HEC plagiarism cases deadline

Deadlines passed but HEC is still thinking
Islamabad, Jan 27: Higher Education Commission (HEC), which was aggressively following plagiarism cases, is now apparently reluctant to take action against the three scholars who are allegedly involved in such cases even after the passage of deadline.

December 30, 2010, was the deadline given to the universities by HEC to take appropriate action against the scholars whose PhD thesis are plagiarised after which HEC is supposed to blacklist these faculty members, however, nothing has been done so far.

According to the information, HEC after its meeting of plagiarism committee held on 10 November has decided to blacklist the faculty members against whom their universities are not taking appropriate action even after their proven plagiarism and repeated reminders by HEC.

Initially the letters in this regard have been sent to three public sector universities including Karachi University (KU), Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU), Multan, and University of Engineering and Technology (MUET), Jamshoro, for the alleged plagiarism of Dr Shaheen Khan, Professor, Dr G R Pasha and Ahmed Hesham Pasha and Sulleman Memon respectively.

According to the copies of letters available with this scribe, HEC has given a final deadline of 30 November 2010 to the universities to take appropriate action against those involved in alleged plagiarism. Moreover, it has been informed that after the deadline, the names of blacklisted faculty members would be placed on HEC website.

In this regard, a letter (dated November 22, 2010 with ref no 80-P/DG QA/HEC/UoK/2010/860) has been sent to Karachi University (KU) where HEC has expressed its concerns over the decision of the KU Plagiarism Standing Committee to permit the revision of the thesis to Dr Shaheen Khan and subsequent approval of the supervisor even after the award of the PhD degree that (if any) be furnished to HEC.

The second letter (dated November 22, 2010 with ref no 29-P/DG- QA/HEC/BZU/2010/858) has been written to Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU), Multan, in which HEC has expressed its concern over negligence for the implement of decisions/recommendations of PSC of the university in the case of Dr. GR Pasha and Ahmed Hesham Pasha.

According to the information, a case of plagiarism allegations against Prof. Dr. GR Pasha, Department of Statistics and Ahmed Hesham Pasha, Lecturer of Electrical Engineering, Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU), Multan, was forwarded to University on 25 April 2007 for investigation.

The HEC Plagiarism Standing Committee decided that the PSC of BZU will get its decision implemented in which "Dr. GR Pasha and Hesham Pasha are required to write a note of apology to the authors whose works have been allegedly plagiarised in their papers. In case of failure on their part to submit the affidavits required as per HEC policy, their cases shall be processed further."

The third letter (dated November 22, 2010 with reference no 29-P/DG-QA/HEC/ MUET/2010/859) has been written to Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Jamshoro.

The letter stated that the HEC Plagiarism Committee has decided to review the said case again in light of HEC Plagiarism Policy clause no 11-b (vii) "The degree of any student may be withdrawn, if the thesis is found to be plagiarised at any stage" and convey the decision to HEC not later than 30 November 2010 and failing which the name of the accused be placed on HEC website in the list of blacklisted faculty members.

None of the above mentioned universities have taken the required action against the alleged plagiarism committee which has prompted HEC to issue a warning letter asking them to take the action before 30 December otherwise the above mentioned names of PhD scholars would be placed on HEC official website as blacklisted.

However, HEC official website still carries no name of any scholar who is allegedly involved in plagiarism. HEC Director Quality Assurance Dr Mahmood Raza while addressing to a press conference admitted that these were the oldest cases of plagiarism that HEC was dealing with.

"There are a lot of legal aspects that we are dealing with. The respective universities were now taking action and we are hopeful that soon we would reach to some conclusion," he said.

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Beaconite sets record in CIE exam
Islamabad: A whopping 23 straight 'A' grades in CIE O-level examinations has set Beaconhouse School System student Ibrahim Shahid at the top of the academic arena in Pakistan!

Ibrahim Shahid has put Pakistan on the map again for having produced an amazing record of 'A' grades. He sat for 24 CIE O-level examinations in 24 different subjects and scored a trail blazing 23 straight 'A' grades proving what he always said, "If it can be dreamed, it can be done."

After his brilliant O-level result announced on Monday morning, Ibrahim Shahid is currently enrolled at the Beaconhouse Margalla A Level programme, the largest A level programme in Pakistan.

His impressive academic feat was in a wide range of subjects that included, Advanced Mathematics, Business Studies, Commercial Studies, Statistics, Human and Social Biology, Combined Science, Economics, Environmental Management, Geography, Principles of Accounts, Commerce, Computer Studies, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Urdu, Sociology, World History, English Language, Islamiyat, Pakistan Studies, Islamic Religion and Culture.

Ibrahim's father Shahid Anwar is an electrical engineer and is currently a Professor with FAST University and Ibrahim's delighted and proud mother is a computer scientist who is a housewife who decided to stay at home and focus completely on her children. Mrs. Shahid's message to all parents is, "If you believe in yourself and keep on working with your child then every child can do it."

When asked about his incredible result, Ibrahim said that planning was very important and that once he decides on something then he completely focuses on the task. Believing in the fact there is always more to learn and achieve Ibrahim Shahid is also determined on laying down new precedents for advanced level examinations.

Beaconhouse Principal, Rear Admiral Nashat Raffi, said that while congratulating Ibrahim Shahid for his excellent result in 'O Level' examination, we are confident that, he will always set the bar higher in every coming exam, and will bring laurels to his parents, teachers, institution and Pakistan, our sincere and best wishes are with him. He was joined by Mehr Asad, Headmistress of Beaconhouse Boys Branch, who said that she congratulates Ibrahim on his achievement and his hardworking and dedicated teachers.

"Through the efforts of our teachers we endeavour not only enable each and every student in our branch to shine in Cambridge Examinations but also groom them into fine young men who shall be responsible and proud Pakistanis in future," she said. The news

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