University of Education shut down

UoE shut down till Feb 4
Lahore, Jan 29: The two-member committee formed to probe ongoing crisis at the University of Education has finally started working to unearth the facts.

The committee members including University of Engineering & Technology (UET) Vice Chancellor Lt-Gen (Retd) Muhammad Akram Khan and Government College University (GCU) VC Prof Dr Khalid Aftab visited the University of Education and recorded statements of the varsity's Acting VC Prof Farhat Saleem, other officials, some faculty members and a few students.

Meanwhile, it is learnt in the wake of ongoing protest campaign, the University of Education's administration has decided to shut down the varsity till February 4, 2011. According to sources, the decision has been taken to avoid any further unpleasant situation in the wake of strong prevailing agitation by the university students.

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UoE results
Lahore: The University of Education's Examination Department on Friday announced the results of different examinations. These exams include MSc Mathematics BEd (Composite), MSc Mathematics Part-II, MSc Physics BEd (Composite), MSc Chemistry BEd (Composite), MA Education Part-I, MA Education (Composite), MEd Special Education, MEd Session (2007-2008), MELMS (Composite), BS (Honors) Chemistry BEd (Composite-I), BSc BEd (Composite) and BEd Elementary. The news

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PU results
Lahore: The Punjab University on Friday declared the results of MA Islamic studies, MA Persian and MSc zoology, Part-II, annual examination for 2010. Dawn

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PU BS (Hons) admission
Lahore: The Punjab University (PU) Examination Department has notified that the admission forms and fees of BS (Hons) four-year programme, recently launched by the Punjab government in different colleges, will be received till January 31, 2011.

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PU teachers rally
Lahore: The Punjab University (PU) faculty on Friday took out a rally at the universityís New Campus to condemn the killing of three Pakistanis by a US citizen and his colleagues.

The Pakistan Universities Academic Staff Association (PUASA) had given the call of the protest in which a large number of students also participated besides the teachers and employees and expressed anger over the US nationalís act.

It is pertinent to mention here that two youths were shot dead by a US national, Raymond, associated with the US Consulate Lahore while the third boy was crushed to death by a speedy vehicle of Raymondís colleagues who had rushed to the spot to rescue him.

The rally started from the universityís Jamia Mosque after the Friday prayers and culminated near the Centre for South Asian Studies where Pakistan Universities Academic Staff Associations President Dr Mahr Muhammad Saeed Akhtar addressed the protestors.

Dr Mahr, who is also president of the Federation of All Pakistan Universities Academic Staff Associations (FAPUASA), strongly condemned the incident and termed it terrorism.

He said Raymond was not in a diplomatís car and was driving a private car.

He demanded punishment as per the law of the land, adding that the US national should be tried in the Anti-Terrorism Court and should be awarded death.

He said US President Obama should apologise to Pakistani nation on the killing of three youths and urged the nation to unite and take up the issue for betterment of the country. Dr Mahr alleged that US diplomats were involved in conspiracies against Pakistan and the US consulates in the country should be restricted to diplomatic activities only. He also demanded immediate end to drone attacks inside Pakistan and urged the government to get all the bases vacated from the US forces.

He said the government should also ensure that all persons related to Blackwater be throne out of the country, and added that Dr Aafia Siddiqui should also be released from the US. The protestors chanted slogans against the US during the rally before dispersing peacefully.

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LUMS career fair
Lahore: The Career Services Office of the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) will hold a mega career fair on the varsity campus on Saturday. The news

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Students' documentaries, films displayed at NCA
Lahore: Documentaries and films produced by the students of the National College of Arts (NCA) were being displayed during the second day of their thesis display.

Three top documentaries produced by Ravail Warraich, Alina Ali and Ammar Aziz were displayed in the NCA auditorium on the second day of the event. Ravail's documentary titled 'Maan Boli' was about the history of Punjabi language and how it became a target of the British and other establishments due to the fierce resistance of Punjabis.

The student exposed the way Pakistani establishment was targeting this language to the extent that apart from children from the other provinces, even the children of Punjab were deprived of the right to get education in their mother tongue despite the internationally accepted fact that it was easier for the kids to learn by their mother tongues.

Ravail and Alina said that the three documentaries were given distinction by the jurists on equal basis for being the best out of the total stuff created by the students. They said that the grading system of the school was not based on numbers and all three documentaries remained on top of the total content.

Ravail said that it was a sorry state of affair where a member of our assembly could not speak in his mother tongue during the assembly session and he would have to take prior permission to do so. He said that the establishment and elites also conspired by abandoning Punjabi and giving an impression that it was a language of the lower classes, in order to create a division. Daily times

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KU syndicate baulks at deciding plagiarism cases
Karachi: Officials of Karachi University keep delaying a final decision on plagiarism cases involving three senior professors with two of them having already retired during the proceedings of the cases.

The university has not yet made any rules and regulations on plagiarism, nor has it adopted the rules formulated by the Higher Education Commission (HEC). It is dealing with alleged plagiarism under the charge of misconduct.

According to sources, the chances of a discussion on the plagiarism cases in the university syndicate meeting scheduled for Saturday are slim as the matter is not part of its agenda.

The cases have been pending a final decision for a year for want of opinion from the nominee of the chief justice of the Sindh High Court.

It is worth noting that plagiarism charges had been established in all the three cases which involved Prof (Dr) Jalaluddin Ahmed Noori, former dean of Islamic studies, Prof (Dr) Saeed Arayne, former chairman of the chemistry department and Prof (Dr) Najma Sultana (wife of Dr Arayne), former dean of pharmacy.

The KU administration had suspended the three teachers and sacked Dr Zakia Bibi, an ad-hoc teacher at the chemistry department, accused of plagiarism in 2009 when the charges were proved by inquiries and the level of the plagiarism was determined as "major".

Speaking to us in reference to cases pertaining to Prof Arayne and his wife, KU Vice Chancellor Prof (Dr) Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui had said on Jan 28, 2010 that: "The syndicate has sought legal advice on the matter. So, it is not correct to report that the syndicate had declined to take action."

The vice chancellor was clarifying news reports that the KU (in its syndicate meeting) had decided not to take action against these teachers as they had retired.

The case pertaining to Prof Jalaluddin Ahmed Noori is also awaiting an opinion from the chief justice's nominee.

Apart from the university's internal inquiries, the cases were also investigated by retired justice Saleem Akhtar, retired justice Haziq-ul-Khairi and retired justice Nadeem Azhar Siddiqui.

Referring to the long delay by KU officials in deciding the plagiarism cases, a university syndicate member said that despite the fact that a few meetings of the university syndicate were held last year, the members had raised the matter and urged the university officials to contact the nominee of the chief justice.

Currently, Justice Irfan Saadat Khan, is the chief justice's nominee on the KU syndicate, who is expected to attend the Saturday meeting, according to sources. Dawn

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KU alumni to launch table calendar
Karachi: The University of Karachi would launch its first table calendar, designed and published by the alumni of the Department of Mass Communication, on the campus on January 29. An official from the university said on Friday that the calendar depicts important land marks of the university's 60 years of existence.

The calendar has been designed as part of a project 'My Alma mater' by a team of Mass Communication alumni and would be officially launched by the Vice Chancellor, Professor Dr Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui.

The calendar thematically highlights various buildings of the KU constructed in initial and later phases.

The calendar begins with university's inception in the Karia Building at Chand Bibi Road and ends with more newly constructed buildings like Umaer Basha Institute of Technology and Feroz Ahmed Institute of Mass Communication on the present campus.

"It's is an image building exercise, and we tried to capture the university's important land marks - both historic as well as contemporary," said Samina Qureshi, the project supervisor. The news

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