Karachi University MBBS, BDS suppl exams schedule

MBBS, BDS suppl exams schedule
Karachi, July 21, 2008: The University of Karachi has announced the following schedule for the MBBS final professional supplementary examinations-2008 to be conducted at the Urdu department:

Surgery-I: Aug 2, Surgery-II: Aug 6, Paediatrics: Aug 9, Medicine-I: Aug 13, Medicine-II: Aug 16, Gynaecology: Aug 21, and Obstetrics: Aug 25.

The DMC and SMC students have been advised to attempt their ENT and EYE papers along with the final year MBBS examination-2008 on Aug 28 and Aug 30, respectively.

In a separate release, the university announced the following schedule for BDS final professional supplementary examinations to be held at the Urdu department:

Oral Surgery: Aug 4, Perative Dentistry: Aug 7, Prosthodontics: Aug 11, and Orthodontics: Aug 15. Ppi

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KU Examination Department in disarray
Karachi: The University of Karachi (KU) may be one of the largest examination centres for numerous colleges throughout the city, but it also has an examinations department riddled with corruption, it was learnt.

Officials at KU deny all such allegations, but according to students, at least one way of ensuring they get free reign during exams is to get the date of registration and examination fee submission extended.

The students who avail the date extension are labelled 'remaining students', and are allotted new examination centres in one of four places in the university: the department of mathematics, the Sheikh Zayed Islamic Centre, the Centre of Excellence for Women Studies, and the gymnasium. Those who are lucky enough are seated in a room; the rest must make do in a tent outside for lack of space.

Students who wished to remain anonymous talked about what really goes on at these particular centres.

"It is possible to leave the centre with an exam transcript."

Whilst against the rules, contractual employees of the university have been appointed as centre superintendent to accommodate all these 'remaining students'. Many of the invigilators, meanwhile, do not even teach at the university.

"They can be brought from the outside," confided another student and went on to say that invigilators from "the outside" have been known to favour a particular student in exchange for money.

In addition, all these centres are a stronghold of a particular ethnic party, where students of the same ethnic background are allegedly favoured. To counter unfair practices within examinations, KU has formed 'vigilance teams'. However, these vigilance teams comprise teachers recommended by the Sindh Professors and Lecturers Association (SPLA) and the Sindh Teacher's Forum (STF).

"They give preference to students of the same ethnic background," said one student resentfully. Other students who have witnessed teachers from vigilance teams claimed they appear only half an hour before the end of the examination.

Professor Maqsood, Controller of Examinations, admitted that there was disorder within the department, but said that measures were being taken to control it.

"Sanity is being introduced," he said. "Hopefully it will soon become a transparent department."

Dr Akhlaq Ahmed, Pro Vice-Chancellor KU, denied all allegations of corruption but like Prof. Maqsood, also admitted that the department was in disarray, blaming it on "external, irresistible pressure from the people walking in the corridor of power." The News

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