FBISE declares SSC results, Islamabad boys excel in exams

FBISE declares SSC results, boys excel
Islamabad, July 15, 2008: Five students, including a girl, from Islamabad are among the top eight position holders in the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Examinations 2008, conducted by the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE).

According to the results for the science and humanities groups declared by the board here on Monday, Muhammad Athar Azeem of Federal Government Boys Model School, I-10/2, Islamabad, bagged the overall first position by obtaining 806 marks, out of the total 850 marks whereas the overall third position has been clinched by Majid Mushtaq of Ali Trust School and College, Lehtrar Road, Khanna, Islamabad.

The second position has been shared by two students from Lahore - Ahmad Mubashir of Garrison Boys High School, Tufail Road and Fatima Syed of Army Public School for Girls, Tufail Road. Both of them obtained 799 marks. All of these students appeared in the Science Group.

According to the statistics, the overall result remains 69.4 per cent as 39,624 students of the total 57,171 cleared all the papers.

The pass percentage among boys is 63.22 per cent as 19,933 of them have been declared successful out of 31,581 candidates who appeared in the examination.

While among girls the pass percentage is 77.03 per cent with 19,691 girls of the total 25,590 passing the exam.

Last year, the board's result was 52.04 per cent when a total of 50,447 candidates had appeared in the SSC examinations 2007.

In humanities group, Nida Amjad of FG Sarwar Muhammad Hussain Shaheed Girls High School, Multan Cantonment, clinched first position with 715 marks. Hafiz Muhammad Saadullah of Institute of Islamic Sciences, Satra Meel, Islamabad, secured second position with 707 marks. The third position in the Humanities Group has also been shared by two students from Islamabad - Hafiz Samiullah Daud of the Institute of Islamic Sciences and Hina Hussain of Islamabad Model College for Girls, F-7/4, obtaining 705 marks.

The statistics reveal that 39,826 candidates took the examinations as regular candidates, while 17,345 appeared as private candidates in the exams held in April-May, this year.

The results show that 58.35 per cent of the private candidates have failed the examinations. The pass percentages among the regular and private candidates are 81.52 and 41.61 per cent, respectively.

According to the results, 3,719 candidates (1,640 boys and 2,079 girls) have passed the examination in A-1 grade; 6,665 candidates (3,191 boys and 3,474 girls) in A grade; 9,778 candidates (4,700 boys and 5,078 girls) in B grade; 13,148 candidates (6,511 boys and 6,637 girls) in C grade; 6,158 candidates (3,776 boys and 2,382 girls) in D grade and 119 candidates (91 boys and 28 girls) in E grade.

The board has withheld the results of 61 candidates for want of fee or eligibility and detected 18 unfair means cases. The FBISE through a notification announced that the SSC supplementary examinations will commence from September 16, this year.

It has asked the candidates, who have failed in more than two subjects, to appear again in all the subjects in supplementary examination.

The result is also available on website www.fbise.edu.pk. or the student should an SMS in the formate of: FB< space>[roll number] on unified code 5050. App/Dawn

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"It is the best site providing the upgraded educational news around pakistan.It is very much helpful for students as well as teachers."
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"aoa physics paper of SSC 1 is so exciting because of difficulty all student should be given 15 extra marks ."
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"I am very happy with your procedure to handle the student.you should provide them more support."
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"please cancel ssc-1 result bcoz most of students r not satisfied & take composite exams of stds who appeared in ssc-1 exams 2008."
Name: Muhammad Aadil
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"ssc papers 2008 are leaked out. Board should take the action against it and the secrecy of the papers should be made better."
Name: Faraz Khalid
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"i am a student of kaps,i have just given the exams,some boys had leaked the papers,so it is impossible 4 us to attain poistions."
Name: babar ali chohan
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"whn s the result of ssc-1......if any one of u all knw bout ths....lem me knw..!! "
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"hi this is jazeb. the 2010 exam was not very complicated but was not so easy also. i had a problem in maths."
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FBISE Student ends life after failing exams
Islamabad: A student dejected over failure in his matriculation examinations committed suicide at his residence in Sector G-9/3 here on Monday.

Police said Fakhar Ali, 18, shot himself dead with a 30-bore pistol when he came to know that he failed in three subjects after the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE) announced the examination results.

The deceased was the son of a stenographer at the Islamabad College of Girls.

The police shifted the body to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (Pims) for legal process and also seized the weapon used in the incident. It was not clear that how the victim got hold of the pistol.

According to the police, the statements of the victim's family were yet to be recorded as they were in mourning. Dawn

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"Allah uske ghar walo ko sabar de [aimeen]."
Name: Hassan
Email: hn_sunny88@yahoo.com
City, Country: Rawalpindi, Pakistan

"yup..ALLAH uskay ghar waloo ko sabr dey..[amen]..dont know why students make it a a matter of life n death.."
Name: shafaq
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City, Country: lahore, Pakistan

Name: Irfan Shahid
Email: irfpak33@gmail.com
City, Country: KARACHI, Pakistan

"Allah give sabar to his parents(Amen).This incident clearly shows that how much pressure is on the youth of our country, from the suicide bombing to the biased talks of our politicians, everything has a great impact on the students.Everything which is going on in Pakistan is creating high tension which results into many severe circumstances."
Name: Ali
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City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

Name: sana
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Name: sarah
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"if only Pakistani government did not make edu that tough, it would never happen."
Name: moon
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"thats really sad, it shows that students really work hard for thier exams & when they cant achieve thier goals they feel really truely depressed!!! "
Name: noor
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City, Country: karachi, pakistan

"paper should not be leaked out, becuz some of the students who havent studies whole year get good marks than those who studies whole year."
Name: saira
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City, Country: multan, pakistan

"I think the student did not work hard and his shame towards his parents made him suicide."
Name: Hamza
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City, Country: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

"It is really sad..Allah un ke ghar valoo ko sabr de....but he shouldnt have done suicide coz "You donot loose when life knocks you down, but you loose when you refuse to get back and fight again" we should never loose hope..."
Name: Angel
Email: angeldagrt@yahoo.com
City, Country: Jeddah,Saudi arabia

"its very much aggresive that after the result out one of our mate has been done sucide may allah give him place in his juwaruha e rehmat m sabr e jameel to his family"
Name: lucky
Email: hjrlucky@ymail.com
City, Country: qta pakistan

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