Urdu dictionaries compilation, upgradation

UDB received new lease of life
Karachi, Jan 02: The Urdu Dictionary Board (UDB) received a new lease of life after the Ministry of Education, Government of Pakistan, approved proposals by its Chief Editor, Fahmida Riaz, for the compilation of new dictionaries and updating existing ones.

Riaz, a prominent Urdu poet, who assumed charge a couple of months ago said on Thursday that the officials of the ministry had agreed to allow her a five year timeline for updating the Urdu dictionaries that were compiled in the early sixties and a three year period to compile a Concise Urdu Dictionary that could be handy to the academics and the general population alike.

I am happy that the officials have realised the importance of the dictionary in the period that is witnessing dwindling readership and materialistic approach towards life that is suffocating the aesthetic values. Dictionaries should be updated every 10 years. New words are added in the language and some become archaic because they are not used frequently. It (language) is a living thing and we should treat it very carefully to keep it alive and flourishingÓ, she spoke animatedly.

It may be worth mentioning that some time earlier the Education Ministry had suggested that the UDB should be merged with the National Book Foundation (NBF) as it (UDB) was not a profitable organisation and move it to Islamabad. Alarmed by this, Riaz had assembled the literary giants of the city including Jamiluddin Aali, Dr Farman Fatehpuri, Dr Jamil Jalibi and Aslam Farrukhi, who blasted the idea in presence of the government officials who had come from Islamabad to discuss the idea with Riaz. Aali Sahib was so angry that he threatened to bring out thousands of demonstrators on the roads to protest against the proposed change. The literati had reminded the government officials that compiling dictionaries was not a business that could bring the question of profit or loss.

Riaz said that her staff was overjoyed to hear the news as they were victims to uncertainty and had endured a long wait to know about their job situation. I have yet to know if more staff would be recruited as I need some such as accountants and professionals who are well versed in Urdu Language and Literature. Let us wait and see, she added. She wished there were more people in the Education Ministry who could understand the intricacies of Language and Literature and know that language and literature was not some commodity for sale or dealing in a stock exchange.

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Urdu literature promotion
Islamabad: Research is a base for innovation and diversification of any literature and Urdu scholars should carry out more research for finding fresh perspectives on classical Urdu literature, Prof. Fateh Muhammad Malik, Rector of International Islamic University Islamabad, said here on Friday.

Speaking at a seminar organised here by the Urdu Department of IIUI, he said Urdu is a rich language, but there is a dire need to work for its promotion and advancement. He also lauded the IIUI Urdu Department's endeavour for launching a research magazine titled 'Mayaar'. Iftikhar Arif, Chairman of National Language Authority, and Dr Zafar Ishaq Ansari, Vice President of Higher Studies and Research, also participated in the seminar.

Dr Najeeba Arif, Incharge Urdu Department IIUI, and Dr Sohail Abbas Baloch presented research papers on the occasion.

Dr Najeeba Arif in her paper on 'Cruelty of History and William Dalrymble's Point of View' presented a detailed view of William Dalrymble's ideology and the background of the topic discussed in his book.

Dr Sohail Abbas in his paper analysed Urdu literature, and on the basis of his research, commented that Urdu dictionaries lack a lot of literaryforms.

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Speech contest result
Rawalpindi: Rashida Andleeb has secured second position in Chief Minister's programme of 'Urdu Speech Contest' at divisional level, says a press release. She is a first-year student at Fauji Foundation School and College, Kallar Kahar.

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Academic year begins with unannounced holiday
Karachi: The first day of the New Year turned into an announced holiday as the students of public and private sector institutions could not reach their destination due to the strike on Friday.

The schools and colleges were to reopen on Friday, January 1, after the winter vacations concluded on December 31, 2009. However, the uncertain situation along with the lack of transport in the city kept the students, teaching and non-teaching staff at home.

Parents and teachers criticised the education department for not making an announcement regarding the closure of schools and colleges despite the fact that the notice for the strike was given a few days earlier.

A day earlier, Sindh Education Minister, Pir Mazhar Ul Haq had asked the educational institutions to open as per schedule. However, the private sector simply ignored his instruction and decided to begin classes from January 04, 2010 (Monday).

A glance at the academic calendar shows that the government education centres remained opened for 217 days in 2009 while the private sector institutions were open for 174 days during the same duration.

The vacations included two month long summer holidays and 10 days winter vacations, nine gazetted holidays, and optional vacations announced by the governor and City District Government Karachi on the Urs of local saints and after a cricket match win.

Furthermore, the students also enjoyed a holiday on September 1 due to heavy rainfall in the city as well as on May 12 and May 25 due to strikes. On October 22, after a bomb blast occurred at the International Islamic University, Islamabad, schools closed down for a week fearing terrorist attacks.

The standard educational year of the city is composed of 180 days. There is a recommendation to reduce the summer break to one month or 45 days. However, no decision has been made so far.

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PRCS to provide educational support to 2,500 kids
Islamabad: The Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS) will provide educational support to 2,500 primary schools children in Swat.

A commitment to this effect was formalised through signing of an agreement between PRCS and Tera Data here on Friday.

Speaking on the occasion, PRCS Secretary General Muhammad Ilyas Khan said support will be provided in five different locations i.e., Kanju, Mingora, Bandai in district Swat, Tamer Gara in district Dir and Pir Baba in district Buner. He said the project implementation strategy would ensure beneficiaries' participation in all stages of the project cycle. A sense of ownership will be created in the community through participation and dialogue.

Ilyas Khan said PRCS has supported over 400,000 internally displaced persons of Swat. Of these, 50,000 were lodged in its camps set up at different locations and 350,000 with host families.

Commenting on the initiative, the managing director of Tera Data Khuram Rahat said people living in and around Swat are faced with tough economic choices. Many people are being forced to sell household goods, jewellery or other belongings for survival. "Soon, they will have nothing left to sell," he said.

People have lost their livelihoods because of damage caused to infrastructure by over two months of fierce fighting. At this hour of crisis, they have no money to meet the educational needs of their children, hence the need for such support.

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Ned Orientation Programme
Karachi: NED University of Engineering & Technology has announced that orientation programme for First Year Undergraduate Programmes (BE, BCIT, and B.Arch.) for academic year 2009-10 will be held on Saturday (today) at the university's auditorium at 10:00 am.

The students have been advised to bring their admission fee slip in order to enter in the university. It was also announced that the students of second to final years will not be allowed to enter the college. The regular classes will commence from January 4, 2010.

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SCT quality audit
Islamabad: Director of Quality Assurance at National University of Sciences and Technology, Air Cdre(r) Engineer Muhammad Ismail SI(M) achieved the distinction of serving on the panel constituted to conduct Institutional Quality Audit of Salalah College of Technology (SCT), Oman, says a press release issued here Friday.

Other panel members were Professor Burkhard Rauhut, vice chancellor, German University of Technology, Oman; Dr Julie Jackson, pro-vice chancellor (Quality Enhancement) La Trobe University Australia; Dr Khaled Day from Sultan Qaboos University, Oman and Dr Penny Bidgood from Kingston University, UK.

Engineer Ismail was appointed to the Register of External Reviewers of Oman Accreditation Council (OAC) in 2007. The council follows a rigorous process to approve the reviewers. Engineer Ismail earned his appointment to OAC's Register of Reviewers by virtue of his distinguished credentials in the filed of instructions, academic management and quality assurance in the realm of higher education. The news

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