Jamia Hafsa of Lal Masjid students rises again

Jamia Hafsa spirit rises again
Islamabad, July 10, 2008: Students of the demolished Jamia Hafsa of Lal Masjid demanded on Wednesday that the government rebuild their seminary at its original site.

The demand was made at a Shuhada-i-Lal Masjid conference for women, organised in connection with the first anniversary of Lal Masjid operation.

Umme Hassan, who was the principal of the seminary before it was demolished, put forward three demands at the conference: release Maulana Abdul Aziz, her husband and former Khateeb (preacher) of Lal Masjid, resumption of classes in Jamia Faridia and reconstruction of Jamia Hafsa.

Other speakers said they were peace-loving people and wanted to contribute towards progress and prosperity of the country. They stressed that girls should be allowed to continue their education at Jamia Hafsa.

BBC reported that hundreds of burqa-clad women demonstrated outside the Lal Masjid on the occasion to demand reconstruction of Jamia Hafsa. Until that was done, they said they would continue to hold classes in the open at the side of the seminary.

It quoted Umme Hassan as telling the rally within the mosque compound that "our mujahedin laid down their lives for the enforcement of the Islamic system in Pakistan. We are left behind to carry forward their mission.

"We should prepare our children and men for jihad," she said and the audience responded with chants such as "jihad is our way!".

According to the BBC Umme Hassan said the present democratic system was the biggest hurdle in the way of enforcing Islamic system in the country and believed that would be possible "only under Khilafat". Dawn

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Lal Masjid."
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"i think this the base for shariat in pakintan and the blood of Ghazi shaheed will bring a revolution in pakistan as soon as possible."
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FUUAST students make most of funfair
Islamabad: Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and Technology (FUUAST) campus witnessed a funfair this week, as students are actively engaged in extracurricular activities after lifting of ban on student unions. Students from different departments of the university enthusiastically participated in it. They arranged a variety of stalls representing the culture and traditions of their respective areas.

The students belonging to Northern Areas presented their traditional folk dances. The Pakhtoon students enthralled the campus with their Khattak dance. The audience comprising the university students applauded their performance and they kept on clapping, waving their hands in air and swaying to the rhythm of the dance.

The folk music and current hit songs were played on this occasion to set the pace of the funfair. The students, especially girls, in colourful dresses were manning different stalls of edibles, books and henna.

'Song dedication' was another popular activity of the funfair. Students dedicated different hit numbers and folk songs to their friends to express their feelings.

Mehmood Ali, Hamza Salman, Muhammad Imran, Muhmmad Atif and Mlik Ishtiaq played an active role to organise the funfair and make it a success.

The event rejoiced the students, however they demanded that the university administration provide them considerable financial support to arrange such activities in a better way.

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Protest on IIUI campus for need-based admission policy
Islamabad: The students of International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) staged a four-day peaceful protest demonstration against the university administration. They were demanding need-based admission policy instead of accommodating students on self-finance basis, announcement of gold medals for male and female position-holders and construction of mosque and swimming pool at the campus.

New admissions: Meanwhile, the students desirous of admission in the university thronged the campus to collect admission forms and information about admission criteria.

Summer camps: Different faculties of the university arranged summer camps to help students pass their dropped semesters.

Meanwhile, the researchers enrolled for MPhil and PhD programmes with the Quaid-e-Azam University remained busy in their research work. Daily Times

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