent faculty to be enrolled for MS/PhD programmes without appearing in the entrance test. The VC agreed to the demand, however, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) warned the university that if the teachers were exempted from appearing in the entrance test, then the HEC would not recognise the degrees of such teachers.

Chancellor KU and Governor Sindh Dr Ishrat ul Ebad also took note of the controversy and called it an issue that should not have cropped up at all.

In the meantime, two former students of Department of Mass Communication have written a letter to the KU VC Prof. Qasim requesting him to revert the decision about the tests. They wrote that 'it will taint the name and reputation of our alma mater'. The students further maintained that they had no intention to 'drag our alma mater and taint its name in the courts of law'. A source, though, revealed that the former students do intend to file a petition against the decision.

In this regard President KUTS Dr Abid Hasnain said that they are not against the tests, and of course the teachers are 'not afraid of the tests', but 'our stand is that the teachers should not be taking the tests with their students, and secondly a teacher that has passed his examinations and has been recruited through the selection board should not be humiliated in this manner'. Dr Hasnain challenged those who could tell him if any university in the world was testing its teachers before they began their higher education.

Moreover, the move by KUTS was vehemently opposed by deans of all faculties, citing it a move to deteriorate the educational standards of the university. A considerable number of KU teachers said on Monday revealed that they had no objection in appearing in the tests, and that actually they had taken the test that were held last Sunday.

Meanwhile, the dean of a faculty, requesting anonymity, confirmed that many teachers had indeed taken the test and the he (the dean) could give the exact number of the teachers who appeared in the test, on Tuesday.

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GCE results for Oct/Nov 2009 announced
Karachi: The results of the Cambridge International Examinations for October/November 2009 session were announced on the British Council website here on Monday.

According to an official of the Cambridge Examination Control in Pakistan, the comprehensive result of high achievers from all over the world will be processed by March 2010. Following the previous policy, no percentages were written on the statement of result and only grades were given.

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SBTE to give last chance to DAE, DBA students
Karachi: Sindh Board of Technical Education (SBTE) has decided to provide the last chance to the failure students of discontinued semester system of Diploma of Associate Engineer (DAE) as well as to those failures that have exhausted their chances to appear in the DAE under Annual System in vogue, Controller of Examinations, SBTE, Professor Maqsood Hussain said on Monday. The same policy is also adopted for similar deficiencies in the cases of the failures of Diploma in Business Administration (DBA) course.

The last chance for receipt of renewal of Registration Forms is January 29, 2010 and the last date for receipt of Examination Forms is February 08, 2010, he added.He advised all failed candidates of DAE and DBA to contact their respective colleges for obtaining renewal of the forms immediately.

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HSC practical exams
Karachi: The practical examinations of the Board of Intermediate Education, Karachi (BIEK), Higher Secondary Certificate (supplementary examination-2009) will start from February 8.

According to a press release issued on Monday, BIEK has advised the students of Pre-Medical, Pre-Engineering and Science General Group to collect the programme before February 3 from the Government College for Men, Nazimabad (Male Candidates) and Sir Syed Government Girls College, Nazimabad (Female Students).

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CDGK, NED agreement
Karachi: The City District Government Karachi (CDGK) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the NED University of Engineering and Technology for a research project being carried out, under USAID, by the NED University and the University of Mississippi, USA.

The project involves the utilisation of the CDGK's Command & Control Center (C&CC) to improve traffic flow and develop an intelligent transportation system (ITS) for Karachi. The MoU was signed by City Nazim Mustafa Kamal and NED University Registrar Engineer Javed Aziz Khan at a ceremony held on Monday in the KWSB Head Office.

The participants at the ceremony included NED University Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr Muzaffar Mehmood, Civil Engineering & Architecture Department Dean Prof. Dr Sahibzada Farooq Ahmed Rafeequi, Urban and Infrastructure Engineering Chairman Prof. Dr Mir Shabbar Ali, Controller of Services Syed Wasiuddin, Urban Engineering Department Lecturers. Madiha Abid and Afzal Ahamd, DCO Karachi Javed Hanif Khan, Municipal Services EDO Masood Alam, C&CC In charge Faheem Qureishi, and others.

A lively discussion was headed by City Nazim Mustafa Kamal, where participants appreciated the traffic engineering and operational infrastructure put in place by the CDGK. The speakers concluded that through research and studies, the NED University could identify traffic problems and the causes of the failure of traffic management. They could also provide recommendations and remedies to cope with these issues for a better traffic management system in the metropolis.

Cameras installed at various locations in Karachi by the CDGK can play a vital role in managing traffic efficiently, improving traffic flow, and reducing congestion at all major and supplementary arteries. According to the MoU, researchers from the NED University will be provided access to the city government's C&CC, while the Signal-Free Corridor-III will be used as the NED-CDGK Road Lab for research and development of the ITS-based traffic management system.

Kamal expressed hope that a better and permanent solution could be reached through the coordination of universities, especially professional educational institutions that can correctly identify problems and give valuable suggestions. He further said that despite spending billions of rupees on traffic engineering, problems still persisted due to the absence of better enforcement and lack of action from the traffic police against violations of rules.

Kamal said that most traffic problems were related to management and not traffic engineering. Though such problems were solved by all big cities through a mass transit system, the CDGK did not have the resources to carry out such a huge project that cost billions of dollars on its own; only the federal government can do this for Karachi, he said.

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NAPA diploma in Film Making
Karachi: National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA) has announced to offer a one-year diploma course in Film Making in its news session commencing from February 2010. The diploma course will be the cheapest available option for students aiming to pursue film making as a carrier, as it costs them a comparatively mere sum of Rs3000 per month.

In the past five years NAPA had only offered courses in Music and Theatre. 'This will be a one-year diploma and students will be given hands on training on the production equipment,' PRO NAPA Nadeem Ahmed said. He said that NAPA has now established a name in the fields of theatre and music, and its graduates have been recognised in their respective fields. 'So it is the right time to move towards Film Making,' he said.

Ahmed added that admissions in the departments of Music and Theatre are totally based on auditions and out of all the applications, only10 to15 students are selected to pursue a three-year degree programme. He further said that education up to intermediate is the pre requisite. In the case of film making, though intermediate is the pre requisite, there are no auditions as the field is new to the applicants and the decision would be taken solely on the basis of interviews of the applicants, he said.

It has been more than five years since NAPA was formed and finally the number of applicants has started increasing. 'This year we received more than 100 applications in all the faculties, which is a great achievement for NAPA, the trend has got better over the years, and especially this year because our graduates have made it into the market, and the people have started recognising them' the PRO said.

He said that a batch of 15 to 20 students of Music and Theater would be graduating in the coming month. Nadeem added that the convocation would be subject to the availability of a chief guest because the last two convocations were chaired by Former President Pervez Musharraf and Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani respectively.

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IBA LeaderShop Conference
Karachi: The fourth edition of the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) LeaderShop Conference concluded at a local hotel which saw a host of students gain valuable lessons form a wide array of speakers on Saturday.

The four day conference cum leadership workshop combined activities with core leadership and social skill development programmes. Participants heard from leaders in the local and international corporate and social service sectors. People like Leon Menezes (GM HR Shell), Rafiq Rangoonwala (CEO Cupola Group), and former head of the State Bank of Pakistan, Dr Ishrat Hussain as well as other speakers.

According to the participants, the conference gave them an opportunity to hear from executives of the corporate sector. Along with listening to some of the most successful people in the industry, the conference provided an opportunity for students to improve on a personal level.

According to Maimoona Tariq, who is a part of the treasury committee of the conference, the most valuable aspect of the conference was to make a host of links and contacts that one could take home. 'I was involved in recruiting many people in the management team.

The success of any venture depends on the mix of right people. I am glad that I chose the right people for the right jobs. In the end, even they were delighted to have worked and never knew they possessed the ability to perform such jobs' she claimed. The news

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