Khyber Medical University teachers promotion Act

KMU Act to be changed to promote non-PhDs
Peshawar, July 02, 2008: The government will amend the Khyber Medical University Act 2006 to pave the way for promotion of teachers of basic medical sciences, sources say.

"NWFP Governor Owais Ahmed Ghani will issue an ordinance whereby amendments would be made to the KMU Act 2006. This would enable the 166 teachers of the basic medical sciences to get upgraded," reliable sources at the Governor's House said.

They said that provincial governor had also held a meeting with KMU Vice-chancellor Dr Mohammad Daud Khan to seek his opinion regarding the proposed amendments. Sources said that the formalities had already been completed in this regard and an ordinance would be issued within a couple of days.

They said that after the establishment of KMU, teachers of clinical sciences had been upgraded whereas those of basic sciences were denied upgradation for not possessing PhD degrees. The KMU is following the criteria of Higher Education Commission (HEC) for promotion and appointment.

According to rules of HEC a postgraduate degree is must for promotion to next grade for medical teachers. Most of the teachers of basic medical sciences don't have postgraduate degrees.

Sources said that soon after the establishment of ANP and PPP coalition government in the province, doctors affiliated with People's Doctors Forum (PDF), a wing of PPP, had started struggle to remove obstacles in the way of promotion of the basic medical sciences teachers. Provincial Minister for Health Syed Zahir Ali Shah, who also belongs to PPP, had extended complete support to PDF regarding the move.

Sources said that PDF wanted to take credit for the promotion of the teachers of the basic medical sciences, who according to the HEC's rules didn't qualify to get upgradation.

Meanwhile, Malgary Doctoran, an organisation affiliated with ANP, has been opposing incorporating amendments to KMU Act and they had suggested to the chief minister to give grace period of five to 10 years to the basic medical science teachers of the medical colleges to get PhDs and become eligible for promotion. "It is a struggle of the bureaucracy of health department to take control of some teaching staff of the medical colleges and teaching institutions, which would take us back to square one," said a leader of Malgari Doctoran. According to him, efforts to discerp the constituent medical colleges from KMU would be a sever blow. "We are against any amendment which is meant to affiliate medical colleges again with the provincial health department," he said.

If the amendment was made to KMU Act to separate the medical colleges and teaching hospitals from the university and affiliate them with the provincial government, it would not solve problems of all the teaching staff, he said.

Besides this, after becoming de-constituent and affiliated with the provincial government, all the medical colleges and teaching hospitals would be deprived of billions of funds which are to be given by the HEC for producing PhD teachers. Dawn

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"There are two wings of teaching staff in a medical college.1st wing of basic sciences teaching up to 4th year at gratuating level and 2nd wing teaching clinical scienses at gratuating level from 4th year majorly in 5th year. Basic scienses staff is deficient as low charm wing across the counry. clinical wing with good charm professionally well facilitated with out restriction to appear in FCPS examination in collgege of physician and Surgeon Pakistan wide training facility in hospitals in all provinces. In basic sciences training majorly in M Phil training with limited No.of seats only in Punjab and NO.of Postgraduate Doctors are prouced annually.All medical colleges nationally are facing deficiency even with M Phil. PMDC is regulating all since 1962.Now HEC knowing little about situation of Medicall colleges, imposing its own compulsions as recognition FCPS,MS,MD,and M Phil only for clinical sciences but not for basic sciences. M Phill is an international degree but HEC is not recognising for Basic Medical sciences only PhD.Further distinction by HEC that funding only for Ph D upto maximum 40 years age. Existing faculty with M Phil are mostly beyond 45.If they are not promoted, basic sciences will suffer alot. New batches of Ph D of HEC trained will be available after 4-5 years later.Promotion to associate and Professor level will require further 10-15 years.Meanwhile who will teach in basic sciences? Shuold all existing basic science teacher retire as no promotion there? "
Name: Dr Aziz Marjan Khattak
City, Country: D I khan, Pakistan



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